Gifts for Men: 100 Awesome & Unique Gifts for Men on Amazon (2022)

by Jan 2, 2020

Choosing a gift for your special one can sometimes be hard. But, since you’re here, I’m going to show you 100 gifts on Amazon that you can give to your husband, boyfriend or even your brother.

Have a scroll around this awesome list of gifts for men and pick one of these cool gadgets for your guy!

Magnetic Bottle Opener with Hoop Cap Catcher

1. Magnetic Bottle Opener with Hoop Cap Catcher

Cool gifts for men don’t get cooler than this with the Magnetic Bottle Opener with Hoop Cap Catcher! Use this cool looking cap opener to pop bottles while you enjoy the playoffs to the super bowl. Powerful magnetic back makes sure this never slides off and the hoop catcher neatly catches all your caps!
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2. World’s Loudest Whistle - Unique Gifts for Men

2. World’s Loudest Whistle – Unique Gifts for Men

The World’s Loudest Whistle is available for the extraordinary man in your life! It can be used to create extremely loud whistles up to 142dB and heard for 2+ miles. He can clip this on his neck with the easy lanyard and works well in all weather conditions; even underwater!
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Whale Shaped Knives

3. Whale Shaped Knives

Heard of Whale Shaped Knives? Well, now you can slice and dice while looking cool with these Whale Shaped Knives! This is a great product in the unique gifts for men lineup; this knife will cut through with a super sharp high carbon steel blade and is double-edged too! Can be used as a utility knife as well.
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Couch Cup Holder - Cool Gifts for Men

4. Couch Cup Holder – Cool Gifts for Men

For your man on his super bowl Sunday. The Couch cup holder is a brilliant price of engineering designed to fit all couches and hold all drinks. Guarantees the drink doesn’t fall off and is super easy to setup and use. Buy him a piece of Sunday super bowl, a holder for his drinks.
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Shoe Antimicrobial Odor Eliminator

5. Shoe Antimicrobial Odor Eliminator

Shoe Antimicrobial Odor Eliminator is a winner among unique gadgets for men! This device will let the man in your life have clean feet and shoes for up to 5 years. This also eliminates moisture, deodorizes shoes and prevents mold & mildew bacteria. Even help you dry up your damp shoes with the unique zeolite minerals! Definitely a really cool gift!
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Wall Mounted Can Crusher - Unique Gifts for Husband

6. Wall Mounted Can Crusher – Unique Gifts for Husband

Wall Mounted Can Crusher will crush your soda cans and beer cans while being hanged at a comfortable height on your wall! Will help the man in your life crush 12oz and 16oz cans for clean and easy recycling. Comes with mounting hardware. If you’re looking for a gift among cool gadgets for men, this is recommended!
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Strong Portable Door Lock

7. Strong Portable Door Lock

Strong Portable Door Lock is a temporary lock that’s not that temporary when it comes to locking doors! A special among gifts for men under $20, this will keep the things belonging to the special man in your life safe wherever he stays, as long as it has a door! Simple and easy to install and use, ideal for traveling!
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NERF Sniper Rifle

8. NERF Sniper Rifle

Make the kid at the heat of every man happy with the NERF Sniper Rifle. He will be able to adjust stock, hit targets with precision and reload on the go! He’s going to find those things definitely amusing! Definitely a recommended among best gifts for men who have everything. Challenge him to a fight and choose who cooks dinner!
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Shark Attack Bowl

9. Shark Attack Bowl

Does your boyfriend enjoy bowls of food? Who wouldn’t get him the shark attack bowl! A goofy gift among best gifts for boyfriends, this will help him even eat his chowder coming at 20oz capacity. Even looks cool on its own standing in your kitchen and comes in pirate themes. He’ll definitely love it!
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Multi-Tool Belt Buckle

10. Multi-Tool Belt Buckle

If you’re in the market for $50 gift ideas for men, this is the way. He will be able to use this versatile assortment of tools whenever he need. 11 tools and is built to stay locked and secure unit he needs them! You won’t even have to remind him to fix things since this is that cool!
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Pool Ball Shot Glasses

11. Pool Ball Shot Glasses

These shot glasses are more than shot glasses; they are Pool Ball Shot Glasses. High quality and a must for the kitchen for the special man in your life. Each glass will hold 1 oz. of fluid and will be a definite conversation starter at his parties and gatherings. If he’s a pool head, he will definitely love them.
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Pixel Keychain Light

