98 Cool Spy Gadgets: Best Tech Gifts on Amazon for Men [2022]

by Jan 2, 2020

Looking for some tech gifts for men who have everything? Or are you looking for some cool gadgets to make your daily work even easier?

No worries, because today the Quintinventions team brought you a massive list of cool tech stuff that everyone will love to own.

Invisible Ink Pen

1. Invisible Ink Pen

Ever wanted to write some magical words or a magical message to someone you love but didn’t know how to do? Then maybe this invisible ink pen is the best tool for you. This comes with a built-in UV light which enables to see this invisible message and the pack includes 12 pens of different colors.
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Mobile Spy Ear

2. Mobile Spy Ear

Now if you want to listen to the secrets of your siblings or even your neighbors, then this mobile spy ear is the best gadget you could find for that job. This comes with an earbud, and you can listen to anything which is 50” away from you, and this is definitely the spy gear gadgets you can buy.
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Batman Binoculars

3. Batman Binoculars – Cool Spy Gadgets

Searching for the best spy gear gadgets for your little boy? Then you better try this Batman binocular to make him feel like a superhero. Watch your city and protect it from evil people like a guardian god!
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Ninja Stars

4. Ninja Stars

Unleash the hidden ninja within you with these ninja stars. This is the coolest way to pass a secret note to your crush at school. Just leave the message inside the star and do that awesome ninja throw! Why would she think twice to date a super awesome ninja?
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Lights on Fingers Bracelet

5. Lights on Fingers Bracelet – Cheap Electronic Gadgets

Have you ever watched spy kids? Well, this lights on the finger bracelet is cooler than any of the gadgets in the movie. The elastic strap perfectly fits around any wrist, and the four LED lights light up the four fingers giving a superpower to distract the enemy.
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Spy MegaScope

6. Spy MegaScope

Become the FBI agent of your neighborhood with this super cool spy MegaScope! The periscope offers a clear view of what’s in front of you while the megaphone featured in it allows you to speak for hours. This is an excellent gift for your little kid, and you will not regret buying it with the unlimited fun it offers.
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Batman Utility Belt

7. Batman Utility Belt

Looks like this guide is becoming even more interesting for Batman fans and this Batman utility belt will definitely be your favorite. Fighting criminals in the street jumping, running and rolling isn’t an easy task especially when you have gadgets to protect. But this utility belt will help you with that task and will secure all your fighting gadgets.
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Wrist Dart Blaster

8. Wrist Dart Blaster – Spy Gear & Gadgets

Surprise your enemy with some super cool actions with this wrist dart blaster! All you need to do is wear it in your wrist and start launching darts to the enemy. What else is a great way to spend time leisurely other than owning a super spy gadget like this?
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Spy Glasses with Rear View Mirror

9. Spy Glasses with Rear View Mirror

Ever wanted to have an ability to see what’s happening behind you? These spy glasses look like ordinary sunglasses at a glance, but its secret rearview mirrors allow you to see what’s happening behind you! Surprise everyone in the party with these cool spy gadgets.
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Mission Alpha Set - Spy Gear

10. Mission Alpha Set – Spy Gear

Mission alpha set is the ultimate spy gear bundle that every super spy must have, and this awesome set is equipped with four valuable spy gears to help you successfully pass and survive in your tough missions. It comes with a tactical mirror, night goggles, motion alarm and a sound recording pen.
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RC Video Broadcaster

11. RC Video Broadcaster

Now you can stop stalking your crush in social media and start stalking in real life with this RC video broadcaster! It records videos secretly and displays them wirelessly on the colored screen on the remote. To add more, its mobile app offers even more exciting features for maximum fun.
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Voice Changer

12. Voice Changer

One of the main weaknesses of becoming a secret agent is that the enemy will remember your voice. But if you buy one of these cool spy gadgets, the enemy will never identify your real voice because this voice changer converts your real voice into a fake one which no one will know.
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Batman Sonic Distractor

13. Batman Sonic Distractor

Use the exact tactics batman used to protect the Gotham city to defend your city too! This Batman sonic distracter is a great way to delude your enemies and make a quick escape. You can choose between two sounds which are menacing alarm and breaking glass sound.
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Spy Listener

14. Spy Listener

Looking for some cool spy gadgets? Well, then the spy listener will definitely satisfy you. With this, you can listen to conversations from 75 feet away, and the 38” earpiece makes it even comfortable to listen. It needs only 2 9V batteries to power it up and is only about $10.
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Spy Night Goggles

