Have you ever wanted to own the most alarming and astonishing things in your life and be one of those cool people to hang out with? Well, today, we have brought you an awe-inspiring and shocking list of the ultimate awesome stuff to buy.

It’s like a list sent by the gods of awesomeness! In this wonderful list, we have great options of a variety of all sorts of awesome stuff to buy ever.

Why don’t we move to the most random stuff to buy without any more talking! Maybe bookmark this list as the cool gadgets to buy in 2018 or as the cool shit to buy list!

1. Color-changing shower head

Color-changing shower head

Have you ever wanted to own one of the coolest things ever! Well, then this can be one of those, the color changing shower head, this unique equipment is going to add a great splash of color to your showers.

The LCD changes color with water temperature, also no batteries are needed! Now, this gadget is going to make your boring showers a luxurious bath.

Moreover, this is also one of the best gifts under 100, were you searching for a housewarming gift, well, maybe you have found the perfect one! View the color changing shower head on Amazon

2. iPhone Fidget Spinner Case

iPhone Fidget Spinner Case

Ho! Ho! All the iPhone users out there! This is one of the awesome gadgets you would wish to own.

This is also one of the top 10 things teenagers buy, like duh! Fidget spinners are super popular these days. This inevitable Fidget Spinner Case is one of a kind.

It helps to protect your valuable and expensive phone from falling and destroying the hope of living anymore, also enables you to relieve stress. Now, that’s just one of the cool accessories we have for you. View this iPhone Case on Amazon

3. Self Defense Keychain

Self Defense Keychain

Now, this is one of the useful things to buy on Amazon, to all those ladies who hate being under attack or catcalled by men, also for the guys who are camping freaks or spies.

This is one of the cool gadgets to buy to use as a weapon on anyone who tries to harm you.

This self-defense keychain is an effective self-defense weapon that has a pressure tip that attacks the nerve points and soft tissues of your attacker, causing him to suffer from intense pain and temporary paralysis.

These are awesome gadgets that are easy to carry anywhere you go and also are black to be camouflaged for your safety. Now this may turn out to be one of the random things to buy but this may also be one of those cool spy gadgets to own.

And hey ladies, keeping this as one of your awesome gadgets in your handbag or carry it on your keys or be held in your pocket to make your day harm-free and an extra happy day! View this Keychain on Amazon

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4. Micro Bar Multitool

Micro Bar Multitool

Guys, were you‘ll searching for those fantastic men’s outdoor gear or some cool accessories to purchase? Well, then you’ve got something to add to your shopping cart!

This Micro Bar Multitool has it all to make your wish come true. Entirely made of solid stainless steel featuring a sharp knife, a useful corkscrew to open a wine bottle on special occasions and a bottle opener to pop open the beer bottles during a camping night, additionally, a key ring!

The key ring will help you have this as one of your awesome gadgets right next to all your keys. View micro bar multitool on Amazon

5. Levitating Air Bonsai Pot

Levitating Air Bonsai Pot

Have you ever wanted to have an indoor bonsai plant that adds a great modern and artistic look to your entire living room, and also has a significant meaning behind it which will make all your guests compliment you about the awesome stuff you own?

Say hello to one of the coolest thing ever. The levitating air bonsai pot! This is a great way to style your living room, office or room. This is a very creative ornament, which is also one of the best gifts under 100.

This wonderful ornament will be excellent for any environment where you want to spread the cherishing atmosphere to attract greatness.

Also, this product promotes a tinge of nature with an artistic feeling of happiness and appreciation! These are one of those coolest things ever! View levitating Bonsai pot on Amazon

6. iTouchless Handheld Heat Bag Sealer

iTouchless Handheld Heat Bag Sealer

Were you sad about not owning some cool accessories? Here’s one of the awesome stuff to buy to all the foodies and campers!

Don’t worry about spilling the leftover chips in your chip bags or don’t be sad about eating stale chips later. Because now we are going to introduce you to one of the cool things to buy on Amazon under $25 and which is also a lifesaver when camping.

The grand iTouchless Handheld Heat Bag Sealer! This is one of the cool accessories you’d want to own. All you have to do is to just press and pull the mini, magical, grade-A bag sealer across to create and air tight seal’

These amazing bag sealers are useful things to buy on Amazon which also Reduces wastage of food’ No sad faces now because the food is going to be locked in freshness and flavor. This may be, one of the random things to buy, but this is super beneficial.

