Cool Bedroom Accessories 2020: 100 Cool Things to Have in Your Room

by Jan 3, 2020

Sometimes our bedroom is the only place with privacy for us and is also the most favorite place in the house of most people. And it is the dream of everyone to decorate that favorite place with cool bedroom gadgets to make it the most beautiful place in the house.

But the primary barrier for that is the inability for people to find the best and the cheapest products and that’s why our Quintinventions team did that hard part for you and handpicked you some cool things for your bedroom and brought to you today.

Read till the end and don’t miss that insanely awesome skull lamp! Enjoy!

Moon Night Light

1. Moon Night Light

Throw away your old night lamp into the dustbin and replace it with this super cool moonlight! This looks exactly like the real moon but of a bit smaller version. It has 3 awesome colors, and you can turn it on/off and even change the brightness with just a tap on it.
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Fruit Pillows

2. Fruit Pillows

These fruits aren’t to sleep on like the kiwi pillow, but are to squeeze to relieve your stress. Other than releasing your stresses, these squeezable pillows are great toys that aid you to focus well on your thoughts. Also is one of the most cool things to put in your room.
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Fairy Bedroom Lights

3. Fairy Bedroom Lights

Doll up your bedroom most uniquely and colorfully with these cool fairy bedroom lights! These string lights glow in 8 different colors and are operated with 3 AA batteries that last for more than 48 hours after constant use. Not just to hang your photos, hang this over your bed or window to convert your bedroom into heaven!
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Kiwi Pillow - Cool Things for Bedroom

4. Kiwi Pillow – Cool Things for Bedroom

Have your good night dreams comfortably on this super comfortable kiwi pillow! It is made of polyester, and the 3D print of the mouth-watering kiwi will add a unique look to both your bed and bedroom. This delicious pillow is super soft and comfortable and is only around $10.
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Chunky Knit Blanket

5. Chunky Knit Blanket

Looking for some cool things for your room for winter? Then this chunky knit blanket is the best you could find. This is hand-woven with a blend of the most superior quality fabrics including sheep wool. And this super soft blanket will keep you comfortable and warm when the weather turns cold. Besides that, this also adds some warm beauty to your bedroom.
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Nightstand Caddy That Lights up When You Clap

6. Nightstand Caddy That Lights up When You Clap

When you wake up from a bad dream in the middle of the night, all you need is a glass of water. And it would even turn into a nightmare if you knock your glass at dark. But it will never happen again if you have this smart nightstand. This is because it features sound activated lights to prevent you from knocking your glass down.
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Tofu the Tiger Door decal

7. Tofu the Tiger Door Decal

If you’re looking for some cool stuff for your room door, then you should try this Tofu the tiger wall decal above all. This will turn your door into a cute monster and will always put a smile on anyone’s face who sees it.
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Copper Animal Ring Holders

8. Copper Animal Ring Holders

The amount of beauty a cute ring holder could add to your dressing table is uncountable. This copper animal ring holder can hold multiple rings, and the copper plated finish gives it a unique look.
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Do Not Forget Door Knob Organizer

9. Do Not Forget Door Knob Organizer

Sometimes cool bedroom accessories for guys don’t always need to be a gaming chair or an electric guitar. But instead, something like this Do Not Forget Door Knob Organizer could be handy to them. You can keep all your easily-forgetting accessories in the pockets of this door knob organizer so that you won’t forget them next time.
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Aaron the Charming Dragon Door Decals - Cool Room Decorations

10. Aaron the Charming Dragon Door Decals – Cool Room Decorations

Just after introducing you Tofu, we thought of showing you Aaron the dragon too. This door decal is just cute as the Tofu door decal and is ideal for your little kid’s room. The super cute design makes anyone love it and is undoubtedly one of the coolest room decorations you can have.
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Simon the Sunny Dog Door decal

11. Simon the Sunny Dog Door decal

If you aren’t satisfied with none of the above door decals, then this Simon the Sunny dog door decal will definitely satisfy you. The design of this door decal is simple. It’s just its puppy eyes, ears, nose, and the hands. So if you’re looking for a charm door sticker, then this will be the best match for you.
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A Photo Display That Looks like a Clothesline

