Diapers are the best friends of your little ones and also to you as a mommy, and you always want your baby to feel comfortable and happy.

These diapers are what your baby wears even more than their other cute, little clothing’s, as a mommy, you have to be aware of the diapers you use on your baby.

Sometimes, when you wake up at night to an unhappy, crying baby, the reason behind this could be because of bad diapers.

Hey mommies, all diapers are not the same, and as a mommy who loves her precious baby so much, you need to own the best nighttime diapers,

So, today, we have brought you the 7 best overnight diapers.

No matter what time it is, these diapers are going to be incredibly desirable and worthy!

1. Huggies OverNites Diapers – Best Overnight diaper

huggies best overnight diaper

Huggies is my favorite brand when it comes to diapers!

They show great care about making every baby happy.

This is one of the best nighttime diapers which make sure your baby is kept comfortable and dry for more than 12 hours.

Why is Huggies unique?

It’s because this brand contains a waistband called the SnugFit, that assures keeping the diaper is in place for a happy nighty-night.

It follows your baby movements during your baby’s sleep to avoid any leaks and simultaneously, doesn’t leave any bruises on your little one’s skin.

Another fact is the Leak Lock System.

Huggies has this new system, where the diapers are manufactured specially to absorb an additional amount of fluid.

Even though the rival diaper manufacturers use perfumes to hide the odors or the poop smell, Huggies diapers do not use any further scents that are harmful to your baby or toddler.

Now you don’t have to worry about your little one having sensitive skin because these diapers are incredibly safe on the baby’s skin.

Although the diapers aren’t scented, some mommies do complain about the icky chemical smell, which diffuses when the diapers are soaked.

However, besides all that, these diapers are the perfect choice for your little one, your baby is going to stay dry and happy.

Say no more, Huggies is always the best, for huggy-bunnies. Buy Huggies on Amazon


Keeps baby dry and comfortable

Diapers are not perfumed

Comes with Disney Winnie the Pooh design

No harm to baby’s skin

Made of good quality materials


Icky chemical smell

2. Pampers Baby Dry Diapers

Pampers Baby Dry Diapers

Pampers is another wonderful brand for diapers; perhaps they are one of the best overnight diapers.

Pampers has a fantastic type of dry baby diapers.

These diapers feature three extra absorb channels with a dry system which also has the color changing technology to signal your baby’s wetness.

Moreover, the Pampers diapers are like feathers with ultra soft surfaces; they are super worthy and durable.

These diapers ensure up to 12 hours of overnight dryness and help to spread the wetness to keep your baby happy and dry.

Although, the absorb channels are great they sometimes create little chunks of thick material which allows an annoying feeling to your little one.

Moreover, these diapers may also have problems regarding leakage.

However, Pampers Baby Dry Diapers will definitely keep your sweet cakes happy and dry all night long. Buy Pampers baby Dry Diapers on Amazon


Allergy-free interior layer

Broad padding

Precisely high absorption

Super dry after soaking up

Perfectly manufactured both inside and outside


Problems regarding leakages may arise

Uncomfortable sensation for some little ones

3. LUVS’ ultra-Leak guards

LUVS’ ultra-Leak guards

These are one of the best overnight diapers that promise to keep your baby dry and joyful.

These diapers are super soft like bunnies, and they also have a system called the night lock plus which locks away the wetness keeping the baby’s skin comfortable and dry throughout the entire time.

Moreover, the diapers are made in a perfect-fitting curvy shape that tightens to fit on your baby.

Each LUVS diaper has a stretch tab and also a huddled leak barrier protection which enables the wetness safely locked inside.

Another goody about this product is the 45 days money-back guarantee opportunity, now if mommy is not satisfied, mommy can request for her money back.

Despite, all these advantages, the disadvantages are that these diapers have fragrances in them which may affect your little one if their skin is sensitive.

Also, the Night Lock plus system has no specific period of activeness. No matter what, LUVS will ensure that mommy and her munchkin is happy and joyful. Buy Luvs Leakguard Diapers On Amazon


Super soft

No problems regarding leakages

Ensure dryness during the entire time

Money-back guarantee


Scented, which may harm your little one’s skin

Not sure how many hours these diapers may last

4. Bambo Nature Diapers

Bambo Nature Diapers

This product is a unique twist on being eco-friendly, while also keeping your baby happy and wetness free.

Bambo Diapers are disposable and remarkably free from chemicals that are harsh on your little one’s skin.

These sustainable products are made from scratch, and they are baby skin friendly.