Also, didn’t I mention that this is one of the cool things to buy on Amazon under $50, dear lord! Doesn’t it have the entire package. View iTouchless on Amazon

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7. Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser

Have you ever wanted to get a day off and sleep peacefully, forgetting all your work problems and other negativities?  Just imagine yourself relaxing on a beautiful day or after a long day at work, in a perfectly calm environment to match your mood of relaxing.

Eureka! You have found the best one of the best things to buy on amazon prime. The Essential Oil Diffuser! These little things are some super cool things to buy for your room to improve your health, boost your energy, or to help you sleep better and peacefully.

These are one of the best things to buy on Amazon for $50 which brings a delightful fragrance to your room, living room or even your office to create a beautiful environment. Provides a great light therapy and a night light while you drown in your sweet dreams.

Speaking of light therapy, this little object could be one of those cool gadgets for your room to spot when your guests witness the Soothing LED Mood Lights of 7 colors, so soft and strong bringing joy and pleasure. Why don’t you add this to the list of the best gifts under 100! View this oil diffuser on Amazon

8. Waterproof Facial Cleansing Brush and Massager

Waterproof Facial Cleansing Brush and Massager

Hey there, pretty, have you ever had the problem of worrying about seeing a pimple pooping when you wake up the next morning? Have you ever had a fear of wondering if all your makeup is washed off? Smile now, beautiful! Today is your lucky day because I have brought you one of the most useful things to buy on Amazon.

The Waterproof Facial Cleansing Brush and Massager, scrubbing off all your makeup and dirt off your face to a much clearer and softer face. This is an all-in-one facial care system, which includes seven different cleansing brushes, sponges, exfoliating pads and a massaging brush.

This product can be one of those random things to buy, but turns out to be one of the greatest items for Cleansing & Removing all the Blackheads and surface oils!

Also, you won’t have to worry about ruining you’re magical, sent from heaven above machine by getting water into it because, WATER RESISTANT, BABY! This makes it much easier to clean the brushes and also to use them when having your beauty bath.

Were you finding something to gift a teenage girl you know? Well, this product is one of the best gifts for teenage girls. This kit will be their all-time- favorite bathroom gadget. View this massager on Amazon

9. Shea Moisture African Black Soap

Shea Moisture African Black Soap

How amazing and cool is it to own and honored beauty secret of all time. How delightful and pleasuring is it to have super soft, acne free skin by just having to wash your face with some goodness made naturally and organic also, to mention with love.

Now you can have the smoothest, glowing skin around with African Black Soap Bar from Shea Moisture. These soaps with a great modern twist are awesome stuff to buy and I guarantee you that these soaps are great gifts for teenage girls if you want to improve their lives beyond their wildest dreams!

BOY, you’d be treated like a king forever if you get this for your girlfriend or any female you know. This majestic, most amazing creation is one of the cool things to buy on Amazon under 10.

So, is valentine’s day close by, or your girlfriend’s birthday or your anniversary? This may be a great way to surprise her!

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10. Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

Imagine not having to walk outside when you wanted to eat an ice cream sandwich, or imagining being the king of ice cream sandwiches and making your ice cream sandwich better than your local ice cream parlor? Is your wish for this Christmas to own an Ice Cream Sandwich Maker?

Well, well, well, we have made your wish come true! Introducing the grand Ice Cream Sandwich Maker.

These machines are one of the best things to buy on Amazon for $50. Get ready to become the king of your own customized frozen treats using your favorite flavors.

Also, the magical ice-cream sandwich maker provides you with the tools that are needed to easily make the frozen treats using your ingredients. Get your fun started by choosing your favorite ice cream and finding the best sandwich cookies to go with it.

Don’t panic, about not knowing anything about making ice-cream sandwiches because they also include recipes and instructions making it even easier to defeat your ice-cream-parlor-quality ice cream sandwiches, and become the king of ice-cream sandwiches starting right in your kitchen, just the way you want them.

So, are you ready to expand your flavor horizons beyond whatever thing about ice cream sandwich making! Now, these are what you call, the cool things to buy on Amazon under $25. View ice cream sandwich maker on Amazon

11. shower curtain with pockets

shower curtain with pockets

This is one of the useful things to buy on Amazon! Now, you don’t have to worry about not having your shampoo, conditioner or towel close to you when having a shower. You can have it all close to you right in your shower curtain pockets.

