98 Funny Birthday Gifts – Weird Things to Buy on Amazon [2022]

by Jan 3, 2020

98 Funny Birthday Gifts – Weird Things To Buy On Amazon [2019]Not every gift on the internet for sale these days is funny and useful at the same time. And if you’re looking for something you can laugh at which is also useful, then I have to say that you came to the right place.

We’ve prepared a massive list of the weirdest things you can buy on the internet to make your day easy and fun. And trust me, you will definitely love the Donald Trump doll no matter what opinion you have about him.

So let’s just cut the crap and take a look at these funny birthday gifts.

Follow Me Bring Beer Sandals

1. Follow Me Bring Beer Sandals

Imprint awesomeness in every step you take with this Follow Me Bring Beer Sandals. What I meant was that these flip flops imprint the words FOLLOW ME BRING BEER in the sand when you walk. This is made from elastic and comfy EVA foam soles, and its straps are finished with microfiber.
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2. Chambong

Talking about fun stuff for sale on Amazon and how could we pass by without telling you about this awesome Chambong? This awesome champagne glass will offer you a completely different drinking experience in your parties. It can hold up to 6 ounces’ of drinks and is made of high borosilicate glass.
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Misfortune Cookies

3. Misfortune Cookies

Carrying the tag LOTS OF FUN on the cargo, what we’re bringing to you now is the misfortune cookies where the only thing you can expect is negativity. This is so much damn delicious and crunchy but is also tough to bite as that much. Why not just add it to the cart and find out how fun it is?
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Butt and Face Soap Bar - Funny Gifts for Friends Amazon

4. Butt and Face Soap Bar – Funny Gifts for Friends Amazon

With this butt face soap bar, you don’t need to worry about which side of the soap bar to use on your body parts. One side of this weird Amazon product has the words FACE carved on it while the other has BUTT making it super easy to recognise which side to use where.
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World’s Smallest Violin - Gag Gifts Amazon

5. World’s Smallest Violin – Gag Gifts Amazon

No, this isn’t a funny violin for your pet squirrel; this is a great display ornament for your living room. This world’s smallest violin is just about 4 inches in size, and the pack also includes a bow and a case.
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Cat Butt Fridge Magnets

6. Cat Butt Fridge Magnets

You won’t regret buying these awesome cat butt fridge magnets if you’re a cat lover. With these, you can stick your notes or decorate your fridge door in a more fun way, and figures of 6 cute cat butts are included in the package.
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Panda Costume for Dogs

7. Panda Costume for Dogs

Make your little puppy look even cuter with this panda costume! The attractive finish and the funny looks it gives to your dog will please the eyes of anyone who sees it. This fits almost all big and small dogs and comes with a price tag of around $40.
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Light Up Lightsaber Chopsticks

8. Light Up Lightsaber Chopsticks

This Amazon Christmas gag gifts will satisfy you if you’re a Star Wars fan. With this light up Lightsaber chopsticks, it is no doubt that you will have the best fun with your friends and family during your dinners. Not to forget that your little kids might love to have them too.
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‘If You Can Read This…’ Socks

9. ‘If You Can Read This…’ Socks

This is the funniest pair of socks if you are a legs-on-the-table type of guy. In one sock it is printed as ‘if you can read this’ and on the other one it is ‘bring me a coffee’. So no one will ever leave your room without smiling if they see this.
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B-itch Mug

10. B-itch Mug

At a glance, it looks like the perfect gift for your ex, but don’t forget that this is also one of the best funny things to get your best friend for her birthday too. The handle of this mug is the letter B, and the rest of the letters are printed on the mug.
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Poo-shaped Coffee Mug

11. Poo-shaped Coffee Mug

Here comes another funny mug you can buy to start your day with a smile on the face. This is the shape of the poop emoji, and on the front, it says ‘COFFEE MAKES ME POOP’. This is 3” tall and 5.5” wide and is just around 15 bucks.
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Shark Attack Bowl

12. Shark Attack Bowl

If you’re looking for funny gifts to get your best friend for Christmas, then write the name ‘shark attack bowl’ on the top of the list. You can fill anything in this bowl, and it is designed in a way where it looks like you’re reaching into the mouth of a shark!
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Intex Inflat-A-Bull

