A vacuum cleaner is a must-have equipment to have in your house if you’re concerned about the cleanliness.

People want vacuum cleaners for different purposes.

So understanding those desires and needs, we came up with a neat list of vacuum cleaners starting from the best vacuum under 50 to over 800 bucks.

Also, we can assure you the quality and the durability of these vacuum cleaners because these are the best-rated vacuums available.

Starting from the best vacuum for tile floors we brought a variety of mind-blowing vacuums which will definitely amaze you.

What type of Vacuum Do You Need?

No matter if your floor is tiled or carpeted and no matter, if you are looking for a cheap or an expensive vacuum cleaner, your house, will still need a good vacuum.

So there are few things you should consider when purchasing a vacuum for your home.

First of all, decide whether to buy an upright vacuum or a cylinder vacuum cleaner.

Upright vacuums suits for homes or buildings with larger floor areas with less hard to reach spots and is also the best vacuum for fleas.

And the cylinder vacuums are useful for homes with stairs and hard to reach areas.

Then you’ll have to decide whether to buy a coded vacuum or a cordless vacuum.

After considering the factors mentioned above, choose the best vacuum from this list for your house and keep reading to find the best vacuum for shag carpet.

Samsung POWERbot vacuum- Best robot vacuum

Samsung POWERbot R9350 Turbo Robot Vacuum

So the first one we’re bringing to you is the best vacuum for tile floors in 2018.

This vacuum cleaner can be named as the world’s most powerful sucker boy because it has 70x more suction power than other vacuum cleaners in which it will deliver clean results for you.

The full view sensors and visionary mapping avoid obstacles.

What would you first expect when it says “Robot vacuum”?

Voice control right?

So granting your wish, this Samsung POWERbot vacuum cleaner provides you with the facility of voice controlling and also remote controlling.

The best thing is that you can remotely choose which area you want to clean through your Smartphone.

Furthermore, this insanely awesome vacuum is exclusively designed to pick up pet hair and with all these fantastic features, why would someone not call it the best tile vacuum you can buy for a clean house! Buy this robot vacuum on Amazon.


Easy to use

Voice control

Avoids barriers



Unavailability of an app

No scheduling

iRobot Roomba 650 Vacuum- 2nd best robot vacuum

iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum

You can always keep your floor and carpets free from dirt with this cute little thing.

iAdapt navigation uses a full set of sensors to adapt your changing home, and the 3-stage cleaning process uses dual multi-surface brushes, a sweeping edge brush, and vacuum suction to attack everything on the floor.

Also, this iRobot Roomba 650 vacuum can be named as the only robot vacuum which has two main cleaning brushes, and it makes this the best tile vacuum for the household.

The dirt detect sensors of this smart vacuum cleaner can identify concentrated areas of dirt and provide extra cleaning to those areas.

The 27-degree design of the sweeping edge brush can sweep away the dust hiding along walls.

Additionally, you can set your schedule to clean the house, and iRobot Roomba 650 vacuum can be scheduled to clean up to seven times a week or just hit the clean button to start cleaning.

After doing all these work for you, Roomba will go back to its home and charge itself, and this is undoubtedly the best vacuum for tile floors in 2018. Buy iRobot Roomba on Amazon


High suction power


One touch start


Round shape makes it hard to remove all the dirt from it

Takes a long time to charge fully


Bissell canister vacuum- Best vacuum for carpets

Bissell Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum

This Bissell canister vacuum cleaner is easy to carry because of its lightweight and provides you ease to work on stairs and other hard-to-reach areas too.

And along with that, the carry handle of this vacuum cleaner makes it even more comfortable to carry.

This is absolutely one of the best vacuum for shag carpets because the multi-surface cleaning option allows you to clean any surface starting from carpets to hard floors.

Also, the telescoping wand helps you for effortless cleaning to polish under and around furniture and also places which are hard to reach.

After you finish working, the vacuum cleaner will automatically rewind with just a push of a button.

Bissell canister vacuum cleaner includes a telescope wand, variable suction control, automatic cord rewind and a full bag indicator.

This is also one of the best vacuum under 50 in the list and is worth a try. So wait no more! Click the link and grab one of this Bissell canister vacuum for your house too! Buy Bissel Zing Vacuum From Amazon.



Strong suction power

Cord rewind function


Unavailability of a motorized brush

Short telescopic wand


Miele complete C2 limited edition vacuum cleaner- 2nd best vacuum for carpets

Miele Complete C2 Limited Edition

What do you expect from a limited edition?

Definitely a fiery price tag!

As just as you thought, the price is relatively higher when compared with other vacuum cleaners.

But this worth the money you invest in it with all the unique features it offers to you.

First of all, I’d like to tell you that this is the best vacuum for fleas if you have any flea-issues going on in your house.

This vacuum cleaner features a turbo comfort-tooth brush which contains an air-driven rotating roller brush that works to loosen dust on the floor.

The rug and floor combination nozzle will provide 1800 rotation for better cleaning of smooth surfaces.