Did You Know?

We have more cool shower curtains like this in our funny shower curtains list.

These are cool gadgets to buy which are super practical and fun! Also, they keep your bath area tidy. These are great random stuff to buy and also, is a great way to organize your organize kids’ toys, shampoo, conditioner, sponges, or other personal care items in the bath/shower area. View this shower curtain on Amazon

12. Snack Container

Snack Container

Do you get hungry when you ate work, outside stuck in traffic, or do you always get the thought of munching onto something, but there is no way you’re going to bring a hell lot of lunchboxes or containers of food? We proudly introduce you the Snack Container!

Say hello, to another product in the category of cool things to buy on Amazon under $25. Super portable and enough space to stack all the goodies in. The 4 piece twist lock also fits into your diaper bag.

Now you can stack all the healthy goodies for your baby without having to take a lot of containers. Yes, even formula milk powder or even juice, there is nothing to worry because it won’t spill! Fruit, snacks, candy, nuts, chocolate, you name it; everything can be stuffed into this container.

When you’re traveling, at the office, at the gym, or anywhere, this container is going to be your must-have item! Don’t worry about having a snack at the office because this magical container is Odor resistance you can even microwave it!

These are cool office stuff, and you are going to inform everyone about it! Foodie? Don’t worry there is enough room for plenty of snacks. View snack container on Amazon

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13. Korean Mask Sheet Pack

Korean Mask Sheet Pack

You might want to add this to the best gifts for teenage girls list, because oh my! Girls are going to love you if you get them these sheets.

These sheets are mainly focusing on adding great moisture to your skin and the clearness of your skin, also creating benefits such as anti-aging brightening, improving the texture of the skin and obtaining effects similar to a hundred dollar appointment with a facial professional.

All you have to do is just apply them onto your face and hang out while the glamorous magic starts to work! Made with love to improve your skin hydration. These are those cool shits to buy that make your skin glow like a K-drama star.

These great sheets are perfect for Cleansing, Exfoliating, and Moisturizing and also to mention the Lotus Extract and Jojoba Seed Oil, adds a great combination to the glowing skin complexion. View this on Amazon

14. Flarp Noise Putty

Flarp Noise Putty

Ho! Ho! This is another item of the cool shit to buy category! This could be a great Christmas gift and the main cause of so many family giggles, laughing-crying faces or should I say fart faces.

This may be one of the most random things to buy but hey! This squishy thing makes great fart sounds without the stink. Surprise! They come in a variety of colors, and also it’s perfumed with fruit flavors, like orange, banana, and strawberry.

You can poke it! Scrunch it! It’s pretty disgusting, but who cares, its fun! Keep the chuckles coming with the gastric sounds of flarp noise putty/ All you have to do is just press down on the putty to create hours of rolling-on-the-floor fun.

It’s great for travel, party favors, goodie bags, and also as cool gifts for teenage guys. View Flarp noise putty on Amazon

15. Black Light Party Bubbles

Black Light Party Bubbles

Do you want to throw up the best party ever? Is it your birthday or is it time to throw a huge, awesome party? Whatever it is, it’s time to make all those ordinary moments extraordinary!

Check out Our UV reactive bubbles that glow raw neon blue under black lights and transform the entire party into a wild, extra fun one. These party bubbles are the coolest things ever! Discover your bubble moment with this awesome stuff to buy. View party bubbles on Amazon

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16. UV Glow Blacklight Face and Body Paint

UV Glow Black light Face and Body Paint

This is the perfect item that creates a perfect combination of your blacklight party. Say hello, to another item that is one of the cool things to buy on Amazon under $25.

Containing an ultraviolet face and body paint you can create colorful, flashy, vibrant looks that will come to life under UV glow, also thanks to the unique formula! This body paint will add a magical touch to your look.

There is nothing to worry about damaging your skin because this body paint contains moisturizing formula.

So what say, let your artistry run wild and lush with these random things to buy. View Glow in the Dark Paint on Amazon

17. Batman Ice Cube Tray

Batman Ice Cube Tray

Are you bored seeing random square shaped ice cubes in your glass? Would you love to chill with the dark knight? We have brought you one some awesome stuff. The batman ice cube tray!