13. Intex Inflat-A-Bull

Welcome home your new pool friend! With this inflatable bull pool toy, you can have an unforgettable experience in the pool with your friends or family. Ride this mighty bull like a pro with your friends and see how long you can stay mounted on it!
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Cash Money Gun

14. Cash Money Gun

Shoot dollars like a multi-billionaire with this cash money gun. This is a great toy for adults who have a bit too much cash in hand. This money gun can shoot up to 100 dollars at once. All you need to do is to load the gun with some cash and make it fly all over that stripper (Kidding)!
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Hands-Free Umbrella

15. Hands-Free Umbrella

You must’ve seen enough of hands-free speakers and headphones, but have you ever seen a hands-free umbrella? Well then, here is the chance to own one! This creative umbrella is lightweight, foldable, waterproof and has many newer and exciting features when compared with the traditional umbrellas we have.
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Fly Swatter Sword

16. Fly Swatter Sword

As one of the weirdest things on amazon 2019, this fly swatter is a freaking nuclear weapon against bugs. With this, you can stop those bustards from disturbing you by slaughtering! It is available in 3 attractive colours so that you can make the flies feel Disneyland while getting chopped.
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Cheesus Christ Grater

17. Cheesus Christ Grater

Grate your holy cheese like the lord with this super hilarious and awesome Cheesus Christ Grater! It takes the name ‘Cheesus Christ’ from the image of Jesus etched on it, and all you need to do is to say amen and grate the cheese and thank the god for giving you such a delicious meal.
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Deal With It Sunglasses

18. Deal With It Sunglasses

This is probably for the meme lords out there. Feel badass than ever with this Deal with it sunglasses. Other than giving you a pretty badass look it also protects your eyes from the harmful UV rays from the sun. This is a perfect pair for any party, concert, festival or simply for anyone who loves memes.
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Donald Trump Toilet Paper

19. Donald Trump Toilet Paper

President Trump is already a popular meme on the internet, and these Donald Trump toilet papers make it official! I know this is kinda offensive, but isn’t it funny to have Mr President besides you in the loneliest times in the washroom?
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Cheeseburger Backpack

20. Cheeseburger Backpack

Disturb the taste buds of people with this mouthwatering cheeseburger backpack! This is made from 100% polyester and is featured with multiple pockets and zippers to provide extra room and safety for your stuff.
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Baby Champagne Flute

21. Baby Champagne Flute

As a responsible parent, it is tough to pick a safe feeding bottle for your baby, and that’s why we brought you this baby champagne flute for you. It can hold up to 140ml of fluid and is BPA free and dishwasher safe.
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Gigantic Coffee Mug

22. Gigantic Coffee Mug

If coffee is like cocaine to you, then this gigantic coffee mug is an ideal product for you. This can hold up to 64 ounces of fluids and is one of the best funny things for your boyfriend or girlfriend for the anniversary.
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Pug Mask

23. Pug Mask

Be the Mr. Pug among your friends with this funny pug mask! This looks so much real that it even has a mouth which moves when you speak. This Pug head is made of plastic and only a bit expensive than $70.
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Breakable Beer Bottles

24. Breakable Beer Bottles

This breakable beer bottle is of the universal shape and size and is a great way to have fun either for comedic dispute on stage or barroom brawl scene. You can customise the colour and shape by contacting the seller.
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Grass iPhone 6 Cover

25. Grass iPhone 6 Cover

This Grass iPhone 6 cover is the best back cover you could find for your iPhone which is both pleasant for your eyes and comfortable for the palm. Furthermore, this is available in 11 awesome styles which you can choose as you wish.
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Emoji Masks

26. Emoji Masks

Express your current emotion with your favourite emoji! These cool and funny emoji masks are on the top of the fun things to buy on Amazon for cheap list, and I’m pretty sure that it will be the coolest in your mask collection.
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Machete Spatula - Funny Things for Your Boyfriend

27. Machete Spatula – Funny Things for Your Boyfriend

Be that perfect party guy with this Machete Spatula, and this will be your best BBQ friend. This is an excellent tool for grilling and barbecuing burgers, hot dogs and many other things and though this is not one of the funny birthday gifts for sister, this is still a useful gift for your camper friend.
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Remote Control Flying Shark