12. Pixel Keychain Light

You’ve seen the cheap LED knockoff LED keychains. With the Pixel Keychain Light, you will definitely wow the special man in your life. Precisely engineered for him and will clip onto his keychains and backpacks with the quick clips. Inexpensive but indestructible will last with him for long as he remembers.
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Machete Spatula

13. Machete Spatula

Machete Spatula is a machete and a burger flipper. Think how cool he’ll look when he’s handling this, and he will definitely love this! A truly unique gift in the gifts for men under $25 range, he can use this for burgers and hotdogs. Rugged built and safe wooden handle, this tool is well built as cool it looks!
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Bug-a-Salt Salt Shotgun

14. Bug-a-Salt Salt Shotgun

Save the time for your special man of chasing bugs around with the Bug-a-Salt Salt Shotgun. Load up with a pinch of salt and kill bugs up to 3 feet away. With the shotgun style action, he will definitely love it and leaves no mess. He will have a peace of mind while being totally bug-free!
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The Butt Towel

15. The Butt Towel

A front-runner among unique gifts for a husband who can be cheeky is the butt towel. Built for comfort, this will guarantee a ton of laughs if he wears this to the beach. A full 58×28 inch spread and made of 100% cotton. He is just going to love this, covering up everything while being exposed!
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Pushpin Melee Weapons

16. Pushpin Melee Weapons

For the gothic in him, Pushpin Melee weapons from the medieval age! A great choice if you’re looking for cool gifts on Amazon for guys. He will receive 2 of each in 5 styles of weapons and these pins penetrate an inch deep. If he’s a robin hood fan or game of thrones fan, he will for sure love these.
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Super Mario Chess Set

17. Super Mario Chess Set

If he’s a geek and you’re looking for the best gifts for men who have everything, the super Mario chess set is the way to go. He can play his game of chess while enjoying each piece designed to look like a unique character from the Mario universe. He will be able to display this too!
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Dragon Ball Z Shift Knob - Best Gadgets for Men

18. Dragon Ball Z Shift Knob – Best Gadgets for Men

Treat him like the super Saiyan he is with the dragon ball z shift knob. This will fit most cars and is comfortable to hold and shift with. He can receive any amount of stars he needs within the balls and requires no modification at all to fit. Definitely a cool gift for him.
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Jedi Bath Robes - Amazon Gifts for Brother

19. Jedi Bath Robes – Amazon Gifts for Brother

Every man you know is most probably a Star Wars fan. This is an excellent gift for him because he will definitely love this. Made of 100% cotton and made so one size fits most adults, so you can’t go wrong with this. If you’re looking for best birthday gifts for husband this is the way to go!
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3D Wolf Boxer Briefs

20. 3D Wolf Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs may look good on him, but they won’t look as good as these 3D Wolf Boxer Briefs. These are super stretchy for him, and these make the perfect pick among best birthday gifts for husband, he will love them on lingerie night! A selection among other animals is available too for his matching spirit animal!
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Skull Teaspoons

21. Skull Teaspoons

If he’s a guy who has everything, this is a definite pick among best gifts for men who have everything. These Skull Teaspoons areas functional as they look cool! He’s going to love them as they are polished to look elegant and makes the perfect complement to a Halloween get together! You’ll definitely notice they are much shiner too.
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Belly Fanny Pack - Best Birthday Gifts for Husband

22. Belly Fanny Pack – Best Birthday Gifts for Husband

Fanny packs are back in the market, why not gift him a Belly Fanny Pack! This dadbod bag looks cool and realistic since it’s 3D printed and hangs quite easily with the adjustable belt. He can surely use this in all weathers since this fanny pack is totally waterproof! Sure will hold a lot since the bag is really spacious.
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Deal With It Glasses

23. Deal With It Glasses

Swagasaurus Rex is bringing you these deal with it glasses since you’re here looking for gifts for young men in your life! They look cool and are definitely functional as regular sunglasses too. If he’s a Minecraft addict, he will definitely get these glasses. Surely one of the coolest gamer gifts around.
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Infinity Gauntlet Coffee Mug