Now you can Create Batman logo shaped ice cubes, isn’t that cool?

These silicone ice cube trays are super unique, and they make with twelve bat insignia ice cubes.

Not only that they are perfect but are also cool stuff for guys. It could be a guy’s night or a Halloween party.

These ice cube trays are also cool gifts for teenage guys. Maybe you could Freeze cordials or juice in your Batman Ice Cube Tray. View this cool gadget on Amazon.

18. Game of Throne toilet decal

Game of Throne toilet decal

Throne heads! Thrones! Game of throne lovers! You may not be of imperial birth, but that doesn’t mean you can’t feel like a king and sit on your throne.

These toilet decals are cool stuff for guys. With the exclusive Game of Thrones inspired toilet decal, you can transform your boring porcelain toilet receptacle into a grand iron throne that will crash fear!

Now you can rule and order over the seven kingdoms of suburbia with this amazing Game of Thrones replica Iron Throne. View this decal on Amazon

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19. Pancake and Egg Heart-Shaped Poacher

Pancake and Egg Heart-Shaped Poacher

Would you fancy a typical and standard love egg? Would you want to have a cute and adorable twist with your morning breakfast?

Introducing the Pancake and Egg Heart-Shaped Poacher!

How can you say no to this delightful egg and pancake design! Looking down at Food that is heart-shaped, right after waking up in the morning. This is one of the cool things to buy on Amazon under 10. Perfectly making heart shaped eggs and pancakes for your kids and your loved ones!

Say goodbye to your blah eggs and pancakes and say hello to nonstick coating and extremely easy to release and clean up pancake and egg heart shaped poacher. View this on Amazon

20. Lighter Watch

Lighter Watch

Hello, light head buzzers. Have you always wanted to have a watch that makes you check the time and say to yourself, it’s time to smoke a cigarette?

With This great men’s outdoor gear, you have your little buddy super close to you.

With this USB lighter watch you can spark up and enjoy buzzing!

These lighter watches are cool gadgets for men, and it is a great way to express your style too.

You only have to charge it for two hours and not more!

Now you can clear out those annoying arm hairs around your wrist when you start to rock with your new lighter watch. You can add this to your list cool gadgets of 2018! View lighter watch on Amazon

21. Heart Shaped Straws

Heart Shaped Straws

These straws are one of a kind which is one of the cool things to buy on Amazon under 10. These red straws look like hearts! Isn’t that the lovely and cute at the same time!

These straws would go great with your milkshakes and smoothies and even cocktails! Your Friends and family are going to love your drink when they see the sweetest party straws in the world.

Perfect for milkshakes and smoothies, and of course, these great heart straws will be great for weddings and Valentine’s Day!

Flowers and guitars aren’t the only way to express love, make a delicious drink and serve it to your loved ones with these adorable straws! Besides hearts are more fun than circles and cuter too. View heart shaped straws on Amazon

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22. Heart shaped teacups

Heart shaped tea cups Sip, love with every sip! These beautifully crafted and handmade double walled cups are the most delightful cups which will make you smile you fill them up.

To make it even more sweet and lovely, the heart shape design is not noticeable until the tea starts to boil. Isn’t that just heartwarming?

Tea for two? Not on valentine’s day? Oh, that’s okay, because, with these adorable tea cups, every day is a valentine’s day. Enjoy lovelies! View this teacup on Amazon

23. Dragon Balls

Dragon Balls

It’s time to unleash the fact that the immortality is finally yours. Anything is possible! Now you are going to own a grand Dragon Ball Z set.

This is a perfect gift for the Dragon Ball Z fan. These are cool things to have in your room for guys.

Now, with these 7 dragon balls, start thinking of a great wish because anything is possible, with these magnificent dragon balls. Manipulate control over the Eternal Dragon with these awesome gadgets!

These dragon balls are cool gifts for teenage guys. View on Amazon

24. Rainbow Flames

Rainbow Flames

Ever wanted to add some magic to your boring fire flames? Maybe, have rainbow flames, while camping, during bonfires, indoor fireplaces, backyard fire pits and any wood-burning fires.

Check out the new Rainbow Flames! These color crystals are going to great work on your boring fire.

