Hello there! We’re back with another Quininventional list of cool gadgets for you.

Today we are going to show you some of the worlds’ best survival gadgets.

Surviving is what we do every day throughout our lives, and different living beings find out different ways to survive threats and dangers.

But you don’t need to spend your precious time searching for such ways because today we brought you some of the best survival multi-tools, boots and much more which anyone can use in any situation.

Things to consider before buying survival gadgets

There are few things that you should consider before buying any survival gadget or equipment.

The first thing you need to consider is whether the respective equipment suits well for your needs and is worth the amount you pay.

The second fact is that you must ensure that the quality and the durability of the chosen product are at its finest.

And finally, things like the portability, size and the ease to use must be taken into consideration.

Best survival gadgets for adventure

 1. Lifestraw water dispenser

 Lifestraw water dispenser - Best survival gadgets for adventure

This is a huge shout out for the campers, adventurers and travel enthusiasts out there because the first product on this list is for them.

What did you do all this time when the water in your bottles run out?

Drink those contaminated water from lakes or rivers?

Well, if you did, then you don’t need to do that anymore because Lifestraw water dispenser will purify the contaminated water for you.

This lifestraw water dispenser can filter out waterborne protozoa, bacteria, chemicals and all other harmful viruses providing you pure and fresh water.

The lightweight and the pen-like design in this water dispenser make it easy for you to hang this around your neck while travelling, hiking, hunting or even fishing.

The flow rate of water will slow down and will eventually stop pulling water once the Lifestraw has reached the end of its life.

Cleaning regularly after use can increase the lifespan and even if you don’t, the lifestraw can filter more than 1000 litres of water during its life. View on Amazon

Keep on reading to find the best survival tents for your next camping session.


Can filter more than 1,000 litres

Destroys all contaminations and provide clean water




Cannot Transport Water

If you are single and still looking for someone to warm you up during your adventures, then this Swedish army firesteel is the perfect match for you.

No matter whether you are cold, wet, hungry or low on energy, the Swedish army firesteel will come for rescue.

This awesome gadget was initially designed for the Swedish Department of Defense which later ended up in your hands as a result of the ease to make a fire under any condition.

And also, not to forget that despite the magnificent look, the new version of this Swedish army firesteel has some more awesome features included such as the flexible cord, an improved striker with an emergency whistle and an ergonomic handle.

The foolproof mechanism makes it easy for anyone to use it. Furthermore, the 3000°C spark makes it even easier to build a fire.

Also, this groovy piece of equipment can be used up to 12,000 strikes corroborating its durability.

This will never run out of gas or get wet and will light a fire every time without any doubt.

Since then, this Swedish army Firesteel is the favorite survival equipment of most of the campers, travellers, hunters and is also of most of the armies from around the world.

Add this cool gadget to your survival kit along with the best survival machete we’re about to show you. View on Amazon


Works up to 12,000 strikes

Produces a 3000°C spark



Needs tinder to make fire

Scarper is removable

Best survival tent

1. Winterial single person tent

Best survival tent - Winterial single person tent

Imagine you sleeping in the woods inside a tent alone without even a single bit of light. Isn’t it a nightmare?

It won’t be a nightmare anymore with this Winterial single person tent because it will provide you extra protection and satisfactions which not even your government could offer you.

Furthermore, with the rain fly attached, this tent is also great for rainy and windy nights too.

Three bundles of strong cords and 14 heavy duty stakes are also included in the set which will provide more than enough strength to hold the tent.

And another advantage of buying this tent is that it weighs only 3 pounds which is super easy to carry in a backpack. View on Amazon


Super easy to set up


Has ventilation and wind-resistance


Not suitable for people over 6 feet

Small room

2. Coleman 8-person tent

Coleman 8-person tent

This is the most ideal and the best survival tent for you if you are mostly travelling with your friends or family.

Coleman tent can hold up to 8 people at once and measures 10 feet. The super easy setup takes less than 10 minutes to pitch the tent.

The needle holes are inside the tent which increases the weather resistance, and the wind-responsive frame stands stronger in any wind condition while the waterproof floors keep you out from dirt and flooding.