12. A Photo Display That Looks like a Clothesline

Keep all your best memories near you in the most beautiful way with this cool photo display! This allows you to display all your photos in the most unique way that draws anyone towards it. This is a great gift for anyone you love, and we recommend this as one of the best things to have in your room.
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Back to Bed Pillowcase

13. Back to Bed Pillowcase

WARNING! This will attract you to bed every time you see it! This handmade cotton pillowcase has been illustrated with the message ‘I’m going back to bed.’ The size of it is 48cm x 76cm and fits all standard pillows.
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Star Wars Light Switch Decals

14. Star Wars Light Switch Decals

If you’re a Star Wars fan, then you will love this Star Wars light switch decal than anything. These are the images of the iconic Yoda and Darth Vader. They are printed along with the words ‘light side’ and ‘dark side’ too.
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Light Saber Night Light

15. Light Saber Night Light

Don’t miss this chance to become a Jedi. Other than making you a Jedi, this lightsaber also acts as a unique and a beautiful nightlight. This features several sound effects and 8 colors which can be changed with the remote. Furthermore, it is 25 inches in size and is powered by 5 AAA batteries.
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Man Cave Sign

16. Man Cave Sign

Searching for some cool things to hang in your room? This man cave decorative wall plaque will turn your whole room into a Stone Age cave! Man cave bones are made of high-quality resin and are perfectly attached to a wooden board. It comes with a rope and 2 hooks for easy hanging and is only about 15 bucks.
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Hookey Ring Toss Game

17. Hookey Ring Toss Game

This Hookey ring toss game is the best thing to do if you ever feel bored again. All you need to do is hang it on a wall and start playing. The beautifully finished board will add real beauty to your room, and this is way safer and fun than darts.
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Nixie Tube Clock

18. Nixie Tube Clock

Cool bedroom gadgets like these Nixie tube clocks are super hard to find but is super awesome when you start using it. This uniquely displays time and date with a radiance display, and the installation and adjustments are simple and easy.
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Secret Compartment Pillow Safe

19. Secret Compartment Pillow Safe

With this secret compartment pillowcase, you can store anything you want starting from a flashlight to other valuable stuff. The compartment offers quick access to your stuff, and it is secured by powerful magnets that close the compartment automatically after use.
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Levitating Plant Pot - Cool Bedroom Gadgets

20. Levitating Plant Pot – Cool Bedroom Gadgets

This zero-gravity growing system allows you to cultivate any plant you want in mid-air giving your room an insanely unique look. The planter is made of silicon, and the base is finished from ash, and quarter-sawn oak and this gadget require no batteries.
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Rhino Bookends

21. Rhino Bookends

Make your bookcase look even more stunning with these cool room decorations! Other than helping you with the books, these awesome rhino bookends are also a cool décor for your room. This is 7 inches tall and is made of polyresin/wood.
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Spinning Crystal Earth Sphere

22. Spinning Crystal Earth Sphere

Besides being one of the most cheap bedroom gadgets in the list, this is also a great gift for anyone who likes unique stuff. This spinning crystal earth sphere allows you to explore hundreds of rivers, islands, lakes, deserts, and ice-caps and it spins perfectly on its polished base.
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Moose Head Sculpture

23. Moose Head Sculpture

This badass boy will definitely give a perfect look for your room wall. This moose head sculpture is made of high-quality resin and measures 22.5” inches in height and 15.75 inches in width. Furthermore, there are more than 10 stunning colors available to match your wall, and it costs around $70.
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Donald Trump Bobblehead

24. Donald Trump Bobblehead

Buy one of these Donald Trump bobbleheads and make America great again. This super funny bobblehead portrays a realistic image of the president Donald Trump, and this is made of heavyweight polyresin. Furthermore, it is 8 inches tall and is the best college dorm gifts for guys.
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Albert Einstein Bobblehead - Cool Bedroom Accessories for Guys