28. Remote Control Flying Shark

You probably must’ve seen remote control drones, and you might even own one right now. But I’m 100% sure that you haven’t seen a remote control FLYING SHARK yet. Well, this remote control flying shark is a helium-filled balloon and swims effortlessly through the air, and these are what you call funny things for your boyfriend.
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Tic Tac Toe Drinking Shot Glass Set

29. Tic Tac Toe Drinking Shot Glass Set

If you’re looking for funny things for your boyfriend and his drink squad to enjoy while having a small beer party, then this Tic Toe drinking shot glass set is the best you can buy for him. The pack includes a game board and 9 shot glasses and are enough for 2 players.
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Offensive Business Cards

30. Offensive Business Cards

Trust me; this is the best funny things to get your best friend for her birthday if she is a business woman because this offensive business card seems to be doing their job pretty well. These cards have some funny and offensive stuff such as ‘You suck at parking’.
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Hundred Dollar Bill Towel

31. Hundred Dollar Bill Towel

I bet you that not even Bill Gates uses a hundred-dollar bill to wipe his ass after a cool bath. If cleared up a more bit, this is a soft and well absorbing towel which is printed to look like a huge crispy hundred-dollar note.
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Wilson Castaway Volleyball

32. Wilson Castaway Volleyball

This volleyball is a replica of Wilson from the famous movie castaway, finished with the finest quality leather. The machine sewn construction assures the durability of the product, and the size of it is the standard size of an outdoor volleyball.
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Chihuahua T-Shirt

33. Chihuahua T-Shirt

Make those cute eyes of a Chihuahua make everyone freeze and look at you! A picture of an adorable Chihuahua with cute puppy eyes is printed on the t-shirt, and this t-shirt is available in three colours and a variety of sizes.
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Unicorn Mask

34. Unicorn Mask

Be the fairy unicorn you always dreamed of becoming with this unicorn mask! This will make an excellent costume for a costume party, or maybe you could add this to your mask collection along with the pug mask we mentioned before.
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Time Magazine Cover Mirror

35. Time Magazine Cover Mirror

This Time Magazine cover mirror will always make you feel like a celebrity every time you go in front of it. I mean, who would not love to look like the man of the year? The mirror is sized 9”x12”, and the frame is made of plastic with a touch of faux wood finish.
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Hi, I’m Mat

36. Hi, I’m Mat

This is the funniest greeting a man can get, and anyone who likes their guests entering the house with a smile on their face will not ignore this little boy. Mat is made of 100% olefin and is available in tan. So don’t forget to say hi to the Mat mat next time you get into the house!
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Pink Piggy Steamer

37. Pink Piggy Steamer

This funny piggy steamer will help you out with all your kitchen work. This will cover the pot well helping for an even cook and also will cover the food in the microwave. Not just that, this can also be used as a jar opener, and it is hilarious to look steam come out of the pig’s nose.
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Salmon Fish Pillow

38. Salmon Fish Pillow

Just try this salmon fish pillow once, and you will love sleeping on it. It might be a bit hard to watch someone sleeping on a huge piece of salmon fish, but it isn’t that hard to sleep on it with its 100% soft cotton finish. This delicious piece of salmon is available for around $10.
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Electronic Spin the Bottle Game

39. Electronic Spin the Bottle Game

This isn’t what your parents used to play with when they were small back then. As one of the best gag gifts on Amazon, this electronic gadget has made this spin the bottle game even more fun, exciting and official.
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The Cherry Chomper Pitter

40. The Cherry Chomper Pitter

Looking for some funny Christmas gifts for mom? Then maybe this cherry Chomper pitter is the best gift you could find for her. This small gadget is an easy and fun way to pit some cherries to make some delicious juice for your breakfast.
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Beer and Soda Guzzler Helmet

41. Beer and Soda Guzzler Helmet

We only saw these type of gadgets in Tom and Jerry and few other cartoons. But it is time that you should buy one of these beer and soda guzzler hats to enjoy your movies to the best. This can hold 2 12oz beer cans on it, and this is available in 6 colours.
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Donald Trump Doll

42. Donald Trump Doll

These Donald trump dolls are the best and the funny things for your boyfriend or literally to anyone who loves and hate Trump. This hilarious ornament will make your friends and family respect their 45th president possibly even bursting into tears.
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Nothing - you said you wanted nothing