Bambo diapers ensure that the risks or allergies and diaper rashes are off the charts.

Moreover, these diapers are incredibly soft, thin and also perfectly fit your cutie pie.

Conversely, since the idea behind these diapers is to be green, the costs are higher than the other diaper brands.

Another con is that the newborn size is not available.

Apart from all that, these eco-friendly diapers work great on your cutie-patootie. View Bambo Nature Diapers On Amazon


Environmental friendly

Super soft and thin

Avoids diapers rashes and allergies

Perfectly fits the baby

Free from chemicals



Newborn baby size is not available

5. Seventh Generation Baby Diapers

Seventh Generation Baby Diapers

This product is pretty unique than the other best overnight diapers.

These diapers help to clean and protect the world.

These diapers are manufactured by using ecological products or biodegradable resources to avoid polluting mother earth.

Also, they are made from sustainable resources, to prevent cutting down trees!

These diapers are number one in every eco-friendly mommy.

These diapers are free from fragrance and chlorine processing.

Seventh Generation baby diapers are perfect for babies with skin issues, because these diapers are made with love and nothing harmful to your baby.

Even though they are unscented; there is nothing to worry; the icky chemical smell will not diffuse when the diaper is wet.

The reverse, these diapers do have the issue of poor absorption which results in disturbing your baby’s peaceful sleep and soon or later your baby is going to start crying.

However, these wonderful diapers will do anything in the world to keep your little cookie-monsters fast asleep happily. Buy Seventh Generation Baby Diapers From Amazon


Extremely eco-friendly

Made by biodegradable resources

No chemicals

Helps babies who are with skin problems

No fragrance and no chemical smell


Poor absorption

Sometimes may disturb both baby and mommy

Not extremely suitable for long hours of night protection

6. Bumgenius Diapers

Bumgenius Diapers

This is one of the best nighttime diapers any mommy would love to have.

They have a unique feature which is different from all the other diaper friends; these are cloth diapers!

They are incredibly leaking-proof, and they are super disposable, allowing mommy to save money and also reduce waste.

Bumgenius diapers are like diapers with style; they come in prints which look much attractive and appealing than boring diapers.

They are stretchy, and they fit perfectly on your baby.

These diapers are incredibly soft and provide great comfort to your baby at all times.

However, the cloth makes the diaper bulky and big, and the snaps are quite far from each other.

Despite all that, these diapers are going to be fantastic and unique on your panda baby. Buy BumGenius Diapers on Amazon


Ultra soft

Comes in prints also

Extremely perfect for leakages

Fits perfectly

Provides great comfort for your baby



Too bulky and big due to cloth material

Baby might tend to feel uncomfortable

7. Allnites Overnight Diapers

Allnites Overnight Diapers

These do a great job to be one of the best overnight diapers in our article.

Allnite Overnight diapers are pretty much tempting and catchy because of their night like design of stars and moons.

They have an adjustable constraint tabs to provide the best movements for your little one.

In addition to this, these diapers don’t leave any red marks or don’t contract too much on your baby’s body.

Allnites diapers are super resistant to liquid allowing all the wetness to be locked inside.

Moreover, these diapers will result in keeping your baby dry for about 12 hours, and they also offer a full refund.

They are manufactured with all botanical products such as Vitamin oils to keep your babies skin soft and healthy.

However, these diapers are too thin which results in having small problems regarding leakage.

Apart from all that, Allnites diapers will keep your lovie-dovie happy while sleeping and during any time of the day. View Allnites on Amazon.


No rashes or any harm to the baby’s skin

Full refund with also a customer care service line

12 hours of protection

Manufactured by using botanical products

Helps to keep the baby’s skin soft and healthy

Very resistant

Free from chemicals


Leakage problems may arise

Diapers are too thin

Inner coating may not be soft enough

Final Thoughts

We have presented you the best overnight diapers, and each diaper has a unique quality to keep yourself and your precious little baby happy throughout the night.

Revising all these 7 products, the best nighttime diapers award goes to Huggies OverNites Diapers.

These diapers have the entire package. Your baby is going to be incredibly dry, happy and comfortable.

Huggies diapers are made with just love, and nothing else, no chemicals or any other harmful substances are added to the production process.

These best nighttime diapers are manufactured by using all the great resources and materials to keep your precious baby happy and peacefully asleep after mommy’s goodnight kiss.

With the SnugFit and the Leak Lock system, your baby is going to hug mommy’s hand and sleep.

Huggies diapers are like a hug to your baby; this choice is excellent for both mommy and baby.

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