24. Infinity Gauntlet Coffee Mug

Since the infinity war movie is just around the corner why not get him the Infinity Gauntlet Coffee Mug. If you’re in the market for best gifts for boyfriends, this is the way to go. He sure can enjoy a good cup of coffee while being able to control the universe. He doesn’t have to be Thanos!
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Child Travel Aid

25. Child Travel Aid

Child Travel Aid will let you take your child out, and not have to worry about them is wandering off. This cute little stretchable harness comes in two colors and lets your child have freedom up to 8 feet. Gift them to him of your life, let him be a dad while letting him have peace of mind!
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Dabbing Chicken Shirt

26. Dabbing Chicken Shirt

Gift him the Dabbing Chicken Shirt to match his overflowing coolness! You can choose between several colors just for him, and it is totally build to great quality. The 100% cotton blend will make sure he’s comfortable, and the classic fit and double needled collar make sure it definitely belongs in his closet.
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DIY Back & Body Shaver

27. DIY Back & Body Shaver

Every guy knows shaving the back can be timely and troublesome. The DIY Back & Body Shaver will let him have a reach easily to shave his back and lets him shave both wet and dry! What’s more? When you gift this to him you’re saving a ton of money for him since the replacement blades are super affordable too.
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Nintendo Game Over Game Boy Alarm Clock

28. Nintendo Game Over Game Boy Alarm Clock

Gift him the Nintendo Game Over Game Boy Alarm Clock, and he may mistake it for a real game boy! Let him set the alarm to his favorite tune, and the classic look and finish will not make it out of place in his bedroom. A definite choice if you’re looking for best gadgets for men who love the classics.
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Dinosaur Bottle Opener - Gifts for Men Under $30

29. Dinosaur Bottle Opener – Gifts for Men Under $30

Does he love dinosaurs? Get him the Dinosaur Bottle Opener. This metal giant is has a talking point at any party and is solidly built from iron. He will surely enjoy popping bottle caps totally with ease, and the sculpture is built with total attention to detail. A true winner among unique gifts for men!
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Funny Nose Shower Gel Dispenser

30. Funny Nose Shower Gel Dispenser

This soap dispenser is nosey as it gets! As cheesy as it sounds this dispenser is a Funny Nose Shower Gel Dispenser. Gift this to your man, and he’ll love you for the sense of humor you’re showing with this! Built for quality, easy to mount as super easy to refill. A really special gift for him.
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Banana Flask

31. Banana Flask

The Banana Flask is a creative gift among gifts for men under $20. Gift this to him, and he will be able to carry the drink of his choice anywhere and everywhere and this flask blends in between the fruits without any clue at all. Made from stainless steel so sure it will last with him.
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Barbarian Looter Beard Hat

32. Barbarian Looter Beard Hat

The perfect barbarian knit for your guy! This is a wearable and cool accessory among cool gifts for men. Made from 100% acrylic yarn this knit is a two-piece both hat and beard, which are both detachable and can be used separately by him! He will surely look more than manly!
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Wall Climbing RC Car

33. Wall Climbing RC Car

This is a choice if you’re looking for the best gadgets for men and shopping for something for your kid brother. The Wall Climbing RC Car is a work of art as it is more than a toy. Your brother is going to love the reliable technology which will make sure this car will stick to whatever surface he races on.
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Leather Bottle Holster

34. Leather Bottle Holster

A gun holster maybe too much for him, but a beer holster will definitely do the trick. The Leather Bottle Holster is unique and cool in its own way; he’s going to love it. He can surely carry any 12oz bottle of beer to any beverage and no strap around leg needed. Comes with its gun-shaped bottle opener.
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Secret Deodorant Body Spray Flask

35. Secret Deodorant Body Spray Flask

Help him Sneak in drinks on all occasions with the Secret Deodorant Body Spray Flask. Perfectly able to carry up to 8oz of a drink of choice and looks exactly like the deodorant can. A great gift for everyone who will love to save on drinks for any occasion. Will last with him since the built quality is that good.
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Rocker Whiskey Glasses - Gifts for Men Under $25

36. Rocker Whiskey Glasses – Gifts for Men Under $25

A glass of whiskey is a gentlemen’s emblem. Get him the Rocker Whiskey Glasses, and why? Because they’re not just whiskey glasses, they are rocked allowing them to be used in a really cool way. The unique and sophisticated builds allow the glass fits perfectly in hand and is surely a conversation starter for all his gatherings.
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Secret Messenger Bag Flask