25. Albert Einstein Bobblehead – Cool Bedroom Accessories for Guys

This is the best ever ornament you can find for your room if you’re a hardcore Physics fan. This carries the same features as the previous bobblehead we mentioned. But instead of Donald Trump, this portrays a lifelike image of Albert Einstein. It is 8 inches tall and is only a bit expensive than $15.
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Rosie the Riveter Bobblehead

26. Rosie the Riveter Bobblehead

Decorate your desk with this bobblehead which portrays a realistic image of Rosie the Riveter! The premium quality polyserin ensures its durability while the heavyweight design ensures that the ornament won’t fall easily. This is individually hand painted and is indeed one of the most cool things for your bedroom.
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27. Nikola Tesla Bobblehead with Glow-in-the-Dark Light Bulb

Remember Nikola Tesla from the science book? This is him now. Feel old yet? This bubblehead of Nikola Tesla portrays a lifelike image of him and this also a features an insanely awesome glow-in-the-dark bulb too. Similar to the rest of the others this is 8” tall and is around 20 bucks
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Retro Typewriter Keyboard

28. Retro Typewriter Keyboard

You don’t need a time machine to discover old stuff; all you need is a credit card and Quintinventions to find and buy the stuff! This mechanical keyboard is a combination of the 70s and the present. And it literally looks like a ghost of a typewriter trapped in the body of a keyboard. This is also dust and water resistant.
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Motion Activated Bedlight

29. Motion Activated Bedlight

Transform your bedroom into a smart zone with this super cool motion activated bed light! You can install this effortlessly without any tools, and these energy-efficient LED lights to consume less energy than most of the motion activated lights out there.
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Levitating LED Light Bulb

30. Levitating LED Light Bulb

Ever wondered why Newton discovered gravity? This levitating LED light bulb will give you the experience of gravity and weightlessness in every sense of the word. This floating bulb requires no batteries, and the efficient energy LEDs lasts up for more than 50,000 hours.
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Dead Fred Pen Holder

31. Dead Fred Pen Holder

There are dozens of cool things for your room on Amazon, and this Fred pen holder lies on the top of the list. This is a sculpture of a dead man, and it looks like its stabbed when it holds your pen.
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Cat Smartphone Stand

32. Cat Smartphone Stand

Hey cat lovers! Other than decorating your office desk and helping to hold your phone, this can also make your day perfectly happy. It has great stability, and the price is only around 25 bucks.
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3D Butterfly Wall Stickers

33. 3D Butterfly Wall Stickers

Beautify your walls with these 3D butterfly wall stickers! This is great for a kid’s room and also for a nursery mainly because of its realistic looks and the use of high-quality, non-toxic materials. The pack contains 48 pieces of butterfly stickers in 4 colors.
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IllumiBowl Night Light

34. IllumiBowl Night Light

This IllumiBowl makes your bathroom look like heaven, and it makes going to the bathroom even more fun than ever before. This is a motion-activated nightlight for your toilet, and you can choose between 9 colors in 3 brightness levels.
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Ferrofluid Magnetic Display

35. Ferrofluid Magnetic Display

This is not one of the other cool room decorations but is the best and the most fun stress reliever you can find. This insanely awesome Ferrofluid magnetic display allows you to create magic with it. You can make spikes, drops, pieces and even make it dance by changing the moving force, a combination of the magnets.
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MoMA Kangaroo Light - Cool Dorm Room Decorations

36. MoMA Kangaroo Light – Cool Dorm Room Decorations

This app-controlled portable interactive light has an uncountable amount of uses starting from camping to resting in the bathtub. It features light alarms, sound sensitivity and four pre-set light moods. Also, the best thing is that you can control it wirelessly through your smartphone or tablet.
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Skull Lamp

37. Skull Lamp

If you’re hunting for cool room gadgets that can bring your bedroom to a whole new level, then this skull lamp is the best you can find. This 3D nightlight takes the shape of a skull and glows brightly in a smooth color. The uncommon design and the technology used makes it an eye-catching décor for your room.
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World's Thinnest Laptop