To add more, the tent also includes removable privacy walls which allow you to create up to three detached rooms inside the same tent. View on Amazon


Enough room for 8 people

Made of durable and premium quality materials




Heat might get trapped inside

best survival Multi-Tool

Victorinox Swiss Army Swisschamp

best survival Multi-Tool - Victorinox Swiss Army Swisschamp

If you are an adventurer or a traveller, a survival multi-tool is one of the essential gadgets you must have with you before heading out into the woods.

So out of millions of different kind of survival multi-tools, Victorinox Swiss Army Swisschamp is one of the best survival multi-tools available in the market right now. Not for your camping adventures, the Victorinox Swiss Army Swisschamp will be your best pal even for your small home projects.

It is only 3½ inches long which make it super easy to keep in your pocket.

But this little monster cannot be judged by its size because it includes 33 functions starting from a toothpick to a large blade. Check those 33 awesome features for yourself by clicking the below link. View on Amazon



Includes more than 30 functions

Easy to use


Too many attachments might be harder to use

Best survival machete

CRKT Onion Halfchance Parang Machete

Best survival machete - CRKT Onion Halfchance Parang Machete

A machete is really important for any traveller, camper and especially for any survivalist who spends days and weeks inside the woods alone.

No matter if you are looking for a machete to chop woods or to cut branches, still you will need the best survival machete of the premium quality.

This CRKT Onion Halfchance Parang Machete is the best one we could find so far, and it does carry a lot of useful features within it.

This perfectly thick carbon steel blade encloses a black powder coat which is durable even in extreme environmental conditions.

The double injection moulded handle is designed to reduce the hand fatigue that could occur and also includes multiple lanyard holes for better grip.

Furthermore, this machete features a reinforced nylon sheath with a Velcro belt loop structure which can be adjusted to two positions. And not to forget that the magnificent design of this machete makes it even more attractive to anyone who sees it. View on Amazon

Already own this CRKT Onion Halfchance Parang Machete? Tell us your experiences about it in the comment section below.


Great look

Sharp blade

Easy to use


Might be hard to hold for small handed people

Best survival knife

Ka-Bar Becker BK2 blade knife

Best survival knife - Ka Bar Becker BK2 blade knife

This is just as awesome as the CRKT Onion Halfchance Parang Machete we mentioned before which is mainly because of the great design and the unique features it provides and that is why we call it the best survival knife for the money.

Besides the drop point blade, this survival knife also features a long-lasting structure with a 5.25-inch blade made from high carbon, 1095 Cro-van, non-stainless steel tool with a RH (Rockwell Hardness) of 56 to 58 and a deep saber grind that allows it to be honed to a fine edge.

Furthermore, it features an ergonomic handle design finished from Ultamid which reduces hand fatigue.

And another reason why we call this the best survival knife for money is its attractive price tag which you can get to know by clicking the link below. Check price on Amazon


Affordable price


Magnificent look



Some might want it heavier

Best survival boot

Salomon quest 4D 2 GTX hiking boot

Best survival boot - Salomon quest 4D 2 GTX hiking boot

If you are an adventurer, hiker or a camper, then a pair of survival boots are handy for a comfortable journey.

So the Quint Inventions team brought you the best survival boot you can buy for an affordable price for your next trip.

The main reason why most of the people like this boot is the attractive and fresh design, the grip and the laces that stay tied better which comes along with comfort and lightweight.

This Salamon quest 4D 2 GTX hiking boot also includes a mudguard, protective heel cap, protective rubber toe cap and even a gusseted tongue.

Furthermore, this pair of boots is made of premium quality leather with a touch of sporty design and comfort. It is available in 7 unique colours which are iguana green, fossil, Detroit, bistro green maize, tonic green and grey and is undoubtedly one of the best survival boot that could be found in the market. View on Amazon




Beautiful design


Not for people with wide feet

Laces get untied after walking a few miles

Final Thoughts

So you have reached the end of the list, and we brought you a massive list of survival gadgets starting from the best survival tent to survival knives.

So if you are a survivalist looking for the best survival gadgets to fill your backpack for the next adventure, then we hope that you found all the necessary gadgets by reading this article.

Try our cool camping stuff article for more of these kinds of survival gadgets and don’t forget that the comment section is always lighted up for your feedback.

Happy shopping!