Do your cakes and pizzas look like an ugly owl?

Do people call you a bad baker?

Well then, we are pretty much sure that you are a great baker, but it’s just your oven that ruins your reputation.

Using your grandmother’s old oven from the 90s won’t work anymore because there are many new kinds of ovens in the market right now with tons of new features.

So the Quininventions crew made you an awesome list of the world’s best ovens including the best toaster ovens under $100 you can buy to make your baking and making more easy and tasty.

So why not take a look at this awesome list!

What to consider before buying the Best Oven?

Before starting the guide, let me point you out few facts that you need to consider before shopping for athe best oven.

Among those few things, the first one is whether to choose a gas or electric oven or one with both. This depends on the cost and the availability of gas in your area.

The next thing is the size, safety and accessibility. Consider the size of your house and also the safety and the accessibility if you have kids at home.

Few other things are the availability of parts, service, ease to clean heating settings, attractive finish and other features including timers and clocks.

best gas ovens

1. Samsung NX58H9500WS

best gas ovens - Samsung NX58H9500WS

Yeah, that’s a bit of a hard name to pronounce. But trust me, this is a lot easier when it comes to baking and even cooking.

As the best gas oven in the list, this oven features 5 gas burners in which the left front and rear burners are 15K BTU and 9.5K BTU, right front and rear Dual 18K BTU and 5K BTU and the centre 9.5K BTU respectively.

It also features guiding light controls and temperature probes too.

And how could we probably have trust issues about the durability and the reliability while talking about a product from the titan from the industry?

This also includes child safety lock and is super easy to clean with less effort. View on Amazon


5 gas burners


5.8 cu. Ft capacity


Simmer burner might fail to light sometimes

2. Thor kitchen 4 burner dual fuel range oven

Thor kitchen 4 burner dual fuel range oven

With this new Thor kitchen 4 burner dual fuel range oven, now you can cook and bake your food like Gordon Ramsay.

This oven carries a whole lot of new features ready to offer you an awesome cooking experience and also not to forget that this is relatively expensive than most of the ovens we mentioned in the list.

This oven altogether includes 4 burners in which two of them are 12,000 BTU, and the rest of the two are 15,000 BTU and 18,000 BTU respectively.

The power source of this is dual fuel, and the ignition mode is electronic ignition.

Furthermore, the oven capacity is 4.2 cu.ft, and the electric heating element of the top oven is 1×850 W while the base oven is 3,000 W.

the oven door is a triple-glazed removable door and this Thor kitchen 4 burner dual fuel oven is 39 inches in height and 30 indches in length. View on Amazon


4 burners

4.2 cu. Ft capacity



Relatively expensive

Since it is made in China, it would not satisfy some customers

Best Electric Ovens

1. GE JB86OSJSS 30” oven

Best Electric Ovens - GE JB86OSJSS

This GE JB86OSJSS 30” oven is much dedicated to the people who prefer fast cooking and baking.

This 30-inch oven is made from stainless steel and has 6.6 cubic feet capacity which is 4.4 in the lower cavity and 2.2 in the upper cavity.

Furthermore, the lower oven of this GE model oven is 17-an-a half inches in height which makes it a bit smaller than other ordinary ovens. So if you are more into preparing food like big birds, the size of the lower oven might be an issue.

The cost is relatively affordable and HEY! Why don’t you add it to your cart before the stock runs out? View on Amazon

Keep on reading to find out the best wood for pizza oven!


30 inches

6.6 cu. Ft capacity

Made form stainless steel


Small Lower Oven

2. LG stainless steel electric oven

LG stainless steel electric oven

Moving on to another cool electric oven, this LG stainless steel electric oven is as cool as the DashGo rapid egg cooker which helps you to cook various stuff more quickly and easily.

OH! Haven’t you seen the DashGo rapid egg cooker yet? Well, then take a look at it in our coolest things to buy list!

Talking about the specifications of this oven, you already know that this is electric and made of stainless steel. Besides them, few other things to mention are that it is a 6.3 Cu. Ft. capacity convection self-clean oven and that its convection bakes your food even without turning the pan.

Also not to forget that the dual element of this oven has two rings which either can be used together or independently.