38. World’s Thinnest Laptop

Taking design and technology to a whole new level, HP introduces this laptop as the thinnest laptop in the world! This is only about 10.4mm thin and is powered by full Intel® Core™ i7. It also features audio by Bang & Olufsen, full HD, edge-to-edge Corning® Gorilla® Glass display and many more.
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Hovering Bonsai Tree - Cool Things for Your Room on Amazon

39. Hovering Bonsai Tree – Cool Things for Your Room on Amazon

This levitating air bonsai pot takes your enthusiasm for planting to a new level with its Maglev Levitation Technology used in it. This is ideal for indoor decorations, and it can hold a maximum weight of about 200g. This costs around $60, making it one of the most cheap bedroom gadgets on the list.
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Steam Locomotive 3D Model

40. Steam Locomotive 3D Model

Have no cool bedroom ideas on how to decorate it? Trust me, this little monster can doll up your place than any other toy could ever. Despite the insanely stunning look, this can also offer unlimited fun for people of all ages. Instead of superheated steam, it uses rubber bands to drive it, and the fool-proof mechanism makes it super easy to assemble.
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Floating Bookshelf

41. Floating Bookshelf

Make the guests feel magical inside your room with this floating bookshelf! It conceals itself behind a stack of books making it look like the books are floating in the thin air. This can hold more than 15lbs and is one of the best college dorm room gift ideas for anyone who loves books.
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Lifelike Elephant Wall Plaque

42. Lifelike Elephant Wall Plaque

Looking for cool things to hang in your room? Then this is noble elephant decorative plaque is one of the best you can find. The best thing about this elephant wall plaque is that it looks lifelike and will lock the eyes of anyone who looks at it. It is made of Polyresin and is a great gift for wildlife collectors.
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Glow-in-the-Dark Moon Decal

43. Glow-in-the-Dark Moon Decal

NO! This is not the moonlight we brought to you before. This is a glow in the dark wall sticker which glows in a stunning luminous color at night. The strong simulated effects, design and the size will make you feel like the real moon is beside you.
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Pill Shape Ballpoint Pen

44. Pill Shape Ballpoint Pen

These cute ballpoint pens are the most ideal gifts you can find for your kids to encourage them to study more. It comes in six colors and is made of plastic. All of them have emoticons printed on the top which are distinctive to each other and is less than 4 FREAKING DOLLARS!
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Anti-Fatigue Faux Grass Rug

45. Anti-Fatigue Faux Grass Rug

Make your room look even more beautiful and comfortable with this unique mat! The comfortable and the anti-fatigue design of this faux grass instantly relieve both the stress in your mind and the pressure on your knees. The strong grip stays without slipping on any surface, and this is one of the most cool things for the bedroom and also for your office.
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Starry Night Stickers - Cool Bedroom Ideas

46. Starry Night Stickers – Cool Bedroom Ideas

If you’re not that travel enthusiastic to go somewhere and spend the night under the stars, then these starry night stickers are the best solution you can find. These glow in the dark stickers are super easy to apply, and you will feel like you’re under the real night sky when starring at these.
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Knowledge Bookends

47. Knowledge Bookends

Cool dorm room decorations which have deep meanings are what fit the most for anyone who loves books and studying. These unique bookends are finished from rubber-coated stone resin, and you can choose between black/gold and white/pink colors.
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Dino Sphere

48. Dino Sphere

This is the cheapest desktop aquarium you can find in the market right now, and it uses a Basil plant to purify and filter aquarium water. And with that, you don’t need to worry about changing filters. All you need to do is to feed the fish and top it off with water once in 1 or 2 months.
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Overreacting Pillow Case

49. Overreacting Pillow Case

A funny pillowcase is all you need to make your whole day happy and fun. This overreacting pillowcase is one of the funniest and cool things for your bedroom. It is finished from 100% cotton and costs around 15 bucks.
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Astronaut Smartphone Stand

