Best Pitbull Toys: 8 Best Toys For Pit Bulls That They’re Going To Love

by Jan 1, 2019

Best Pitbull Toys 2018: 8 Best Toys for Pit Bulls [Review] Dogs are man’s best friend, having a Pit-bull or any pet you love will make your stress go away especially when you are playing with them.

Pit bulls especially love it when we play with them, and you can even make them your jogging partner because which dog doesn’t love a good walk in the park.

Dogs will do anything for us, except maybe mowing the lawn, so to thank them you should get them the best dog toys for Pit bulls.

What to Consider Before Buying the Best Pitbull Toys?

Before continuing with the list, you should consider these things before buying your Pit-bull a new toy to make sure he loves.

So when choosing a toy for your Pit-bull, try to buy something which is durable as in a chew resistant toy because Pit bulls are know to destroy anything.

Also, consider the size of the toy because if it is too small, your dog might swallow it and start choking which isn’t good.

Also, the material is a major factor because you wouldn’t want your dog to get hurt while playing so make sure the toy doesn’t have any sharp edges.

Best Chew Toys for Pitbulls


Hard Plastic











1. Indestructible 10 Large Dog UnbreakoBall

Indestructible 10 Large Dog UnbreakoBall

No matter what type of dog you own or how big the dog is, they will love this toy because every dog loves balls.

This toy is a two in one because your dog can play fetch or just chew the ball if it’s feeling too lazy to play fetch.

The ball is about the same size as a basketball. So you may think it’s hard for your dog to lift it with his mouth, but there is no need to worry as the ball has small holes all over it so that it’s easier for them to carry it around.

The ball even floats on water so you can play fetch in the pool with your dog.

No matter what toy you get your Pit-bull, chewing toys will definitely light up their eyes like a Christmas tree so we will take a look at another best chew toys for pit bulls below on the list.

Virtually Indestructible

The One and Only Virtually Indestructible Dog Ball. If your dog breaks it, you can get a replacement


This Unbreakoball is made of non-toxic high density plastic

For Big Dogs

The 10 inch Big Daddy Unbreakoball is recommended for dogs over 70 pounds


Dishwasher safe




Ball is Too Hard

2. Dura Chew Cheesesteak

Dura Chew Cheesesteak

What is the second best thing a dog loves that is not in a shape of a ball?

That is right, a Bone!

Dogs love bones, and of course, a big dog such as a Pit-bull loves bones. They would keep on chewing it even if the bone belonged to a dinosaur.

So you are probably wondering what is so special about this bone, let me tell you that this bone is not just an ordinary chewing toy it is a cheese flavoured chew toy that will satisfy your dog’s taste buds and it will last longer.

Also, the flavour has zero calories, so no need to worry about your dog getting fat.

These two toys indeed sound like the best chew toys for pit bulls.

For Powerful Chewers

Dura Chew toys are made to be long lasting for powerful chewers

Flavored Toys

Indulgent flavors with zero calories

Trains Your Dog

Engages & Entertains while Discourages Destructive Chewing


Entertaining and engaging for your dog

Long lasting



Might be too small for some dogs

3. MultiPet Duckworth Duck

MultiPet Duckworth Duck

Have you played the game, Duck Hunt?

Well basically, in that game you shoot ducks out of the sky, and then your trusty dog catches the falling duck.

And now you can recreate that game in real life minus that gun and the real duck.

Your dog will love this duck because it makes squeaking sounds when its body is pressed. So once your dog bites it, the squeaking noise will activate, and your dog will be surprised like Scooby Doo when he sees a ghost.

Another great thing about this toy is the fact that it is quite big for a squeaking toy. You might wonder that maybe it is not suitable for a Pitbull because Pitbulls are quite big too and they might tear it easily.

But that is not true because this squeaking duck is pretty durable compared to other squeaking toys which tear as soon as the dog puts it in his mouth.

Even if your pit bull doesn’t play with this, he might use it as a snuggle toy while sleeping. So this is definitely one of the best Pitbull toys.

Has a Squeaker

The large plush toy has a squeaker so you can tell your pup pal when he’s playing too rough

For Any Dog

Large dog toy perfect for pets of any size

Perfect Companion

Super-soft for cuddling up next to during time-outs or night-nights



Durable compared to other squeaking toys

Pretty big for a squeaking toy


Needs batteries

Might get wet and sticky due to dog’s saliva

4. Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

The fourth toy in the list combines two things dogs love, toys and treats!

All you have to do is take this toy and put a dog treat in it so that your dog will get it out while playing with the toy.

This is a great way to make even the laziest dog go out and play.

Now you don’t have to keep giving them treats; they can just get it out while playing with the toy.

Also, this toy will turn your dog into a genius, and he might start talking and even help you out with your math problems. Ok, maybe not that smart.

Comes with Free Biscuits

Includes four (4) Small Milk-Bone biscuits, made in Buffalo, NY

Works with Small Milk-Bone Biscuits

Specifically designed to work with Small Milk-Bone biscuits

Dogs Love It

The toy engages your dog’s natural sense of play as it rolls & bounds across the floor


Includes 4 small biscuits




Need to buy biscuits designed explicitly for the toy

Quite small

Best Fetch Toys for Pitbulls






1.5″ (Balls)

Travel Distance

10-20 ft






2.6″ (Balls)

Travel Distance

50 ft







Travel Distance

How far can you throw?

1. Automatic Ball Launcher

Automatic Ball Launcher

No matter how much you love your dog, there are days where you are just too tired to play with your dog. So you decide just to throw a ball randomly, but the doggy might not play because your lazy throws are weak.

Now you don’t need to worry about that with this toy.

Yes, I said “toys” because it has so many features and ways it can be used.

So this toy is an automatic ball launcher which launches the ball so that your dog can play fetch while you do your work.