It pulls a power of 3,200 watts which will cook your stuff faster than you could imagine.

Furthermore, out of the five rings, one of them acts as a pot warmer which keeps the cooked food ready to serve. View on Amazon


6.3 Cu. Ft capacity


Cooks and bakes faster


Only comes in stainless steel

best toaster oven under $100 –


best toaster oven under $100 -  Oster TSSTTVMNDG

What we are introducing to you now is the smallest and the cheapest oven in the guide.

This Oster TSSTTVMNDG black stainless steel oven can be named as the best toaster oven under $100 you can buy right now.

The convection technology used in this toaster oven ensures you fast and easy cooking and the extra large interior provides more than enough space for your ham, whole chicken or the casseroles.

The digital controls and the interior lights support easy viewing and controlling while the polished stainless steel finish gives a modern and an attractive appearance to this toaster oven. View on Amazon

Already own one of these Oster TSSTTVMNDG black stainless steel toaster ovens? Tell us what you feel about it in the comment section below!


Cooks and bakes in a small time

Extra-large interior

Defrost setting


No alert

Unavailability of a auto-eject rack

Best induction Oven –

 Kenmore Elite 95073

 Kenmore Elite 95073 - Best induction Oven

It is important to mention that this Kenmore Elite 95073 is one of the best from the induction range ovens and is indeed a beauty.

With this little bastard, you will feel like cooking at Tony Stark’s house!

Unlike the other ovens mentioned in the list, this one carries way more tons of new and exciting features.

This awesome oven has the technology and power to cook and bake your food super fast. The 6.1 cubic capacity has true convection offering quick and easy cooking.

The oven is 30 inches tall and 30 inches wide and not to forget that the ceramic glass cooktop provides ease for you to clean it in a small time.

It is not a lie that Kenmore is a giant in the electronics industry. So the durability and the quality is nothing for you to worry about. View on Amazon

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6.1 cu. Ft capacity

Ceramic glass cook-top for easy cleaning



No double oven

Relatively expensive

Fun Fact

Best wood for pizza oven

So as a bit awaited topic, what we are bringing to you now is the best wood for pizza oven.

Before moving on to what the best wood is, let me tell you what should not be used as firewood to bake your pizza.

Keep in mind that you should never use pressure treated woods or laminated woods like plywood or anything painted or chemically treated.

And forgetting wood for a bit, NEVER try to burn charcoal because when burning charcoal it produces more carbon monoxide than firewood.

So let me break the ice and show you the best firewood you can use for a pizza oven.

You can use hardwoods such as maple, oak, ash, beech and birch and the best of them is oak and maple.

Besides them, you can also use apple, cherry, almond, pear and hickory based on their availability in your area.

Kenmore 94179 black electric oven

Kenmore 94179 black electric oven

Guess who’s back, back again, Kenmore’s back, tell a friend!

So as the final product in the list we brought you the Kenmore 94179 black electric oven.

With this 5.3 cubic foot oven, you can roast a turkey or literally anything you want and the 4 burner cook-top which features a 6”-9” element that provides you the ease to cook anything.

The ceramic finish in the cook-top is super easy to clean and is scratch resistant and not to forget about the beautiful finishing and the durability of it.

Furthermore, despite the eased to wipe off the splatters and spills from the cook-top and the oven rack, you can also put them in the dishwasher for more quality cleaning.

You can select a 4 hour or 3-hour self-cleaning cycle as desired to burn away and clean the leftovers in the oven and that is why we call this a Self-cleaning oven.

The warm and hold oven functions will help you to keep your foods warm until served and additionally this Kenmore 94179 black electric oven also features an extra storage drawer too. View on Amazon


Toasts quickly

More than 5 toast settings

User-friendly electronic controls


The oven gets very hot

Customer service is not helpful

Final Thoughts

Reaching the end of the guide and through this, we brought you a whole is of best electric ovens, best gas ovens and also explained what the best firewood for ovens are.

All the products mentioned above carry entirely different features from one another and every one of them worth the money you invest in them.

And don’t forget that the comment section is always waving at you for your doubts, complaints and tell us what’s your best oven is. So don’t forget to leave us a note.

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