50. Astronaut Smartphone Stand

Leave your phone to Neil Armstrong when you’re not using it but make sure you don’t let him take it to the moon! Not just for your smartphones, this can also hold tablets like the Nexus 7 and iPad Mini without any trouble.
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Galaxy Bed Sheet Set

51. Galaxy Bed Sheet Set

The bed means like the world to almost all of us. But why not make it your universe with these galaxy bed sheets and pillowcases! The picture is printed realistically and colorfully using environmental ink, and the pillowcases come with concealed zippers. So if you’re looking for cool things for your bedroom, then these are the best.
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Paper Taxidermy Kit - Cool Things to Hang in Your Room

52. Paper Taxidermy Kit – Cool Things to Hang in Your Room

We see different shapes of wall plaques made using different materials every day. But I’m pretty sure that you haven’t seen something like this ever before. These stunning paper animal sculptures are ideal for any place in your house, and there are more than 20 unique animal sculptures available.
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Glowing LED Message Clock

53. Glowing LED Message Clock

This is not just a digital clock with time and alarm. This also features a LED light message board with a highlighter. You can select between 12 or 24 hours’ format as you desire and you can charge it either with a USB cable or an AAA battery.
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Spinning Satellite View Globe

54. Spinning Satellite View Globe

Have a natural view of the world while holding it! This spinning globe gives a satellite view of the earth. And also it features solar cell technology which enables it to rotate on its own without the need for batteries!
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LED Glow Wall Charger

55. LED Glow Wall Charger

Charge your devices with more colors and fun with this LED glow wall charger! This can charge all your mobile phones, tablet, mp3 and all other USB compatible devices super faster. And besides that, this is also a beautiful nightlight for your room.
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Almost Perpetual Motion Kit

56. Almost Perpetual Motion Kit

Have a simple fun with this almost perpetual motion kit! This is a unique yet a simple piece of ornament for your desk. This structure has brightly colored balls that keep rotating like a Ferris wheel which can make anyone who looks at it mesmerized for hours.
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Honeycomb Shelves - Cool Items for Your Room

57. Honeycomb Shelves – Cool Items for Your Room

This honeycomb shelves are a commonly used living room décor and around the world and is loved by all who has it. Each shelf has the shape of a hexagon and is an ideal place to showcase ornaments and other decorative stuff.
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Lotus 3D LED Desk Lamp

58. Lotus 3D LED Desk Lamp

If you’re lacking cool bedroom ideas to decorate it, then have no worries! This lotus 3D LED desk lamp will give a unique facelift to your room. You can choose between 7 stunning colors with just a single touch, and this is also a great nightlight.
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Outer Space Wall Mural

59. Outer Space Wall Mural

Make yourself feel like you’re living in the outer space with this outer space wall mural! This comes in four pieces in the sizes of 66”x24” making it super easy to apply. All you need to do is to peel and stick it on to your wall. It is ideal for any kid’s rooms or for anyone who likes unique wall designs.
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Magnetic Sculpture Desk Toy - Awesome Stuff for Your Room

60. Magnetic Sculpture Desk Toy – Awesome Stuff for Your Room

One of the other most cool things for your bedroom is this magnetic sculpture desk toy. It will help you develop your intelligence and also to relieve stress. The portability makes it super easy for traveling and to have fun with friends and this awesome toy costs around 10 bucks.
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Elementary Shower Curtain

61. Elementary Shower Curtain

Are you getting ready for your chemistry exam and still couldn’t memorize the freaking periodic table? Have no worries! This shower curtain will do that job for you. Starting from Hydrogen to Lawrencium, an image of a huge periodic table is printed on the white background of this cool shower curtain. Different colors have been used in it, and this is only about $13.
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LED USB Astronaut Light - Cheap Bedroom Gadgets

62. LED USB Astronaut Light – Cheap Bedroom Gadgets

Now, these are what you call cool dorm room stuff! This fashionable and creative astronaut USB LED light features cycle charge LED lightings, and it gets power directly from the USB port. This is 100% high quality, energy saving and environmentally friendly and this will definitely be a fine addition for your office or studying desk.
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Math Clock - Awesome Stuff for Your Room