37. Secret Messenger Bag Flask

If he loves going to the ball games, you know there are restrictions. And if he loves drinking, get him the Secret Messenger Bag Flask. He will be able to carry up to 30oz of liquid and contains enough space to carry his iPad too. He won’t get caught because of the secret tube that helps refill and pour out!
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No Smoking Cigarette Pillows

38. No Smoking Cigarette Pillows

He minds his health, and he takes care of himself. Get him the “No Smoking Cigarette Pillows”, definitely a pick among gifts for men 2019. The plush brown and white material is super comfortable; he’s going to love using them to watch TV. Flexible to suit his preferences.
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Doctor Who Watch

39. Doctor Who Watch

If he’s a well-educated guy, he surely knows about doctor W.H.O. The Doctor Who Watch is built of utmost creativity, contains a tardis that flies around the clock face! He’s just going to fall in love with the genuine leather strap and the greatly built watch face. Definitely a choice to consider among cool gadgets for men.
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2-in-1 TV Remote and Bottle Opener

40. 2-in-1 TV Remote and Bottle Opener

When you watch movies together, does he forget the bottle opener once he get a beer. Save him the trip and gift him a 2-in-1 TV Remote and Bottle Opener. The remote operates almost all electronic appliances while the bottle opener pops all the bottles. He will definitely enjoy using this gift!
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Star Wars R2-D2 Screwdriver

41. Star Wars R2-D2 Screwdriver

If he’s into Star Wars, and he loves to build things the Star Wars R2-D2 Screwdriver is the perfect gift for him. Able to be used with ease due to the ergonomic built and the paint job resembles R2-D2 to every bolt! Definitely, a useful tool for him if he finds himself in jams more than often!
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Mug Muscles Beer Mug

42. Mug Muscles Beer Mug

He’s an iron head we get it. Make him happier and get his forearms fluffier with the Mug Muscles Beer Mug. This comes with a hand grip exerciser attached for them forearms. Hold 20oz of liquid and is BPA free. Perfect for his health and well-being. Truly a treasure if you’re looking for Amazon gifts for brother.
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Bartending Glasses With Recipes

43. Bartending Glasses With Recipes

The Bartending Glasses with Recipes will help your guy prepare the perfect drink while not being ashamed if he doesn’t know how to pour a drink. These glasses come with instructions for Mojito, Bloody Mary, Whiskey Fix, or Salty Dog. Each glass makes up to 8 oz. of drinks. The great drinkers gift among gifts for men under $30.
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Big Cash Stash Ziplock Pillowcase

44. Big Cash Stash Ziplock Pillowcase

Let’s give him a sense of entourage with the Big Cash Stash Zip Lock Pillowcase. Looks genuinely like a cash stash while letting him sleep quite comfortable at all the nights. He can use it with all commercial pillows up to 18″x18″ and will make a memorable experience for both of you sleeping on this very special pillowcase.
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10 Pound Toblerone - Best Gifts for Men Who Have Everything

45. 10 Pound Toblerone – Best Gifts for Men Who Have Everything

A truly unique gifts for husband, a giant Toblerone bar! He’s going to love the biggest Toblerone bar in production, 80cm long and 4.5 kg heavy! It will take ages for him to consume this giant chocolate bar. Genuinely made by the original Toblerone manufacturer, let him have a taste of the genuine Swiss chocolate!
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Luxury 24K Gold Playing Cards Deck

46. Luxury 24K Gold Playing Cards Deck

Make those poker nights for him super flush with the Luxury 24K Gold Playing Cards Deck. Maybe gold but they surely fit under gifts for men under $10. Gift him these, and he will love them not just because their gold playing cards but they actually are great for playing cars. Definitely a conversation starter at any occasion.
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Star Trek Enterprise Bottle Opener

47. Star Trek Enterprise Bottle Opener

Star Trek Enterprise Bottle Opener is truly a great pick among amazon birthday gifts for boyfriend. This gadget looks exactly like the Star Trek ship, and he can definitely brag to his friends about it because it’s totally a licensed product. A great conversation starter for him among friends on any occasion.
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His and Hers Silicone Wine Glasses