15. Spy Night Goggles – Really Cool Gadgets

A binocular and a spy ear isn’t enough to become a secret agent. You will definitely need night vision equipment too. This spy night goggle can zoom up to 2x, and the head straps hands-free viewing.
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Security Scanner

16. Security Scanner

Scan everyone who visits your home from head to toe with this security scanner. Just like a real security scanner this too can detect metal, and the LED alarm system will notify if it detects something suspicious.
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Multi-Tool Belt Buckle

17. Multi-Tool Belt Buckle

Who in the world would say no to a multi-tool that you can wear around your hip as a belt? Here it is the belt buckle which acts as a multi-tool, and it is armed with 11 awesome tools including a straight blade, wire cutter, flat screwdriver and it stays locked securely until you unlock it.
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Ultra Range Walkie Talkie

18. Ultra Range Walkie Talkie

I bet you that you haven’t ever found any walkie-talkie that delivers clear communication from a distance of more than 3 freaking kilometers. Not just for kids, this ultra-range walkie-talkie is also an ideal gadget for campers and hikers to stay connected in the woods.
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Video WalkieTalkies

19. Video Walkie Talkies

Cool techie gifts for him don’t always have to be a robot dog, and maybe you should try something childish too. The days where people used walkie-talkies only to talk is over, and this video walkie-talkie allows you to look at your fellow secret agent face to face while in the missions with a range of up to 150ft.
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Alarm Clock Rug

20. Alarm Clock Rug

Fed up using the old-fashioned alarm clocks? But this alarm clock will never make you bored again, and with its unlimited annoyingness, you will never oversleep again because you will need to get off the bed and stand on the rug to snooze the alarm. Now, this is what we call a cure for oversleeping!
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Amazon Echo Spot

21. Amazon Echo Spot

A cute cheap assistant is all you need to make your daily work even easier. With this Amazon Echo Spot, you can play music, videos, take video calls and even control your smart home. What you should ask from Alexa is not “what can you do”it’s “what can’t you do,” and these are what you call cool gadgets for men who have everything.
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Pop Out Wall Outlet

22. Pop Out Wall Outlet

Looking for some cool technology gadgets that can turn your house into something like Tony Stark’s mansion? Well then let this pop out wall outlet be the first fusillade in that mission. With this, you can hide the outlet when you’re not using it, and all you need to do is to push this, and it will automatically disappear into the wall.
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Alarm Clock on Wheels

23. Alarm Clock on Wheels

If you think that the alarm clock rug isn’t that much powerful to wake you up, then trust me; this alarm clock is even capable of wake the sleeping beauty up. Once the wake-up time strikes the clock will jump off the nightstand and start running here and there screaming, and you will need to get off the bed to turn it off.
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Tello Beginner's Drone

24. Tello Beginner’s Drone – Techie Gifts for Him

These Tello beginner’s drones are the best tech gifts under 100 for anyone who is new to aviation. All you need to fly this little drone is a mobile phone and two or three fingers. With this, you can capture photos and videos anytime anywhere you want with just a tap on the phone.
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GoPro Hero

25. GoPro Hero – Hottest New Tech Gadgets

Capture every moment of your adventure with the highest quality with this all-new GoPro Hero! The touchscreen makes the controls even easier, and the waterproof design offers you the ability to capture photos and videos up to 33ft under water.
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App Controlled Christmas Lights

26. App Controlled Christmas Lights

I’m pretty sure that this year you will have the most inimitable Christmas tree in the world with these app controlled Christmas lights. You can control the lights via any android or ios device, and its disco function even allows voice control!
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Garmin GPS with Alexa

27. Garmin GPS with Alexa

What else do you call a perfect driving assistant than this Garmin GPS? Amazon’s Alexa is featured in this, and it is where your words turn into action. Other than navigating you can even play music with just a single voice command, and this is undoubtedly one of the best gifts for tech geeks.
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Smartphone Selfie Ring Light

28. Smartphone Selfie Ring Light

Take your selfie brighter than you have never before with this smartphone selfie ring light! Just clip it on the camera, choose the desired light setting and snap a beautiful selfie! You don’t have to replace the batteries because it comes with a rechargeable battery which saves both your money and time.
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Modular Smart Lighting Panels