63. Math Clock – Awesome Stuff for Your Room

Feel like Pythagoras? Then one of the most cool gadgets to buy for your room is this Math clock. The unique fact about this awesome clock is that instead of simply reading roman numbers you will have to solve equations to find out the time. And this will definitely teach you how important both time and math knowledge is.
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Mechanical Wooden Clock Kit

64. Mechanical Wooden Clock Kit

Seems like it is time to toss your boring old clock into the garbage bin and buy one of these cool bedroom gadgets for your room too! This handmade pendulum clock is perfect for both interior and exterior and has used excellent materials to finish it. The mesmerizing movements and the comforting sounds make it a great room décor and this cost around $70.
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Glowing Dinosaur Night Light

65. Glowing Dinosaur Night Light

A soft nightlight of the shape of your favorite movie character is all you need for your room to make it look special for you. And if you or your kid is a hardcore Jurassic world fan, then this dinosaur nightlight is the best ornament you can find.
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3D Self-Adhesive Wall Stickers

66. 3D Self-Adhesive Wall Stickers

Want your room to look like Trump’s Mexican wall? Then these 3D self-adhesive wall stickers are the best to do the job. These stickers look exactly like a real wall when pasted on the walls, and these stickers are one of the most cool things for your room walls
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Emoji Pillows - College Dorm Room Gift Ideas

67. Emoji Pillows – College Dorm Room Gift Ideas

Embrace your favorite emoji whenever you like no matter what feeling you have at the moment with these cute emoji pillows! This is made of 100% polyester and is ideal for decorating your bedroom. This is the finest in comfort and the price for 12 all these cutie peas is just around 50 bucks.
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Doctor Who Sublimation Bedding Set

68. Doctor Who Sublimation Bedding Set

This is a shout-out for the people who are looking for cool dorm room stuff if they’re also a fan of Doctor Who. For any such fan, having an adventure in the whimsical traveler was only a small dream. But this Doctor who sublimation bedding set has made that dream even more real and interesting!
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Giant Cockroach Pillow - Cool Dorm Room Decorations

69. Giant Cockroach Pillow – Cool Dorm Room Decorations

Looking for some cool items for your room which are weird and funny at the same time? Then this giant cockroach pillow is the best you can find for the job. This is made of super soft and comfortable materials and this measures 53cm in length.
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Pokémon Snorlax Bean Bag Chair

70. Pokémon Snorlax Bean Bag Chair

Isn’t this Pokémon Snorlax Beanbag chair the best and the most comfortable place for you to relax after a long and an exhausting day? This beauty is 2 feet wide and 4 freaking feet tall, and I’m pretty sure that not even heaven would feel better for a Pokémon fan than this.
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Pop Out Wall Outlet

71. Pop Out Wall Outlet

A wise man once said that not all cool gadgets for your room wear capes and this gadget are much smaller than the others too. This insanely awesome pop out wall socket will leave no trace that a wall socket even existed! All you need to do is to push it and BOOM! It will disappear into your wall.
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Rick and Morty Screaming Sun Alarm Clock

72. Rick and Morty Screaming Sun Alarm Clock

This little bastard will undoubtedly even wake sleeping beauty up, and instead of the kiss, all she will get is a screaming sun! When it’s time for you to wake up, the sun will rise up from the mountain and start screaming just like the one in Rick and Morty.
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Modular Smart Lighting Panels - Cool Bedroom Ideas

73. Modular Smart Lighting Panels – Cool Bedroom Ideas

Smarten up your room’s lighting system and experience the perfect combination of beauty and technology with these modular smart lighting panels! These lighting panels enable you to visualize your music and make your time in the room even more exciting and wonderful with its stunning colors.
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Star Wars 3D Deco Lights