48. His and Hers Silicone Wine Glasses

His and Hers Silicone Wine Glasses are great if you’re looking for an anniversary gift for him. These are made out of genuine quality silicon blended glass and are shatterproof and dishwasher safe totally! Save the confusion of whose glass it. He’s definitely going to enjoy them very much!
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Wireless Neck Massager

49. Wireless Neck Massager

He has to work hard and travel a lot. Sounds familiar, well gift him the Wireless Neck Massager. It is perfect for long hauls with four automatic massage modes and six manual therapy modes. He is definitely going to enjoy this special feature of being able to use Vibration, electrical impulses, and heat!
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Radioactive Elements Glowing Coaster Set

50. Radioactive Elements Glowing Coaster Set

For the special guy in your life who loves chemistry, the Radioactive Elements Glowing Coaster Set. Every coaster contains an element with perfect atomic accuracy. Each coaster lights up, and you can choose them to light up when a drink is placed on them, so he’s definitely going to love these!
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Light Up LED Shoes

51. Light Up LED Shoes

If you’re looking for amazing gadgets for men and your guy is a total sneaker head the Light Up LED Shoes are the way to go. They are genuinely made for quality and rechargeable out of a USB port. The best thing is they won’t look out of place in his shoe collection!
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70 MPH Nerf Gun

52. 70 MPH Nerf Gun

A cool and techy pick among best gadgets for men, the 70 MPH Nerf Gun. Comes batteries included, 12 high impact nerfs rounds. Gift him this gun, and he will enjoy the thrill of shooting nerfs at 70mph. He will definitely love the flip up sights and the trigger lock too!
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Solar Charger Camelbak

53. Solar Charger Camelbak

For the guy in your life who loves to wander, the Solar Charger Camelback. Let him have the ease of mind traveling as far as he can, as long as the sun is up and he is within range, he will definitely be in touch! Waterproof and rugged built by Camelback for a forever lasting loving gift!
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Chimp Mask

54. Chimp Mask

Remember the Bruno Mars’ song? The lazy song? Well, we’re sure your guy loves it, gift him the Chimp Mask. The perfect gift that fits both adults and children. Included in the design of faux hair to look as real as possible. Maybe you can even monkey around on Halloween with him!
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Glow In The Dark Temporary Tattoos

55. Glow In The Dark Temporary Tattoos

Let’s imagine this, the special guy in your life is asleep, tattoo one of the Glow in The Dark Temporary Tattoos or all for the perfect prank. They are super easy to use and comes off with time. Totally non-toxic or irritable for the skin. As 4 kits are included, there’s plenty to go around the party later.
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Secret Message Cipher Wheel

56. Secret Message Cipher Wheel

How about making a treasure hunt for him? Make sure you include the Secret Message Cipher Wheel in the hunt. Built to authentic specifications and super easy to use, you even get easy to use instructions if he can’t decode the cipher. Other items are available from the manufacturer to put together for the perfect hunt.
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Pocket Pouch Slingshot

57. Pocket Pouch Slingshot

This is not just a gift for him; this is a gift for you too. The Pocket Pouch Slingshot is perfect because you can surprise him with a slingshot fight. Made in the USA for the maximum quality of this gift. Shoots almost anything that fits in with accuracy and power!
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Movie Prop Bottles

58. Movie Prop Bottles

If you’re trying to surprise the guy in your life with a birthday bash, the Movie Prop Bottles are the way to go. Let him enjoy his day with smashable bottles that look like the real thing but are safe and nontoxic to the user. They are so fragile and easy to smash, he will love them.
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Levitating Construction Game

59. Levitating Construction Game

One of the best picks among best gifts for men who have everything is the Levitating Construction Game. This futuristic levitating balancing game, as crazy as it sounds will be something he never expected ever! A piece of a conversation starter at his gatherings and he can even play it with you!
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USB Lie Detector Kit

60. USB Lie Detector Kit

Time to scare your man! With the USB Lie Detector Kit, he is not safe from any lie! Plug and use easy setup, high-quality displays, and the data analyzed can be viewed through apps available on your phone and computer. The perfect gift for guys who love tech. Pull it out on occasions and wow the guests.
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Perpetual Calendar

61. Perpetual Calendar

If he’s sophisticated but elegant and you’re in the market for best birthday gifts for a husband the Perpetual Calendar is the answer. Two magnets mounted perfectly to display time in a perfect symphony is a gift he’s going to love and be amazed at. He can even have this on his table or even his wall.
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Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron

62. Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron

Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron is perfect for your guy who loves to throw the grill on almost all weekends and occasions. A real thoughtful pick among gifts for men under $ 25, this apron has all the pockets and accessories to make him happy about his job. Also has a beer belt and make a really fun gag gift!
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Foosball Erasers

63. Foosball Erasers

Foosball is fun, and now he can play foosball at his table with the Foosball Erasers. A helper for him with creative work and stress relief. It can be even played on his own. Fits almost all pencils on your table, so he definitely will be able to play where ever he goes.
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Men’s Stash Underwear

64. Men’s Stash Underwear

It’s long ago only jeans had pockets. Now Men’s Stash Underwear have pockets too. Gift it for him as a boxer he will surely enjoy the comfort and premium fit without a doubt. A true gift if you’re looking for unique gifts for men on Amazon!
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Portable Smartphone Car Mount

65. Portable Smartphone Car Mount

The Portable Smartphone Car Mount is definitely a great gift for him since it fits all phones and is super reliable. The design lets the user hold the phone on the vents while enjoying the rotatability of the screen. The pocket size makes sure the person you gift this can switch cars without a worry on bulkiness.
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Adjustable Hand Exerciser

66. Adjustable Hand Exerciser

Forearms are hard to craft. Get him ripped and juiced up forearms with the Adjustable Hand Exerciser. He is going to love this definitely if he’s a musician since the Reversible molded grip uncovers simulated strings to developing and maintaining finger calluses for string musicians. Easy to pack and move around while he’s between rigs.
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Shocking Liar Detector

67. Shocking Liar Detector

A novelty gift for him and the times you have to get-togethers. The Shocking Liar Detector is perfect for all parties and occasions where you feel like you need to take a little risk. It is perfectly safe for all adults and is battery operated. He will love this since you both can have a great time with it.
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Light-Up Drumsticks - Gifts for Men Under $20

68. Light-Up Drumsticks – Gifts for Men Under $20

If your guy loves to jam, the Light-Up Drumsticks are the way to go. Comes with batteries so he can get directly to the drumming. The super quality built and great sensitivity makes sure it will light up whenever he drums. Built to make sure this gifts for him lasts long too!
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Your Stick Figure Family Was Delicious Sticker

69. Your Stick Figure Family Was Delicious Sticker

To the guy with the sophisticated sense of humor, the “Your Stick Figure Family Was Delicious” Sticker. It is easy to stick and totally weatherproof. He’s going to be driving around with a massive grin with his face in no time. One of the best gifts for boyfriends in the market right now.
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Official CIA Manual of Trickery and Deception

70. Official CIA Manual of Trickery and Deception

For the Sherlock in your life the Official CIA Manual of Trickery and Deception booklet. One of the coolest gifts among cool gifts for men this will delight and amaze him while actually provide him with a good read. Just make sure he’s not spying on you after he read this! Because this is that good.
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Stacks Of Cash Backpack

71. Stacks Of Cash Backpack

Bling him out for his college, stash him for the office, the Stacks of Cash Backpack is perfect for a gift. It is totally synthetic and contains enough space for a laptop that is up to 17″ in size. The bills are 100 dollar bills; this bag is a quality product as much as it is a rich looking product!
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50 Caliber Bullet Folding Knife

72. 50 Caliber Bullet Folding Knife

50 Caliber Bullet Folding Knife is a perfect sharp pick among gifts for men under $10 for the special guy in your life. Built to look like the replica of a 50 caliber bullet and the blade slides in perfectly. The blade is easily handled, and the handle fits perfectly in hand. The perfect gift for him.
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Golf Pens with Golf Bag Holder - Cool Gadgets for Men

73. Golf Pens with Golf Bag Holder – Cool Gadgets for Men

For the golfer in your life the miniature golf bag with golf clubs as pens! The Golf Pens with Golf Bag Holder is perfectly built to quality, and the pens are great products too. He’s going to even brag about them to his friends. A piece of art for him on the table at his office.
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All-Weather Fire Starter

74. All-Weather Fire Starter

The survival fire starter for the special man who’s in your life who also a boy scout at heart. The All-Weather Fire Starter is perfectly operable with one hand and is even perfect to be used after years of storage. If he’s trying to make it in an adverse weather condition, don’t worry at all, this kit got him covered.
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Glow In The Dark Thinking Putty