Magical Flames are the cool accessories for any wood burning fire; with just a toss some unopened pouches into the fire, you and your family will be able to live a magical experience.

These cool things to buy on Amazon under $25 are super easy to use and also contain vivid colors to delight all ages, transforming great moments into magnificent moments! This product also protects the user from being burned and any other harm.

Also, make sure you only use these cool stuff with wood burning fires and nothing else, moreover make sure your marshmallows are toasted before the dancing rainbow is launched!

So, let’s make all the chilly winter nights a wonderful night. View Magical Flames on Amazon

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25. Grass Flip Flop

Grass Flip Flop

The grass is always going to be greener when you’re standing. With these flip flops that have amazing green grass that looks super real, will always feel like summer, when your feet press against the fresh-cut grass.

These fabricated grass flip flops are cool stuff to buy on Amazon. They create a natural and lush slice of paradise.

Now, you can see the golden sunset and the skycaps and walk on the concrete streets wearing your grass flip flops, living in your paradise! View these flip flops on Amazon

26. LCD Writing Tablet

LCD Writing Tablet

Save a tree, buy purchasing one of the cool things to buy on Amazon under $50! The LCD writing tablet that is perfect for anyone! Now you can write, draw and learn and go crazy with this cool gadget.

Anything from a finger to brush or your cookie cutter can be used to start these cool technology gadgets. Extremely suitable for teachers, children and to parents who want to leave notes for their kids.

This would also be a great gift for teenagers! View this tablet on Amazon

27. 2018 Bubble Wrap Calendar

2018 Bubble Wrap Calendar

2017 Is almost over and let’s say hello to 2018 with this awesome stuff. The bubble wraps Calendar!

Now you can pop a bubble after every amazing day. These bubble wrap calendars are cool things to buy for your room to keep track of every day while enjoying the love of popping bubble sheets.

Every day that goes by is going to be a great day after a bubble is popped! View this calendar on Amazon

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28. Compressible Travel Pillow

Compressible Travel Pillow

This is one of the great men’s outdoor gear. How awesome is it to have a pillow that is super comfortable and can be compressed into anything?

Now you can expand this Compressible travel pillow and sleep like a baby anywhere! All you have to do is close your eyes and drift into your sleep with your pillow sent from heaven above.

These are cool gadgets for men and women who travel a lot. View this pillow on Amazon

29. Leather Apron

Leather Apron

To all the barbeque chefs! Now you can rock in and be Myron Mixon with your leather apron. That has gripped pockets and clipping waist with a neck strap to chop.

You can now have all the tools needed to BBQ right near you, in your pockets.

The BBQ is going to be delicious because the sauce bottles are right near you.

This is a great men’s outdoor gear! Super protective and resists the heat keeping the chef, cooler and happier!

Why don’t we start sizzling, grill master? View the leather apron on Amazon

30. Mermaid Tail Blanket

Mermaid Tail Blanket

Turn bedtime to a magical feeling like a mermaid! These are one of the great teenager stuff to buy.

These mermaid tail blankets are super soft and comfortable! It’s just like a sleeping bag, warming your feet and making you feel like you’re in the ocean swimming.

Grab one of these colorful, amazing mermaid tail blankets to watch a movie or to just lay on the couch or your seabed! View this blanket on Amazon

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31. Beer Soap


Hello, there zythopiles, YOU BEER LOVERS! Now you can add a bear to your daily routines too with thia exclusive beer soap!

The bars are great gifts under 100 for him. This soap is supernatural and made with great ingredients.

This soap is never a gimmick. Your beer-loving friend or yourself is going to love this soap. Also, it is great for your skin! View beer soap on Amazon

32. Unicorn Bath Bomb

Unicorn Bath Bomb

Ever wanted to drown yourself in the magic of unicorn tears?

Well, your chance has arrived! The unicorn bath bombs are cool things to buy for teenagers who are all about unicorns. Get ready to witness the swirls of pink, purple, blue and yellow.

Your bathtub is going to look beautiful and happy as ever! View unicorn bath bomb on Amazon

33. Motivational Posters

Motivational Posters

Boring office? Boring classroom or Boring room? You can now boost productivity and add a little inspiration by hanging these motivational posters on your wall!

These are cool office stuff that can add drive and motivate you to reach your goal each day.