Also, the cleaning radius of the telescopic stainless steel wand is up to 33 feet.

Furthermore, this Miele complete C2 limited edition vacuum cleaner is equipped with a six-speed suction control which is controlled via a rotary dial.

Just as it is for fleas, this is also the best vacuum for long hair, and this is the ideal vacuum cleaner for an office. Buy this Vacuum Cleaner from Amazon.




Indicates when the bag is full


Scratches easily

Pricy bags

Short power cord

Miele dynamic U1- Best vacuum for pet hair

Miele dynamic U1

This is an excellent piece of equipment for a house with pets because this upright vacuum is specially designed to clean pet hair.

SwivelNeck technology with 1,200 Watts of suction power and the AirClean sealed system comprised of an air clean filter and the AirClean bag can capture and hold up to 99.9% of dust and dirt on your floor.

The automatic height adjustment aids you to move the vacuum through different surfaces and carpet depths.

Not just for pet hair, this is also the best vacuum for tile floors, and furthermore, this Miele dynamic U1 vacuum cleaner features a 39-foot long cord for a better and comfortable cleaning experience.

Not to forget the four power settings which can be adjusted through a rotary dial and also the Flat to the floor design which enables you to clean under furniture without moving or lifting them.

This Miele dynamic U1vacuum is the best vacuum for long hair, short hair, pet hair and any kind of dirt. Buy this Vacuum Cleaner on Amazon.


Perfect for cleaning pet hair

12” hose and 42” cord provides 54ft cleaning range

Airclean system cleans 99.9% of dirt and allergens



Handle can’t be adjusted

Kenmore elite crossover- 2nd best vacuum for pet hair

Kenmore Elite 21814 Pet Friendly CrossOver Canister Vacuum

The Kenmore elite pet-friendly crossover can be named as the second best vacuum for pet hair.

This vacuum cleaner can provide you 20% more air power than a typical vacuum cleaner because of the powerful inducer motor included in its 2-motor system.

The bare floor brush makes it simple to switch different floor surfaces.

Also, it contains some handy and useful cleaning tools such as the motorized pet PowerMate pet tool.

And furthermore, it includes a telescope swivel steering to suck spider webs and dust out of the sealing and other hard to reach areas, convenient swivel steering, with handle setting adjustments and automatic cord rewind.

The Kenmore Elite pet-friendly crossover canister vacuum also includes unique features such as the electronic performance indicators and dirt sensors which light up when the bag has reached its maximum capacity.

Though this is not the best vacuums under 200, it is still the best vacuum you can buy if you have about 300 bucks on hand. Buy on Amazon.


Powerful suction

Detachable nozzle to clean hard to reach places



Bissell CleanView bagless upright vacuum – best vacuum for tile floors

Bissell CleanView bagless upright vacuum- Best vacuum for tiles

On the way to reaching the end of this list, we brought you another cool vacuum cleaner by Bissell.

The OnePass technology used in this vacuum cleaner provides constant and powerful suction with a modern brush design for a better cleaning process.

Maintaining this Bissell CleanView bagless upright vacuum is simple with the easy-empty bottom dirt tank and the washable foam tank filter.

Also, this is easy to move because of its lightweight, and that is why we call it the best vacuum under 100.

This upright vacuum cleaner is ideal to clean tiles as well as carpet, stairs, countertops and also hard floors.

The multi-level filtration system in this vacuum cleaner lends a hand to lower household allergens. Buy this upright vacuum on Amazon.


Great suction

Easy to carry



Breaks easily

Shark Navigator cordless stick vacuum- 2nd best vacuum for tiles

Shark Navigator cordless stick vacuum- 2nd best vacuum for tiles

Shark navigator freestyle cordless stick vacuum cleaner is the best-rated vacuum on Amazon which is available for less than 100 bucks.

So if you are looking for cheap but yet a good vacuum cleaner, then this shark navigator vacuum is the best match for you.

And another reason why we call this as the best vacuum under 100 is the unique features it offers you.

One of such a feature is that this is a cordless rechargeable vacuum cleaner.

This is comfortable carry and handle because of its lightweight and the advanced swivel steering.

The 2-speed brush roll is ideal to clean all types of surfaces, and a 10.5V battery is included in it to power this sucker up.

And another reason to mention this as the second best vacuum for tile floors is the extra large capacity and the easy-to-empty dust cup which makes this shark Navigator cordless stick vacuum even a better one. Buy this cordless Vacuum on Amazon.


Swivel steering which makes it easy to handle

Charges in a short time

Replaceable battery



Short run time

Final Thoughts

Starting from the best vacuum under 100, we brought you a variety of vacuum cleaners to choose for your house.

And also we gave a clear demonstration of how to select the best vacuum cleaners.

All the products mentioned here including the best vacuums under 200 lies at the peak when it comes to ratings and customer reviews.

Hope you enjoyed the list and read the awesome things to buy list to find many more cool products like this!