The way it works is; it launches the ball, and then, your Pit-bull brings the ball and drops it into the hole and then it launches again and so on.

This toy can be used indoors or outdoors and can also be mounted to the wall.

It also has a light-up feature which shows the distance of the throw which is labelled as long, medium and close.

So if you are too busy and your dog wants to play then just plug this bad boy and bam! Your dog is happy.

Fully Automated

The Playball Automatic Ball Launcher allows your dog to fetch the ball, bring it back, and drop it in the hole at the top where it gets ready for auto-launch in a few seconds

Can Be Used Indoors

This product can be used indoors or outdoors and will provide yourself and your pet loads of fun!

3 Different Launching Distances

You can easily select between three different launching distances depending on the space you have available


Can be used indoors and outdoors

Comes with 3 extra balls

Balls are saliva resistant


Needs batteries

Balls are too light so it might not go that far outdoors

2. Tennis Ball Blaster

Tennis Ball Blaster

So now we are at the bottom of the list, and you might be thinking the last toy was pretty good, and the next toy won’t beat it, well you couldn’t be far from the truth.

The deeper you go through the list, the better the list becomes.

nonetheless, let’s get to the next toy which is the tennis ball blaster.

What’s better than playing fetch with your dog?

Playing fetch with a nerf gun!

That’s right; this toy mixes the fun of playing fetch with nerf guns, and it’s one of the best Pitbull toys there.

It might get a bit boring for you while playing fetch, but you will never get bored with this toy. Your dog will be super happy because this thing packs a punch as it will blast the ball 50 feet into the air.

But not to worry because you can adjust the power of the shots so you can adapt to the different environments such as indoors or outdoors.

And don’t worry if you accidentally shoot the ball to space because any tennis ball can be used with this blaster.

This toy is great if you aren’t that much of a thrower or if you have a dislocated shoulder, but still want to play with your dog.

You don’t need to bend over to get the ball, all you need to do is just hold the barrel over the ball and then it will suck it up like a vacuum cleaner, so this toy is definitely the one for you and your Trusty dog.

Nerf-Powered Blast!

This high-powered blaster launches your dog’s favorite fetching tennis ball up to 50ft in the air!

Say Good-Bye To Slobbery Tennis Balls!

When your dog brings the ball back, stay in the game by placing the barrel on the tennis ball and pick it up ‘hands-free’

Easy to Use

Just pull back on the handle, load ball, and shoot!


Can be used indoors and outdoors

Comes with 3 extra balls

Any tennis ball can be used


Needs batteries

Balls are too light so it might not go that far outdoors

3. Indestructible Dog Frisbee

Indestructible Dog Frisbee

This next toy is kind of a two in one, a Frisbee and a chewing toy.

Dogs love catching things with their mouth no matter what it is, so make sure you are using the correct Frisbee.

This is virtually indestructible, but it does not hurt your dog’s mouth, unlike some other plastic ones.

It also flies pretty well for a rubber Frisbee.

Virtually Indestructible

Toughest, highest-grade natural rubber and solid, shock absorbing design; puncture resistant and virtually indestructible

New, Larger Size

9 inches in diameter (30% larger than before); the new, larger size “Indestructible Dog Frisbee” flies farther and lasts longer than ever before

Made of Durable Natural Rubber

Made 100% of natural, high-grade, industrial strength natural rubber, one of the toughest & and safest materials for any dog toy

100% Safe & Non-toxic

You can be 100% reassured that your dog isn’t chewing on some rubber ball made with chemicals harmful to your dog’s health

Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re ever not 100% satisfied, get an instant, no questions asked refund





Doesn’t fly that great

Smart Toys for Pit Bulls

1. Clever Pet Hub

Clever Pet Hub

What more toys for Pit bulls do we have you ask?

Well, here it is the clever pet hub which is for your pet’s mind.

All the other toys above are all about the physicality of your dog, but this toy focuses on the mind and body of your dog or your cat.

That’s right; this can also be used to train your cat which is excellent because cats are harder to train compared to dogs.

It might take your Pit-bull from a week to maybe a month, but you will discover his hidden talent.

Clever Pet Hub is recommended for dogs that are food motivated, lazy and dogs that have high energy. It also gives treats to your pet if it does a good job.

It can also be used when you are not at home as long as the dog is home.

You might think that your dog isn’t that smart, but don’t worry, this thing adjusts automatically to any skill level.

You will have to download the app to your phone to use this toy, and you can monitor your pet’s progress through the app even when you are away from the house.

Exercise your dog's mind and body, all day

The games, which were designed by animal-loving cognitive scientists, keep your dog busy and out of trouble for hours each day

Ideal for high energy, food motivated dogs

The Hub isn’t just a simple toy that your dog can solve or destroy. Instead, it’s a tool to harness your dog’s energy and keep them occupied all day

Unleash Their Intelligence

CleverPet’s challenges advance automatically depending on your dog’s progress. The games start easy, but remain just hard enough to keep your dog challenged all day

Stay Connected All Day

Available on iPhone and Android, the CleverPet app keeps you connected with your best friend even when you’re away

Safe & Durable Design

The Hub has a smooth dome that teeth and claws can’t break, a low center of gravity, and a skid-resistant base


Can be used even if you are not home

Trains your pet

Enables all day play


App may not be available for some phones

Needs the correct sized treats to put in

Final Thoughts

Now we have reached the end of the list.

We looked at some of the best toys for pit bulls from indestructible balls to indestructible Frisbees and toys for pit bulls that you can play too.

Dogs are man’s best friend. So make sure you spend some time with him and play a few games with him so that he knows that you consider him as your friend. So what better way to let him know than buying him a new toy.

Hope this list helps you decide the best dog toys for pit bulls or any dog for that matter.