This product contains four posters for you, and also these are one of the cool things to buy on Amazon under 10. View these motivational posters on Amazon

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34. Mini USB Table Fan

Mini USB Table Fan

Now you don’t have to worry about a blackout at home or work because the mini USB table fan will do wonders!

These are cool office stuff that is super useful and handy, even when you’re not at the office. The product is power saving and made with great quality. Also, it is built in a rechargeable battery.

These are cool technology gadgets to start off the New Year! So why not grab one from Amazon.

35. Luna Moon Lamp

Luna Moon Lamp

To all those selenophiles or should I say moon lovers? Now you can have the moon close to you’re in your room or office.

Get ready to transform the boring nights into great ones. The Luna moon lamp!

This unique moon lamp is super portable and beautiful to have in your room.

These are cool things to buy for your room, which comes with a 3D touch sensor and USB rechargeable battery.

Now you can create a beautiful atmosphere in your room with this decorative night light. View this moon lamp on Amazon

36. Glow In the dark stickers

Glow In the dark stickers

Now you can bring the wonders and beauty of the universe to your room with this glow in the dark stickers. These are cool stuff to buy on Amazon that will make your ceiling into a universe of magical stars.

Super easy to stick on your ceilings and now you can drift into sleep while watching the stars!

This product also contains a star chart that will guide you on arranging the stars. View this on Amazon

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37. Reebok Reflective Hoodie

Reebok Reflective Hoodie

These hoodies are great men’s outdoor gear and also is the perfect gadget for camping. The Reebok Reflective Hoodie is a super fit and moisture-wicking and made best for skin-side softness.

These are cool things to buy with 100 dollars that can be great within the day and also by night.

Now, you can wear these reflective hoodies and also experience great warmth, during camping nights because, the thumbholes on the sleeves do a good job regarding temperature! View this hoodie on Amazon

38. Touchscreen cleaner

Touch screen cleaner

Say hello to one of the coolest technology gadgets we have for you.

Have you ever hated the rapid fingerprints on your touchscreen? Are you concerned about all those liquid cleaners that will damage your precious gadget?

Well, say no more and smile wide for the iRoller touch screen cleaner! Its liquid free and extremely effective and incredibly easy to use.

All you have to do is roll your touchscreen dirt away and witness a great touchscreen on your device! It’s like a newly bought, fresh device.

This also the coolest gadget to buy on eBay! View this on Ebay

39. Superman Vinyl Records Wall Clock

Superman Vinyl Records Wall Clock

Are you a big fan of the cornerstone of DC comics and the most powerful superhero or are you a super maniac? Are you a diehard Superman fan?

Say goodbye to your boring, dull clock and say hey there, to the Superman vinyl wall clock!

Super elegant and it is one of the cool things to have in your room for guys.

It’s a great work of art, and also it is one of the cool things on eBay under $20.

Why not purchase one on Ebay, and when you want to know what time it is, take a look at your superman wall clock and feel like a superhero who’s about to save the world!

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40. Measuring Tape USB

Measuring Tape USB

Ladies say hello to the measuring tape USB, now you can measure whatever you want whenever you want and also have a USB cable charger for android devices.

This is one of the cool things to buy on eBay under $10. Super compatible and a high-speed charging rate, you can have this right inside your handbag.

Now you don’t have to worry about not having a measuring tape with you when needed, of these cool technology gadgets you have it all near you. View this USB cable on Ebay

41. Elf Earbuds

Elf Ear buds

Christmas is on the way, and Santa is coming! So why don’t you little elf’s get ready for the arrival with these new elf earbuds?

Now you can now enjoy music is a great style and be an elf. These cute little gadgets are cool things to buy on Amazon under $10.

42. Hidden Camera Pen

Hidden Camera

Get ready to witness one of the cool spy gadgets of all time. The hidden camera that is just a pen!

This Hidden Camera is a 2K Pen Spy Video Camcorder WCXCO with a Full HD 1080p and 32GB of memory. The great inspection gadget which can capture a full HD video and also take pictures with just this tiny spy camera.

These are cool gadgets under 100 dollars, and they also can be added to the list of secret guy stuff. Get ready detective! View this on Amazon

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43. Matcha tea set

Matcha tea set

Would you fancy a cup of Japanese Matcha tea, or would you fancy a set of matcha tea so, that you can make and taste this amazing and pure tea all by yourself.