29. Modular Smart Lighting Panels

Make your room look like a paradise with these modular smart lighting panels! With the super awesome lighting design and its ability to beat and glow according to the rhythm of the music you’re playing, this becomes the best ever party gadget you will ever own.
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Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

30. Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

This hardware wallet allows you to receive and send cryptocurrency and also provides secure storage. Furthermore, this can easily be plugged into a computer or a smartphone and keeps all your data confidential, and it can also be locked by a PIN code.
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DJI Spark – Tiny Portable Drone

31. DJI Spark – Tiny Portable Drone

These DJI spark portable drones are the latest gadgets in the market for every drone lover. With this, you can capture high-quality photos more easily and uniquely. This tiny pocket drone can be controlled with just a tap on your smartphone.
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Moving Beer Pong Bot

32. Moving Beer Pong Bot

Gather around party freaks! This moving beer pong bot is just made to make your little party even more fun and awesome. It features a red LED under-lighting making it an ideal gadget for parties and the sensors featured in it keeps it from going over the edge.
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Amazon Dash Wand

33. Amazon Dash Wand

Experience Alexa’s skills in an even sexier way with this Amazon Dash wand! Ask her and get anything done including placing an order, ordering a pizza or even setting a timer. Additionally, with its scanner, you can scan a barcode of a product to add it to your shopping cart automatically.
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Massive Telephoto Zoom Lens

34. Massive Telephoto Zoom Lens

Looking for really cool gadgets for your photography friend? This massive telephoto zoom lens brings their moments even closer to them to capture making this a really awesome gadget for anyone who is interested in wildlife photography or any kind which needs pretty good zooming.
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Echo Show - Amazon Echo with Screen

35. Echo Show – Amazon Echo with Screen

With this, you can experience Alexa’s skills in a more visual way, and also you can call and send messages to your friends and family. Furthermore, you can see your photos, lyrics for music, watch the news with video briefing and even shop with just only a single voice command.
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Glowing USB Wall Charger

36. Glowing USB Wall Charger

This is not just a USB wall charger but is also a cool nightlight with a beautiful and a unique crackle design. This glowing USB wall charger is blue in color and features smart ice technology to offer maximum output for super-fast charging. So if you’re looking for cool gadgets for men who have everything, then this is what fits your cart.
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Universal Coat Heater

37. Universal Coat Heater

Sometimes not even 10 damn coats can keep you warm in the winter, and that’s why we call this universal coat heater as one of the hottest new tech gadgets in the market. This is the first battery operated removable winter jacket heater in the world and t has a battery life of more than 5 hours.
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Dragon Ball Z Shift Knob

38. Dragon Ball Z Shift Knob

This is a huge shoutout for the Dragon Ball Z fans out there. This is actually car gear knob, and it fits almost all manual car gears. It is made of durable and premium quality acrylic, and it fits comfortably on hand providing a firm grip, and this is undoubtedly one of the best tech gifts for men who have everything.
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Portable LED Light Rope

39. Portable LED Light Rope – Cool Technology Gadgets

Make anything look colorful with this portable LED light rope. All you need to do is to plug this into any USB port or battery pack and drape, hand or stick into any place you want. It comes with a nylon lantern bag and is ideal for any situation that requires an emergency light.
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Nokia 3310 Classic Style Cell Phone

40. Nokia 3310 Classic Style Cell Phone

Experience the classic mobile style in a modern way with this Nokia 3310 cell phone! Despite the cool design, it features some classic games, and the Bluetooth 2.1 allows pairing with other phones and speakers while the 3G technology ensures speed internet.
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Tabletop Fireplace

41. Tabletop Fireplace

Add a touch of more style and uniqueness to your living room with this tabletop fireplace! It creates a ribbon of fire that drifts and dances on the brushed stainless steel burner which floats between two tempered glasses giving it a pleasant appearance from whatever the angle you look from.
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Electric Motor for Paper Airplanes

42. Electric Motor for Paper Airplanes

Are you that badass boy that sends paper planes around the class every time? If yes, then with this electric motor for paper airplanes you can bring your paper planes into a whole new level. All you need to do is to fold an A4 paper, install the power module and fly it around the class like a Right brother gone mad!
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Customizable Light Up Mousepad