43. Nothing – You Said You Wanted Nothing

“Babe, what do you want for this anniversary?” “Nothing” And this is the time where you should buy her this you said you wanted nothing gift. This is just an empty box with the words ‘You said you wanted nothing’ printed on it with big damn bold letters. Isn’t this the best way to surprise your girlfriend who wants nothing?
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Donald Trump Pencil Sharpener

44. Donald Trump Pencil Sharpener

WARNING! This Donald trump pencil sharpener is probably not for kids but is an insanely hilarious one for adults. Unlike many other gag gifts on Amazon, this one guarantees you a fun experience. The funny thing about this sharping hole is Trump’s butt hole, and when you put the pencil in that hole it appears like… Well, I’d rather not say that. *giggles silently*
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Scary Peeper Halloween Decoration

45. Scary Peeper Halloween Decoration

Buy this scary peeper Halloween decoration for this upcoming Halloween and make it even funnier than other Halloweens you’ve had. All you need to do is to keep this sculpture in front of your friend’s window and scare the shit out of them when they look through the window.
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Bag of unicorn farts (cotton candy)

46. Bag of Unicorn Farts (Cotton Candy)

What else could you call the weirdest things on amazon 2019 than these unicorn farts? No, don’t get confused. This isn’t about sucking a fart from the ass of a unicorn. These are cotton candies and what makes this more unique and fun is its name. Trust me; your little kid will love some unicorn farts.
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Water Balloon Roulette

47. Water Balloon Roulette

Be the Kim Jung Un yourself with this super powerful nuclear weapon! All you need to do is to fill the balloon with air, put it in the gun and pull the trigger and BOOM! Everything will turn into the FREAKING WORLD WAR 3.
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ultimate wine bottle glass

48. Wine Bottle Glass

From now on the wine bottle is also your glass. With this ultimate wine bottle glass, you can have unlimited fun with friends at parties and makes it even easier to drink! It is made of real glass and is available in 8 unique colours.
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Lion Cat Hat

49. Lion Cat Hat

Make your furry friend the king of your house with this lion cat hat! This fantastic costume will definitely match to any cat and will also bring lots of smiles to your face. You can buy this for as cheap as less than $15 and is one of the best gag gifts on Amazon.
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Funny desk plate for boss

50. Funny Desk Plate for Boss

If you’re that friendly and funny boss of your office, then this funny desk plate everyone will enter your room with a smile on their faces. The desk plate says ‘Fucker in charge of your fucking fucks’ which is offensive but is insanely hilarious at the same time.
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The Grilled Cheesus sandwich press

51. Grilled Cheesus Sandwich Press

You might have seen many weird things to buy online, but this is far beyond weirdness. Remember that Cheesus Christ grater? Well, this is literally like its elder brother. This Cheesus sandwich press toasts the face of Jesus on every piece of your bread and is the best ever toaster if you are not that much of a fan of the so-called GOD.
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Bath mat that turns red when wet

52. Bath Mat That Turns Red When Wet

Okay, so this bath mat that turns red is more like scary than funny and might even give a heart attack to someone. I mean, once you step on it with your wet foot it will imprint your leg shape in the colour of blood, and anyone who sees it will wonder how the hell the damn white mat got blood on it.
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Giant Fist Can Holder

53. Giant Fist Can Holder

Crack a cold one with the boys and hold it like the hulk with this gigantic hand! This is made of foam to keep your drink cold, and it is so much fun to drink from this huge fist can holder. It is available in 4 colours and is only a bit expensive than $15.
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Grenade “Take a Number” Mug

54. Grenade “Take a Number” Mug

Here come some other gag gifts for Christmas exchange! Why not grab a coffee with this grenade mug comrade? This looks exactly like a real hand grenade and will endow you with unlimited fun and laughs. Why not buy this if you’re a hardcore coffee or tea fan?
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My driving scares me too bumper sticker

55. My Driving Scares Me Too Bumper Sticker

If your boyfriend tries to be the knight rider when driving, then pick a pen and write this name on the top of your funny things for your boyfriend list NOW! This “My driving scares me too” bumper sticker is the best way to warn the drivers behind you while also making them laugh.
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Emoji Slippers

56. Emoji Slippers

This pair of emoji shoes is a cool and funny gift for friends’ birthday this year. This is made of cotton making it super comfortable to wear and perfectly fits for teenagers and grownups with shoe size from 6.5-8.5. These emoji slippers are a great pair of shoes to wear indoors for comfortable walking.
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Knit Beard Beanie