74. Star Wars 3D Deco Lights

Turning the spotlights back to the Star Wars fans were more than happy to introduce you this super cool Star Wars 3D deco lights! You can choose between a dozen of your favorite Star Wars characters including Yoda and Darth Vader. These are battery powered and looks really cool at both day and night and are just around 13 dollars.
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Amazon Echo Spot

75. Amazon Echo Spot

Trust me; you will not need your assistant anymore when you buy this Amazon Echo spot. And the main reason is that it will do all your work with just a single voice command. The most important things the Echo can do to you is to play music, videos, see music lyrics and even do shopping for you.
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I Love You Pillow Cases

76. I Love You Pillow Cases

Now if you’re living with your soul mate, then these are the most cool items for your room you can buy right now. These two romantic pillowcases are made of cotton and polyester and are a great gift for your girlfriend or boyfriend. And this is also the best anniversary or the birthday gifts to them.
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Light Up Batman Sign

77. Light Up Batman Sign

This insanely awesome dark knight nightlight will make you feel safe whenever you’re alone in your room. The nightlight portrays the iconic batman signal, and you will always feel like he’s just beside you. All you need to do is to plug the USB and watch the dark knight rise.
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Alarm Clock Rug

78. Alarm Clock Rug

Perfectly cool gadgets for your room doesn’t exist… How could I possibly complete that sentence with this super awesome Rug alarm clock in front of me? The best thing about this alarm is that to snooze it you will need to stand on it for more than 3 seconds which means that you will never be late for work again.
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Star Wars Light Switch Cover

79. Star Wars Light Switch Cover

Remember that Star Wars switch stickers we mentioned before? Well, this is literally the same, but the main difference is that this is a switch cover. The stone texture finish will definitely add some real beauty to your walls, and you can install it by yourself super easily and effortlessly.
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Friends Peephole Frame Replica

80. Friends Peephole Frame Replica

Even if you’re an expert in cool dorm room decorations, I’m pretty sure that you wouldn’t even have thought of having one of these cool handmade photo frames. This is the best place to showcase and enjoy your memories with the loved ones, and it is only around $140.
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Millenium Falcon Rug - Cool Things to put in Your Room

81. Millenium Falcon Rug – Cool Things to put in Your Room

Want to make your son’s birthday even more special for him? Then why not buy him this cool Star Wars large millennium falcon rug for him? I mean, he will definitely love it if he’s a Star Wars fan. This is made of polyester and approximately measures 79 inches in width and 59 inches in length.
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Don’t F**k Up The Table Coasters

82. Don’t F**k Up The Table Coasters

Well, this is not one of the cool stuff for your room, but will definitely be useful for your house. Ever wanted to tell your guests not to fuck up the table but you couldn’t because that it would be rude to do so? Have no worries because these table mats will do that job for you in the smoothest possible way.
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How to Train Your Dragon Pillow

83. How to Train Your Dragon Pillow

Remember Hiccup’s Toothless from Berk? Well, this is him now. How to train your dragon is a movie which we all love, and the cute Toothless is what made that story even more interesting to watch. This soft plush pillow pet looks exactly like toothless and will definitely give a facelift to your room.
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Glitch Playing Cards - Cool Bedroom Accessories for Guys

84. Glitch Playing Cards – Cool Bedroom Accessories for Guys

A pack of cards is the most awesome stuff for your room when you are bored. And these GLITCH cards has taken them into a whole new level of art. These playing cards are way more colorful and pretty than the other cards you usually see and a pack of these cards costs around $25.
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Tabletop Fireplace

85. Tabletop Fireplace

Create magic with this tabletop ethanol fireplace! The magic in this is that the linear burner creates a fire that drifts and dances between the two tempered glasses. And who would not love to keep watching at something like that?
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Mount Fuji Tissue Box

86. Mount Fuji Tissue Box

Other than being one of the most cool things for your room this is also ideal for your car or literally any place you want. This tissue holder bears the shape of the world’s most iconic volcano and is super unique.
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Gameboy Fridge Magnet