43. Customizable Light Up Mousepad

Why not own a mousepad which is just lit as your gaming skills? This Razer synapse enabled customizable light up mousepad is one of the best tech gifts under 50 you can find for gamers right now and with its 16.8 million customizable color options, an inter-device color synchronizing and non-slip rubber base why would a gamer not love it?
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Christmas Light USB iPhone Charger

44. Christmas Light USB iPhone Charger

Throw away your lazy looking iPhone charger and buy this Christmas light USB iPhone cable now! This is compatible with all iPhones, and it features 8 LED lights of different colors which glows when connected to a charging port. It is 46 inches in length and is durable, portable and most importantly is super easy to use.
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Colorful LED Light Up Shoes

45. Colorful LED Light Up Shoes – Really Cool Gadgets

Walk with passion with these colorful LED light up shoes! It has a total of 7 colors and is controlled by a switch where the color changes every time you press it. The LED light can be recharged, and with 2 hour charge, it can continuously glow for more than 9 hours.
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Keychain Breathalyzer

46. Keychain Breathalyzer

Cool tech gifts under $30 for your party friend who gets drunk easily are rare to find, and that’s why we did that hard part for you and handpicked this keychain breathalyzer just for you. All you need to do is breathe into the mouthpiece 15 seconds after taking your drink and then the result will appear on the display screen in less than 2 seconds.
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Multi Lines Extension Cord

47. Multi Lines Extension Cord – Tech Gifts under $30

This multi lines extension cord is a 12-foot long 3-outlet-in-line extension cord which will help you to organize all your electric devices at the office or home easily. It comes with sliding safety covers and is only about $30.
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Mini Quadcopter

48. Mini Quadcopter

Just imagine how much fun you could have with a drone that is even smaller than your palm! You can fly this mini Quadcopter forward, backward left, right and can even a 360 rotation. You can use it for up to 10 minutes with a 30-40 minute charging
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Bug-a-Salt Salt Shotgun

49. Bug-a-Salt Salt Shotgun

Start slaughtering the annoying flies with this Bug-a-salt shotgun! These really cool gadgets are initially designed to kill flies, and it can shoot effectively at a target from a distance of 3 feet. The gun can hold more than 50 shots at once and costs around $75.
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Lighter Blowtorch Attachment

50. Lighter Blowtorch Attachment – Best Tech Gifts under 50

This lighter blowtorch is a cool attachment for disposal lighters, and this can create a super powerful wind-resistant electronic ignition which can reach a temperature of up to 1300 C.
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Smart Food Scale Prep Pad

51. Smart Food Scale Prep Pad

Convert your boring kitchen into a smart kitchen with this smart food scale prep pad! With this smart scale, you can get an accurate breakdown of fat, calories, carbs, and proteins in your meal and furthermore you can access a food library of over 300,000 items.
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Sideways Macbook Charger Head

52. Sideways Macbook Charger Head

Make your MacBook charger even cooler with this sideways charger head! This block snaps into your MacBook charger enabling it to plug flat into the wall while the thin design with the cord directed downwards makes it more wire stress-free and safe to use.
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Earbud Holder

53. Earbud Holder

Listen to your favorite music comfortably either while working out at the gym, resting, jogging or while doing anything with this earbud holder! This must be worn around the neck, and it features a soft grip that won’t damage your earphone cables and also a length adjusting slider.
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Pivoting Power Strip

54. Pivoting Power Strip – Latest Gadgets in the Market

Create different shapes and have unlimited fun with this pivoting power strip! Unlike all the other plugs you can change the shape of it to fit tight spaces perfectly, and the 4-foot extension cord allows you to deliver power for hard to reach areas easily.
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Ninja Shuriken USB Drive

55. Ninja Shuriken USB Drive

These Ninja Shuriken USB drives are cool tech gadgets for anyone who hates the old lame flash drives. This can hold up to 8GB of music, pictures, videos, documents or any type of media and will definitely be a fine addition for your super Ninja gadget collection.
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Bedol Water Clock

56. Bedol Water Clock

You don’t need to worry about replacing batteries, connecting to plugs and long power cords with this Bedol water clock because all you need to do is to open the fill cap and fill water inside it. The clock can create its own clean power through water, and one refill can power up the clock for more than 3 months.
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Portable Handheld SNES Console

57. Portable Handheld SNES Console

No matter whether you’re looking for techie gifts for him or her because there’s literally no one in this world who will not love this portable handheld SNES console. You can play your favorite super Famicom or Nintendo cartridges either on the go, at home or anywhere you want!
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Solar Panel USB Charger