The Grand Match Tea set that is one of the best gifts under 100. You can gift this to someone who loves to explore greatness in the beauty of tea.

This tea set contains everything that is needed to make the traditional and extremely organic Japanese tea.

Enjoy the greatness of purchasing these cool things to buy with 100 dollars. View on Amazon

44. Baking Steel

Baking Steel

Now you can make your pizza crust even more crispy and fresh and also beautiful and thin with this new pizza stone.

This is a great traditional pizza stone or baking steel that is one of the best things to buy on amazon prime.

You can now make your homemade pizza, or your shop brought pizza more crispier and fresh looking with less time and super easy to use.

These are cool things to buy for 100 dollars. Enjoy the yummy pizza and other baked goodies! View baking steel on Amazon

45. CORSAIR K55 RGB Keyboard

CORSAIR K55 RGB Keyboard

Gamers! Gamers now you can give your computer a Technicolor makeover with this RGB keyboard. These are cool gadgets to buy that makes your game with a vivid style!

Now you can game while the keyboard creates a great glowing rainbow aura and also has an ergonomic design to make you feel comfortable.

It also has great macro keys that make the gaming process extra fun. View CORSAIR K55 on Amazon

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46. Micro SD Card Coin

Micro SD Card Coin

Now you can hide your super secret SD card in a coin that is made perfectly from real coins. These are cool spy gadgets that will make you mesmerized!

This coin is especially to open and close professionally and no, one is ever going to figure the spying technique.

Super authentic and is super easy to use, these may be the secret guy stuff which your gang owns, but doesn’t tell you! View this on Amazon

47. Emoji Backpack

Emoji Backpack

Believe it or not, these backpacks are cool things to buy on Amazon under $5. Now you can be one of those cool kids by taking these bags to school or anywhere.

These are great teenager stuff to buy. You can also put your laptop into this emoji backpack, and rock on. This is a great bag to store stuff and fears not the string won’t break off. View this backpack on Amazon

48. Fruit sharpener

Fruit sharpener

Now you can have three pieces of cute and super creative fruit pencil sharpeners that will look great in your pencil box.

These pencil sharpeners are great things to buy on eBay under $5 and they are also great school supplies that can be given as gifts also to your school friends or loved ones.

You can add these cute gadgets to the cool stuff to buy on eBay for cheap list. Super cute and super useful!

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49. Expandable Flower Vase

Expandable Flower Vase

These collapsible flower vases are cool things to buy on eBay under $100. All you have to do is just add water to make the vase expand!

This is a super attractive and robust vase that can hold all your flowers and make your environment beautiful!

There is nothing to worry because the black and white design on the vase is not going to fade away!

Moreover, these vases are cool stuff to buy on eBay for cheap.

50. Forever Spinning top

Forever Spinning top

These are the stuff guys like to have when they’re friends come for pizza or drinks. You can now challenge your friends and boost creativity and focus power with these tiny gadgets.

These are one of the best things to buy on Amazon under $100. You can enjoy some great quality time with your friends.

It has a super strong and great surface finish and a great way to cherish for generations to generations ahead.

51. Folding Book Light

Folding Book Light

Say hello to the most useful and amazing gadget of all time!

The folding book light that is a USB rechargeable this is one of the best things to buy on Amazon under $100, which can also be used as a nightlight. Perfectly made of wood and it is super durable and foldable which makes it super easy to use.

This folding book light can cast a light around 360 degrees. You can also consider this as of the cool things to buy for your room on Amazon.

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52. Whiskey stones

Whiskey stones

Well, well, look what we have for you whiskey lovers! One of the cool gadgets for men and also will be the most memorable gifts too.

These are the greatest creations ever! These hand-crafted soapstone cubes work just like ice, but they do not melt, which makes the flavor never die.

You can have it on you Whiskey, Scotch or Bourbon and drink it just like how your grandpa did!

Trust me the last sip is super good as the first sip. Moreover, these are great gifts under 100 for him. Buy on Amazon

53. JBL clip 2

JBL clip 2

This is one of the cool stuff to buy on Amazon that will make you enjoy the music to the max!

This ultra-light and super powerful portable speaker is going to change the music moments to an entire party where ever you go sea or land.