57. Knit Beard Beanie

With this Knit beard beanie now you can have the looks of a real man which you never had. Its original size fits almost anyone, and the facemask is detachable from the hat. It is of 100% finest quality acrylic yarn and is super fun to use.
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Finger Shaped USB Flash Drive

58. Finger Shaped USB Flash Drive

Make yourself look like a crazy murderer who plugs the fingers of his victims to the laptop with this finger-shaped USB flash drive. This looks just like a thumb of a real man, but no one will know that secretly this is a cool USB flash drive.
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Nose Shower Gel Dispenser - Weird Things to Buy Online

59. Nose Shower Gel Dispenser – Weird Things to Buy Online

Weird things to buy online are a dime a dozen these days, but this nose shower gel dispenser is the nastiest thing I’ve ever seen even in a bathroom. This is a huge nose where the shower gel comes from the holes of the nose making it appear like snot coming out of a giant’s nose.
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Nose-shaped Eyewear Holder - Weird Amazon Products

60. Nose-Shaped Eyewear Holder – Weird Amazon Products

JESUS! Here comes that nose again. This isn’t that fun like that shower gel dispenser but is a super unique ornament to keep your eyewear. This is made of wood and can add some unique looks to your home or office. But this would’ve become even funnier if it was a sculpture of Mahatma Gandhi.
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Pizza Scissors

61. Pizza Scissors

Funny Christmas gifts for mom like this will help her out a lot at ties of pizza parties. This pizza scissor is the best hack to cut pizza in a super easy way and also unique and stylish than using that old-fashioned pizza wheel.
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Darth Vader Bobble - Head

62. Darth Vader Bobble – Head

Throw away that mainstream Hawaii girl from your office desk and keep one of these Darth Vader bobble-head if you’re a real Star Wars fan. This is 7 inches in size, available in black colour and will keep you busy in your work.
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Dead Fred Pen Holder

63. Dead Fred Pen Holder

These dead Fred pen holders are one of the best gag gifts for Christmas exchange you can buy right now. This is a pen holder where you sick the pen into the heart of Fred. You can only stick one pen in this dead Fred pen holder, but it will be a unique ornament to your desk.
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Life Preserver wine bottle cover

64. Life Preserver Wine Bottle Cover

Why not care about the safety of one of the most precisions things in the world? Wear this life preserver to your wine bottle to save it from drowning and also to make it look more stylish! This is labelled around 9 bucks and is the cutest thing you would buy for a wine bottle.
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Basketball Hoop Netting Hat

65. Basketball Hoop Netting Hat

Feel the game even better with this basketball hoop netting hat. This sweatband is 95% cotton, and the rest of the 5% is made of spandex. The size fits anyone, and you can choose either between embroidering or screen printing the hat.
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Dad Bag 3D Beer Belly Waist Pocket

66. Dad Bag 3D Beer Belly Waist Pocket

Did your dad’s belly freak anyone out? Well, maybe not. But this is the chance for you to do it. This Dad bag 3D beer belly waist pockets looks exactly like a belly, and when you wear it around your waist, it will look even more real and scary.
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Men's Handerpants

67. Men’s Handerpants

Underpants for your hands are indeed one of the weirdest things you can do in your life. But isn’t it fun to make people believe that you’re wearing pants on your hands? These men’s Handerpants are made from 95% cotton, and the rest are spandex.
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68. Goat Story Mug

This GOAT STORY mug gives you the opportunity drink your delicious coffee like a real Viking. The horn-like shape makes it a unique mug and its 2 straps will allow you to carry the coffee wherever you go either while reading the newspaper or texting to your girlfriend.
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Baseball Bat Electric Wine Opener

69. Baseball Bat Electric Wine Opener

Open your wine bottles more stylishly with this baseball bat electric wine opener! It can open more than 30 bottles with a single charge, and it looks exactly like a real baseball bat. This tony-stark level bottle opener is a great gadget for your bar, and this is one of the funny gifts for boyfriend on Amazon.
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Air Plant Flying Jellyfish