58. Solar Panel USB Charger

This solar panel USB charger will be a handy gadget to you if you’re a camper or a frequent traveler. With this, you can charge your devices on the go and even store the power for later use. It works well even in low sun conditions, and it features a USB output and a micro USB to charge your devices.
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59. Ozobot – Best Tech Gifts Under 100

This is the world’s best and yet the smallest programmable robot available for purchase. You can program it to perform hundreds of tasks including racing and even dancing! Your kid can have even more fun with the unlimited number of activities offered by the app!
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Chemically Illuminated Keychain

60. Chemically Illuminated Keychain

This chemically illuminated keychain is a glow in the dark keychain that glows twice brighter than others for a long period of time. So if you’re having issues with finding your keys in the dark, then this glow in the dark keychain will be really useful to you.
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Smartphone Breathalyzer

61. Smartphone Breathalyzer

Right after telling you about the keychain breathalyzer we thought of introducing you this smartphone breathalyzer too since this features more advanced technology than that. All you need to do is open the app, plug the device into your headphone jack and blow to the LED illuminated hole and the result will appear in your phone.
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iPhone Gaming Controller

62. iPhone Gaming Controller

Make your mobile gaming even more fun and easy with this iPhone, gaming controller! These are cool technology gifts for iPhone users, and it features an advanced battery facilitating for an uninterrupted gaming experience while the comfortable rubber grip supports for hours of gaming without making your hands feel tired.
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Thor’s Hammer USB Drive

63. Thor’s Hammer USB Drive

Since we brought you different kinds of USB drives including the Ninja star, we thought that we shouldn’t ditch the Marvel fans and that’s we picked this Thor’s hammer USB drive for you. You can store 8 GB of data in it, and the unique design and the lightweight makes it a great gadget for anyone.
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Portable Nightlight Balls

64. Portable Nightlight Balls – Gifts for Tech Geeks

Not all balls you have glows brightly like this! This portable nightlight ball features more than 4 calming colors, and you can either select your favorite color or keep them circulating. The balls glow for more than 30 minutes even after removing it from the base, and it is cool to touch!
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Color Changing Wireless Speaker

65. Color Changing Wireless Speaker

If you’re looking for some cool men’s gadgets and gear, there is nothing more valuable than a color changing wireless speaker you can buy. This is compatible with all android, phones, iPods, pads and almost all Bluetooth enabled devices, and you can choose between 16 million colors. It comes with a remote which can change both light and music.
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Battleship USB Hub

66. Battleship USB Hub

Are you that type of person with too many devices but with a few USB ports? Then try this battleship USB hub where its deck is loaded with 5 USB ports for all your devices. These are compatible with windows and mac, and the unique design will definitely add a unique beauty to your desk.
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Light Up Umbrella

67. Light Up Umbrella

If you’re searching for cool technology gifts for your girlfriend, then this light up an umbrella is the best gift you could find for her because with this she doesn’t have to hold a torch anymore when walking in a rainy night. The light strikes downwards of this lightweight umbrella giving a clear view of the path.
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Digital Measuring Cup

68. Digital Measuring Cup

Upgrade your old kitchen with this digital measuring cup which is a combination of a digital scale and measuring cup. The LCD screen built on the handle of this cup measures and automatically converts your ingredient from ounces to cups.
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Washable Keyboard

69. Washable Keyboard

One of the other cool gifts for tech geeks is this keyboard which can be washed with water. This Logitech waterproof keyboard offers you the ease to clean the keyboard effortlessly, and it requires no installation. Despite the comfortable and eye-catching design it also features 12 hot shortcut keys including instant access email.
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Water Resistant Power Strip

70. Water Resistant Power Strip

You don’t need to worry about your little kid using the power strip again because this one is water resistant and is also 100% child safe. The special material used in it minimizes the flow of electricity when interacted with water, and this is one of the best tech gifts under 50 you can buy for people who concern about safety.
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Indestructible iPhone Charging Cable

71. Indestructible iPhone Charging Cable

Trust me; this Anker charging cable will be the last cable you buy for your iPhone! This lasts for more than 30,000 bends and offers you a super high-speed charging. Despite the stunning look, it comes with a stylish pouch and a lifetime warranty.
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Pearl Powerbank with Mirror