75. Glow In The Dark Thinking Putty

The Glow in The Dark Thinking Putty is perfect for everyone of all ages who love putty, plus this putty glows in the dark. This is made in the USA and is 3.2 oz. of pure fun. This is perfect if you’re in the market for gifts for young men.
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LED Word Clock - Best Gifts for Boyfriends

76. LED Word Clock – Best Gifts for Boyfriends

This large clock measuring 8″x8″ is perfect for him if he loves tech. This clock can be kept on the table or mounted on the wall & displays time as text. The time is displayed in five-minute intervals, and it is suitable for both his office or home!
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Light Up Hoodie

77. Light Up Hoodie

The hoodie lights up and is totally machine washable, which means gift him the ability to rave and be safe at night while having a cool looking hoodie! What’s going to make him love this product more is the lighting modes that are switchable between 3 modes. The material is super comfortable to wear too.
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Rear View Mirror Sunglasses - Gifts for Men 2019

78. Rear View Mirror Sunglasses – Gifts for Men 2019

To the futuristic man in your life the Rear View Mirror Sunglasses. Let’s him be James bond while looking cool wearing totally functional sunglasses. High quality and exceptional performance for the price of these shades. He will surely love them for the great gadget they are.
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Light Up Shutter Glasses

79. Light Up Shutter Glasses

These shades were cool before, but now they’re back with lights. The Light Up Shutter Glasses are the perfect gift for him because why, he’s a dude! These stylish design goes well with any rave and comes with 4 modes of lightning. Perfectly safe and no heat generated. The perfect gift for the enjoying man in your life.
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Astronaut Phone Holder - Gifts for Young Men

80. Astronaut Phone Holder – Gifts for Young Men

For his home and office & even his car, the Astronaut Phone Holder. Looks super realistic and built with quality, guarantees to add a taste of richness to his interior. The stand is  so rugged, it is even able to hold an iPad! The perfect gift for the techy guy in your life.
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Skateboard Lights - Amazon Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend

81. Skateboard Lights – Amazon Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend

These are perfectly safe and built to last. These lights come batteries included, and the adhesive leaves no marks at all on the board at all. He will surely love them since they make him look super cool.
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Wooden Watch

82. Wooden Watch

You know a quality watch when you see one and he will definitely too with the Wooden Watch. The expensive looking yet affordable watch is made of all natural wood. Comes with a two-year warranty and the watch is so light he won’t notice it at all!
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Faceless LED Watch

83. Faceless LED Watch

For the tech geek in your life, the Faceless LED Watch. Blends perfectly in to look like a bracelet, which is expensive looking and quite complimentary at the same time. The water-resistant and waterproof design will allow him to wear it anywhere he goes without looking track of time. Definitely a unique gadget among cool gadgets for men.
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Equalizer iPhone Case - Amazing Gadgets for Men

84. Equalizer iPhone Case – Amazing Gadgets for Men

For the Dj and musician in your life, the Equalizer iPhone Case is the perfect gift. Works with general music and all the background noise at a great sensitivity level. Lights not only change the pattern but do fluctuate between brightness levels too. Definitely, a cool gift for men, directly shipped from Japan, guaranteed to last.
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Glowing Spray Paint

85. Glowing Spray Paint

A quality paint for the painter in him, which will also help him be super creative since the paint glows in the dark too. Suitable for both indoors and outdoors this will surely bring out the creativity in him. The container is 400ml in size and is perfect for a long haul job.
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Huge Hershey’s Bar - Unique Gadgets for Men

86. Huge Hershey’s Bar – Unique Gadgets for Men

Challenging the giant Toblerone bar to the competition is the giant Hershey’s bar. At a massive five pounds, He can enjoy the taste with the giant size. The Huge Hershey’s Bar is made from the original company and is tasty as it comes.
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Glow In The Dark Playing Cards - Cool Gifts on Amazon for Guys

87. Glow In The Dark Playing Cards – Cool Gifts on Amazon for Guys

You saw the glow in dark putty, now you have the Glow in The Dark Playing Cards. These are perfect for playing porker, the waterproof design makes it suitable for all weather conditions and a single charge holding near the lamp gives two hours of glow time! The perfect gift for the special man in your life.
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Hockey Puck Bottle Opener