70. Air Plant Flying Jellyfish

These Air Plant flying jellyfishes are the best amazon funny gifts for her if she likes new exciting. These flying jellyfishes are a great and a unique way to decorate your living room while adding a drop of amazement to everyone who sees it. These can be hung anywhere, and it requires no soil!
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Travel Pillow for Airplanes - Funny Birthday Gifts for Sister

71. Travel Pillow for Airplanes – Funny Birthday Gifts for Sister

If you are a frequent traveler and also a sleep enthusiast at the same time, then this travel pillow for airplanes will be your best trip partner. This is handmade with premium viscose & elastomer, and all you need to do is wear this like a mask. It will cover your eyes and has an extra pair of holes for your hands.
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RC Rat Mouse

72. RC Rat Mouse

Just take some time and think of how useful a remote control rat mouse could be. Starting from scaring off your annoying sister to playing with your cat, this is the funniest toy any adult would dream of buying. It can be moved forward and, and with its realistic looks, it is indeed one of the funny things to buy your girlfriend.
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Popcorn-Scented Pillow

73. Popcorn-Scented Pillow

No matter how much you hate other food in the world, no one hates some salty POPCORN! These pillows are printed with eye-catching colours making it the most funny birthday gifts for sister, and it looks like a huge popcorn plus its popcorn scent will literally make it the most delicious pillow in the world.
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Darth Vader Toothpick Dispenser

74. Darth Vader Toothpick Dispenser

Remember Darth Vader from the Star Wars movie? This is him now. What makes this unique and eye-catching among the other toothpick dispensers is that it is the figure of the almighty Darth Vader who holds the toothpick! Trust me; this is the funniest gag gifts for Christmas exchange for a Star Wars fan.
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A Flip-Up Ninja Shirt

75. A Flip-Up Ninja Shirt

Have six-packs? Then this flip-up ninja shirt is the best way to show off your packs without even making them feel it as a show-off. But maybe they won’t even see your packs when they look at this cool t-shirt. This is one of the best and the funny gifts for friends on Amazon.
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Bacon Bandages

76. Bacon Bandages

Who would ignore to wrap a delicious looking bacon around their arm or leg as a bandage? This bandage looks like a bacon when wrapped and this measures 3” in length and 1” in width and is one of the best Amazon Christmas gag gifts for your friend.
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Five Pounds Of Replica Fat

77. Five Pounds of Replica Fat

No matter whether you teach or learn biology, this replica of human fat will help you, your friends or your students to have a pretty good understanding of it. If you’re not any of the above, then why not buy these funny birthday gifts for sister?
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Nicolas Cage Pillowcase

78. Nicolas Cage Pillowcase

Despite the unique look of this Nicolas Cage pillowcase, the cotton and polyester combination offers you unlimited comfort. This is easy to clean and is also machine washable. This is of the standard pillow size and is approximately about $8.
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Butt Station

79. Butt Station

A funny desk organiser is more than enough to make your day great. The butt station is a small toilet with a tape dispenser, pen holder, a clip holder and also there are few colours to choose too.
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UFO Detector

80. UFO Detector

Find out if the Aliens invade your backyard while you are asleep with this UFO detector! If you’re hunting for some weird amazon products, then this UFO detector is your type of thing.
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Giant Playing Cards

81. Giant Playing Cards

Anyone who sees these giant playing cards will undoubtedly wonder if these king-freaking-Kong sized playing cards belong to hulk because these are 8 times larger than standard playing cards.
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Bulletproof Shot Glass

82. Bulletproof Shot Glass

Who would not love to take a sip of the finest wine from a bulletproof shot glass? And it will make your drink even more exciting with that real bullet lodged in the glass!
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Don’t F**k Up The Table Coasters

83. Don’t F**k Up The Table Coasters

These gag gifts on Amazon are not for houses with kids but is an excellent addition to any home with adults. This is more like a fair warning for your visitors to not to fuck up the table. This wood drink coaster will be a great décor to your coffee table or even your bar.
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Inflatable T-Rex Costume

84. Inflatable T-Rex Costume

This is the best costume I’ve ever seen on the internet that can really scare the shit out of a person, and if you’re a person shopping for the weirdest things on amazon 2019, then this one’s for you. Make your own Jurassic world with this T-Rex costume!
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Spandex Bodysuits