72. Pearl Powerbank with Mirror

This pearl power bank is specially made for the beautiful girls out there, and besides the power bank that offers you super-fast charging, it also features two mirrors. The bright LED vanity ring around the mirror facilitates you to do your make up at night, and these cheap electronic gadgets are labeled around $30.
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Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

73. Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

Start personalized workouts little by little with this Fitbit Ionic smartwatch! It can store more than 300 songs, download playlists from Pandora and also access to your all favorite weather and sports apps. Furthermore, tracks distance, pace, routes and you can make all your payments on the go with its built-in NFC chip.
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Tile - Anything Finder

74. Tile – Anything Finder

Is your boyfriend or girlfriend super talented at losing their stuff? Then one of the best tech gifts under 100 you can buy for them is this anything finder. Hang this on your keychain, put it in your phone cover or in your backpack or simply keep it with anything that can lose easily. Download the Tile app, and you will know the rest.
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Blue Ella Planar Magnetic Headphones

75. Blue Ella Planar Magnetic Headphones

Listen to the best music with the best pair of headphones! This Blue Ella Planar magnetic headphone boosts the sound of your music with a built-in audiophile amplifier, advanced planar magnetic drivers, and high capacity cabinets. It features a unique multi-jointed headband fits into any head shape while also offering comfort and elegance.
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goTenna - Text & GPS on Your Phone, Without Service

76. goTenna – Text & GPS on Your Phone, Without Service

Hello explorers! You don’t need to suffer from ‘No Service’ syndrome while traveling in the woods anymore because this goTenna create its own signals for texting and GPS. With this minisatellite, all you need to do is to pair your android or ios device with it and enjoy your own signal. It is waterproof and has a battery life of more than 24-hours.
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USB Endoscope

77. USB Endoscope

Looking for the latest gadgets in the market that can take photos and videos at a super close range than any other camera cannot? This USB endoscope features unique blue LED technology and a super hi-vision 2MP CMOS camera that enables you to capture clear and high-quality pictures and videos at a close range.
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PopSockets - Collapsible Phone Grip

78. PopSockets – Collapsible Phone Grip

The PopSocket is a stylish gadget that makes holding your phone even easier and comfortable. Not just that, it also functions as a stand that facilitates you to watch videos anywhere you want. It collapses to fit your bag or pocket, and this awesome gadget is available in 11 colors.
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3d Pin Art Board

79. 3D Pin Art Board

These are what you call gifts for tech geeks who are also artists! With this 3D pin artboard, you can create any sculpture of any shape easily, and all you need to do is to press your hand, feet, face or any object into it, and the artboard will create a fantastic sculpture of that object.
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Digital Coin Counting Jar

80. Digital Coin Counting Jar

This digital coin counting jar falls under the cool tech gadgets under $20 category, and this will definitely motivate your kid to save money. The small LCD display on the lid displays the amount of money you have collected and helps you keep track of your savings.
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Headphone Splitter

81. Headphone Splitter

Listen to your favorite music with all your friends with a single device! This headphone splitter allows you to connect multiple headphones into one device. It features 5 AUX ports and is available in 6 stunning color schemes. So if you’re looking for some cool gadgets on Amazon under 10, then write this on the top of the list.
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Lightsaber Chopsticks

82. Lightsaber Chopsticks – Cool Technology Gifts

A Lightsaber is supposed to kill you. But did you ever think that a lightsaber could feed you? These lightsaber chopsticks are available in 12 eye-catching colors, and they are the coolest tech gadgets under $20 for Star Wars fans to have a super fun and a unique meal.
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Snake Head Watch

83. Snake Head Watch – Cheap Electronic Gadgets

Wanna wear a super stylish wristwatch? The LED light display of this snakehead digital watch displays both time and date and will be an elegant piece of accessory to any man’s wardrobe. This is not water resistant and is only a bit less than 15 bucks.
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Mophie Wireless Charger

84. Mophie Wireless Charger

Fed up with all those wires of your charger? Then try this Morphie wireless charger! This supports iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus and charges them 50% faster than other wireless chargers. The 3600 grip protects your iPhone from scratches and facilitates quick placing. This is only about $60 making it one of the best tech gifts under 100.
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Solar Powered Keyboard

85. Solar Powered Keyboard

The contribution from a good keyboard to anyone who uses a computer is priceless. So if you’re thinking about upgrading your old keyboard, then this solar-powered wireless keyboard is the best replacement you could find. The slim design adds style to your work while the unique keycaps offer comfortable and speed typing.
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Inkless Pen