87. Gameboy Fridge Magnet

You will regret missing this if you’re a gamer because this Gameboy fridge magnet can literally turn your fridge into a classic gaming machine. The large screen measures 16 and 12 inches in length and breadth, and you can write whatever the hell you want it and erase leaving no single fridge mark.
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Giant Googly Eyes

88. Giant Googly Eyes

If you’re done with all the jingle bells and stuff and looking for some cool things to put in your room this summer, then these giant Christmas tree goggles will definitely satisfy you. These cool goggles will make a great difference for your Christmas tree than the other years, and your kids will definitely love it.
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Zelda Triforce Lamp

89. Zelda Triforce Lamp

Always have the Triforce of wisdom, power, and courage near you with this Zelda Triforce lamp! This cool nightlight is inspired by the Zelda gaming series. The light projects the Hyrule logo onto the nearest wall or surface making it even a more unique nightlight.
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Star Wars Love Pillows

90. Star Wars Love Pillows

There is an infinite number of cool bedroom accessories for guys who love Star Wars, and this is one of the best among them. These Star Wars inspired pillowcases are made of 100% premium quality cotton and are the best for distance relationship gifts.
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Time Magazine Cover Mirror - Cool Things for Your Room

91. Time Magazine Cover Mirror – Cool Things for Your Room

This mirror will make you feel like the man of the year every time you look at your face with it! It measures 12 inches in length and 9 inches in breadth, and the mirror frame is made of plastic.
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Under the Desk Gun Holster

92. Under the Desk Gun Holster

If you have a gun and you want it out of reach from others, then this under the desk gun holster is the best solution. This conceals the gun under your desk safely and is also easily accessible in case of an emergency.
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Bedol Water Clock

93. Bedol Water Clock

Ever wanted to own some cool room gadgets that need no batteries or external power? The most impressive fact about this Bedol water clock is that its power source is water and it requires no other power source. This is a great gift for a traveler or a camper, and it comes with a price of fewer than 20 bucks.
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Viewable Root Garden

94. Viewable Root Garden

Talking about the cool stuff for your room and how could we possibly pass by without mentioning this super awesome farming kit? This farming kit features an acrylic window that allows you to observe the growth of the plant and the roots. This is one of the best gifts you can buy for your kids or students.
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One-Way-Mirror Bird Feeder

95. One-Way-Mirror Bird Feeder

This bird feeder is one of the most cool bedroom gadgets that make bird watching even more fun, effortless and also more exciting. The two strong suction cups help the feeder to stay attached to the window, and the handy lid helps for effortless refilling and cleaning.
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Star Wars Han and Leia Bathroom Hand Towel

96. Star Wars Han and Leia Bathroom Hand Towel

Isn’t these “I love you/I know” towels and the pillowcases we mentioned before making a perfect duo? All the words and images are embroidered with a silver thread and the materials used to make these rowels are cotton and bamboo.
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Potato Chip Bag Resealer

97. Potato Chip Bag Resealer

With this bag resealer, you won’t need freezer bags anymore because this small gadget enables you to re-use the original instead. This is made with the finest quality materials ensuring you the durability of the product and is also super easy to use.
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Portable Nightlight Balls

98. Portable Nightlight Balls

Trust me; you will literally start loving the dark if you get one of these glow balls to your room. These are that much beautiful and magical to look. You can choose between a dozen colors, and you can even touch them without burning your hands.
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Gun and Target Alarm Clock - Cool Bedroom Gadgets

99. Gun and Target Alarm Clock – Cool Bedroom Gadgets

Bringing you the last of the cool room gadgets, this gun and target alarm clock will improve your shooting skills besides waking you up in the morning. The special thing about this alarm clock is that you have to shoot to the target with the gun to snooze the alarm.
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Pug Mug

100. Pug Mug

Having some coffee on a beautiful morning with a cute mug can make your day even happier than you think. And that’s why we thought of bringing you this super cute Pug mug. This has a cute image of a cute pug printed on the front, and this square shaped mug is made of ceramic.
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Today we brought you a massive list of cool bedroom ideas, gadgets and stuff that you can use to decorate and renovate your boring room.

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