85. Spandex Bodysuits

Hereafter this spandex bodysuit will be the second skin of your body. Play multi-coloured daredevil with its eyeball-locking , and you won’t even believe that weird things to buy online are this much cheap because this is just about 15 dollars.
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Star Wars Darth Vader Toaster

86. Star Wars Darth Vader Toaster

Funny Christmas gifts for mom don’t always need to be a hello kitty earring or a cute dress, but this Star Wars Darth Vader toaster is also a great gift. This looks like the Darth Vader’s chest plate and toasts his face on every piece of bread you insert.
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Giant Inflatable Balloons

87. Giant Inflatable Balloons

Looking for some funny gifts for friends’ birthday? Maybe you should try these giant inflatable balloons which will offer you unlimited fun and excitement and will also add some uniqueness to the party with its magnificent colours.
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Unicorn Tape Dispenser

88. Unicorn Tape Dispenser

I’m pretty sure that this guide offered enough for the Unicorn fans out there and reaching to the last few products of the list we thought of bringing this cute unicorn dispenser for you. The package includes two rolls of rainbow tape too!
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Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

89. Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Weird things to buy online like these Charlie Brown Christmas trees will undoubtedly make your house look even better. This tree is 24 inches tall, and it includes a blanket depending on the size. And not to forget that it requires a bit of assembly. But don’t worry; it is a super simple mechanism.
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Reserved Beach Towel

90. Reserved Beach Towel

Don’t you hate it when someone takes your spot at the beach while you were away for a minute? Well, then you should buy this reserved beach towel. This is a 30” x 60” sized towel where the word ‘RESERVED’ is printed on it with anti-John-Cena technology where anyone can’t blame you saying they didn’t see it.
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Smiley Face Sandwich Cutter

91. Smiley Face Sandwich Cutter

This smiley sandwich cutter makes your breakfast smile with you! It is BPA free and dishwasher safe and is available in 4 beautiful colours and shapes to make your small sandwich parties even more stylish and fun.
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Slice of Pizza Night Light

92. Slice of Pizza Night Light

Make the pizza flow all over your room! If you’re a hardcore pizza fan, then you will love this slice of pizza night light. So why not awake the hidden pizza maniac in your soul and fall into sleep with this cute nightlight?
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Portable Pizza Pouch

93. Portable Pizza Pouch

Keep a beloved slice of pizza near you every time with the portable pizza pouch! This portable pizza pouch preserves your slice for a long time, and it is an excellent gear for you if you’re a camper, hiker or an adventurer who surfs through the woods.
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Pirate Peg Leg Chopsticks

94. Pirate Peg Leg Chopsticks

Take your favourite meals with this scary little pirate! This chopstick has the figure of a pirate on the top of it where his legs are the sticks making your meal even more fun. This is only about 10 dollars and one of the funny gifts to get your best friend for Christmas.
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Slothzilla Shower Curtain

95. Slothzilla Shower Curtain

Remember this from our awesome shower curtain guide? Maybe you should look at that too if you’re looking for unique shower curtains. And changing the topic back to Slothzilla shower curtain, an image of a giant sloth on the empire state building is printed on it which gives it the name Slothzzilla shower curtain.
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Nice Underwear Mat

96. Nice Underwear Mat

What else is the best way to welcome your guests other than a funny doormat? This will be even more interesting if most of your guests are females who wear skirts. I mean, who would not laugh seeing a doormat saying nice underwear? And I must not forget to mention that this is the best funny things to buy your girlfriend.
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Horse Head Squirrel Feeder

97. Horse Head Squirrel Feeder

If you have a pet squirrel in your house or your neighbourhood, then this horse head squirrel feeder will be a great toy for you. When the squirrel puts its head inside this to eat the food it will appear like a squirrel with a horse head is lying on the ground making it super hilarious to look at.
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Broken Doorbell, Yell Ding Dong

98. Broken Doorbell, Yell Ding Dong

So if you’re not that satisfied with Mat or the underwear thing, then this might be the best choice you have left. This doormat gives your guests a chance to become your doorbell for at least once. What the carpet says is ‘DOORBELL BROKEN YELL DING DONG!” plus a ‘really loud’ part in small fonts.
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Starting from a lion cat hat to a toaster that toasts Jesus’s face on the bread, through this guide we brought you a massive list of weird things for sale on Amazon.

Not just that, how could we forget the Cheesus Christ grater that helps you embrace the lord to your life?

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