“Completely waterproof and provides up to 8 hours of playtime.”

Knowing that these are one of the top 10 things teenagers buy why you don’t get one too and Stream those jams wirelessly via Bluetooth, or even plug it into any Smartphone using the attached audio cable.

These are also cool things to buy for your room on Amazon so that you can hear great amplified music while lying on your bed!

54. Falling bookends

Falling bookends

Now you can add some drama to your bookshelf with these falling bookends featuring a man trying to hold the weight of knowledge!

These are cool gadgets under 100 dollars that make you attract a lot of compliments. This can also be a great and unique gift which can be given to those book lover friends of yours. Buy on Amazon

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55. Garage wall art

Garage wall art

These are cool stuff for guys that make you bring out an awesome vibe to your room and daily routine. The awesome garage wall art!

Now you can obtain a set of 4 posters that can be hung in your room or even living room or anywhere in your house. This cool stuff for guys room will add a whole new unique work of art that makes the room look much classy and elegant. View garage wall art on Amazon

56. Meat Shredding Claws

Meat Shredding Claws

These bear paws are great men’s outdoor gear that is also super useful. These great inventions are super easy and durable making it a great deal.

They can be used on any occasion where there is meat. You can add this to the list of stuff guys like.

Now you can dominate all that meat with these shredding claws and also, this product comes with 25 Professional BBQ Recipes! View meat shredding claws on Amazon

57. Dippin’ Dots Flavored Lip Balm Set

Dippin' Dots Flavored Lip Balm Set

These are cool things to buy for teenagers who love dipping dots and also who are girls.

These Pocket sized lip balms are available in the candy, which will satisfy all those beverage carvings for sure additionally, even keep your lips well moisturized.

Now you can Get soft, healthy, smooth and glowing lips and also get a taste of dipping dots! View this item on Amazon

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58. Nail clipper set

Nail clipper set

Now you can get the perfect manicure set with everything you need to have a perfect manicure and pedicure just like what you can get at the saloon.

Get ready to keep your fingernails looking pretty and bling-bling with this 10-piece set. This is one of the cool things to buy on eBay where you can cut, and shape your nails just the way you want.

59. Batman Light Lamp

Batman Light Lamp

This fantastic silhouette light is one of the cool stuff for guys room, and if you’re a dark knight fan you must have this in your room!

This product works with a piece of blackout with the design of the bat logo and it has a USB to connect it.

When the light is switched on, it will look as if the bat signal is being projected wherever the light is placed, isn’t that awesome?

This is also one of the cool things to buy on eBay.

60. Bedroom Wall Art

Bedroom Wall Art

This is one of the cool gadgets for your room! This wall art is going to help you to cherish your youth while it lasts. It is also a great work of art and so simple, it catches the eye of anyone who enters your room!

This wall art is going to give you or anyone in your room a boost of happy thoughts and memorable moments. This is also one of the top 10 things teenagers buy. View this on Amazon 

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61. LED Clip-on selfie light

LED Clip-on selfie light

This is a super easy and portable selfie light, which is Rechargeable! You can now take great selfies using this clip on selfie light.

These are cool things to buy on eBay, and they are also a great way to take the so-called selfie to a whole new level. You can capture great moments and also gain extra likes on social media than usual.

Also, to mention that this is one of the awesome things to buy on Amazon under $20.

62. Banana Leaf Lid

Banana Leaf Lid

Do you want to be eco-friendly? Are you tired of using dozens and dozens of plastic wrap to save all your leftovers?

Did You Know?

We have another article containing more cool products like this called 47 Cool Things to Buy On Amazon Without Breaking the Bank

Our last product is a beautiful and effective alternative to plastic wrap. The Charles Viancin Banana Leaf Lid, this silicone lid can be reused unlimitedly. The lid seals tight on all kinds of smooth rims. It is also microwavable!

Isn’t this a great way to love the earth, and also to be free from plastic. Also, this is one of the cool things on Amazon under $20.

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Final Thoughts

So, that is the end of our list, don’t be sad. Christmas is coming, and you’re going to be one great, awesome person with all these astonishing products!

Let’s say goodbye to our so-called cool gadgets 2018 list! And, by the way, were you searching for some awesome coffee tables for your beautiful house?

Why don’t you keep that smile wide on your gorgeous face and check our cool coffee tables list!