It seems like you want to know more about me. So let me tell you, are you one of those people who have a ton of free time on their hand and likes to spend looking for cool items? Or are you the exact opposite and have no free time at all but want to buy a quick knick-knack for yourself or even as a gift for someone you love?

Whale, I was the former, and even though spending hours surfing from one page to another looking for something that grabs your eye is satisfying, I’d rather spend my time learning a new hobby while buying cool things. If I wanted to do that, I thought other people would like to do that too. So that’s why I started Now you don’t have to surf for hours and hours to find amazing things; you can browse through my posts and then go on and start learning your new hobby (Or watch Netflix).

I create long lists of cool products that I find and post them here. Although there are only a few posts right now, I’m working really really REALLY hard to find more cool products that you and I both can fall in love with!