86. Inkless Pen

Talking about cool tech gadgets and how could we miss this inkless pen? This is like a pencil, but the drawings cannot be erased or smudged and require no sharpening too! This is the most eco-green writing instrument available in the world, and you could literally even write with it even for more than 100 years without sharpening or refilling it!
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Remote Control Flying Shark

87. Remote Control Flying Shark

I’ve seen swimming sharks, dead sharks, and even white sharks, but have never seen a flying shark in my whole damn life! This remote controlled shark can swim, but not in water. It swims effortlessly in the air, and you can control it with the remote. It requires only 4AAA batteries and is one of the best tech gifts under 50 for your kid.
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Floating Waterproof Speaker

88. Floating Waterproof Speaker

As one of the latest gadgets in the market, this floating waterproof speaker is a really cool gadget for pool parties and also for campers and hikers too. Imagine spending your summer in a cold pool with this super loud speaker floating beside you! It is compatible with all Android, iPhone, iPod, and all other Bluetooth enabled devices.
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USB Voltage Current Multimeter

89. USB Voltage Current Multimeter

This USB voltage current multimeter is the best and the cheapest gadget available in the market that can check USB charging voltage and current instantly. Lightweight and the small design makes it extremely portable and requires no extra cables. This is only about $8 and is undoubtedly one of the coolest technology gadgets you can buy for DIY fans.
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Parrot Mini Drone

90. Parrot Mini Drone

This parrot mini-drone offers you unlimited fun that no other robot could offer you. Thanks to the shock-proof design, you can race, spin, jump, roll and explore without even a single bit of doubt, and the best thing is that this mini parrot drone always lands with its tires when performing a jump!
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Smart Rope

91. Smart Rope

Besides the stunning design, this smart rope can track your calories burned, jump count and also the workout history efficiently in real time. The smart gym app is available for all android and ios devices, and this is one of the coolest tech gadgets under $50 at Amazon.
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Misfit Flash

92. Misfit Flash – Gifts for Tech Geeks

Not just to watch time, this awesome device can also track calories, steps, distance, light and even heavy sleep. The smart button featured in it enables to control all your connected household devices, and this is water resistant up to 30m.
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Giroptic iO

93. Giroptic iO

This Giroptic iO is the easiest and the best way to convert your iPhone into a powerful 360-degree camera. This allows you to capture and share high-quality videos and photos from anywhere you want! It is compatible with almost all iOS devices and is one of the coolest tech gadgets for travelers.
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94. Lockbook

No matter whether you’re a kid protecting your diary from siblings or a North Korean who’s protecting missile launch codes from the Americans because this Lookbook provides the maximum protection for all your sensitive information. It is protected by fingerprint technology and is finished with superior quality leather.
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Beltronics GT7

95. Beltronics GT7

This Beltronics GT7 is eight times more sensitive than other imported radar detectors, and its super speed microprocessor delivers an alert in less than 500 milliseconds. TSR and AutoScan technology ignore all false alerts perfectly balancing sensitivity, and this lies on the top of the best men’s gadgets and gear list.
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SnapPower Guidelight

96. SnapPower Guidelight – Cool Tech Gadgets Under $20

Add a unique style to your house with these SnapPower Guidelights! The fool-proof setup makes it super easy for anyone to install it and this is 100% child safe. Furthermore, it is also energy efficient and is the best replacement for nightlights.
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Huawei Watch Elegant

97. Huawei Watch Elegant

Huawei is a titan in the industry of creating cool technology gadgets, and this smartwatch is another innovative creation by them. This is the first smartwatch that is powered by Android wear that works with iPhones and works with all android and ios supported devices. Get notifications, texts, and alerts and even make phone calls with the built-in microphone and speaker!
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Vuzix iWear

98. Vuzix iWear

This insanely awesome gadget allows you to watch videos, play games and even watch movies with maximum comfort and ease. The battery of this wearable headphone supports more than 3 hours of videos and over 9 hours of audio. It is compatible with all latest 2D, and 3D devices, phones, tablets, PCs and is one of the most cool technology gifts for gamers.
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Starting from the best tech gifts under $30 we handpicked you the best tech gadgets and gear that anyone of any age can buy.

All these products we mentioned above bears the best customer reviews in the category, and all these will aid your day to day activities in more useful and distinctive ways.

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