88. Hockey Puck Bottle Opener

Give him the Hockey Puck Bottle Opener so that he can pop bottles with his friends and you while starting a friendly conversation about the sport. Built from thick stainless steel metal and the magnet at the bottom makes it super easy to be mounted everywhere and anywhere he prefers. The perfect gift for the hockey fan in your life.
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Pistol Shift Knob Cover - $50 Gift Ideas for Men

89. Pistol Shift Knob Cover – $50 Gift Ideas for Men

For the liberator in your life, the Pistol Shift Knob Cover. This knob Fits shifter stems from 5/16 In. to 9/16 In. Comes out of the box with adapters included and the wood finish is something he will love for sure.
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Gun Alarm Clock

90. Gun Alarm Clock

Make mornings fun for him and a little bit annoying with the Gun Alarm Clock. It is really loud to wake him up and super enjoyable to switch it off. Comes with three gaming modes, so he never gets bored when using the clock. Made to make the hard part of waking up an enjoyable thing.
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Bike Spoke Lights

91. Bike Spoke Lights

Biking at night is not safe, and the bikers may get bored after a while. The Bike Spoke Lights are here to rescue you. The 200-lumen illumination and 32 LED setup is super bright and 360 degrees visible. These LEDs are built to last and rugged to use, no joke when it comes to a lasting gift for him!
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Vapor Blaster

92. Vapor Blaster

Not every guy vapes and not every guy can blow vapor rings. For the guy who has everything and loves unusual tech, the Vapor Blaster. With the ability to shoot rings up to 20 feet in the air and operates from batteries, this is super easy to operate. Can be used to create a foggy effect too!
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Lots Of Numbers Watch

93. Lots of Numbers Watch

A business watch with just one hand? Well, we got you covered. With the Lots of Numbers Watch, there are a lot of numbers but time is easy to read. Water resistant and the reliable quartz movement is guaranteed for his pleasure whatever the business he’s in. Perfect for the guy who’s a bit sophisticated but loves a surprise!
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Soda Can Handle - Gifts for Men Under $10

94. Soda Can Handle – Gifts for Men Under $10

Holding a glass of cool beer can be a bit harsh on your hand. Let him enjoy countless amounts of drinks from cans while not having to worry about his hand. With the Soda Can Handle he can do just that. Super ergonomic for his hand and comes in four colors. Something that is definitely useful for him.
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Retro Flip Down Clock

95. Retro Flip Down Clock

For his office and for his home the Retro Flip Down Clock. It looks right out of the future but functions in a retro way. Got an iron man in your life? Definitely, consider gifting him this retro styled futuristic alarm clock. Operates out of batteries and guaranteed to last long. A true, timely gift for him.
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Gun Screwdriver

96. Gun Screwdriver

Freak him out saying he’s getting a gun for Christmas and surprise him with a screwdriver! The Gun Screwdriver is just what you need. The 3Nm torque generating motor is capable of screwing on and off any screw with ease. Definitely a one of a kind manly gift for all the men in your life that gets their hands dirty.
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R/C Water Gun Helicopter

97. R/C Water Gun Helicopter

For the kid brother and the gadget-loving boyfriend or husband, the R/C Water Gun Helicopter is just the choice. As you already know, this helicopter shoots water too! Built to last and survive winds, this helicopter comes with an inbuilt gyro to make to super stable while you aim and fire.

Electric Motor For Paper Airplanes

98. Electric Motor For Paper Airplanes

A gadget that allows him to turn any paper plane into a smartphone-controlled RC plane. This gadget is super easy to use, and the instructions are easy to understand by anyone, the gadget is reliable up to 55m in range. You get the full kit right on ordering, so don’t worry, just gift it.
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App-Controlled Wireless Spy Tank

99. App-Controlled Wireless Spy Tank

Want an RC car with a built-in spy camera? Well, we got you covered with the App-Controlled Wireless Spy Tank. Give him the ability to drive the tank with your phone, iPod or iPad. The perfect gift for the techy guy.

Eclipse Watch

100. Eclipse Watch

A modern gift for the modern man. This is the definition of the Eclipse Watch. Built to meet rigorous water-resistant conditions, this watch is super easy to use and super modern looking. The black dial and black belt are perfectly complementary to all the clothes he have! For the man in your life with quite the taste.
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