Every mother’s worst fear is experiencing her baby’s first fever, when such situations happen; mommy has to have the best baby thermometer in her first-aid box.

Baby’s need to have their specific thermometer made just for them with love!

Super-mommy can now take quick actions regarding her baby’s infections or anything that’s making her baby weep by purchasing the perfect thermometer by checking out our article.

Today we have brought the entire review guide in choosing the fantastic baby thermometer for your baby, no matter what the problem is.

All these specific thermometers will make super-mommy saves the day and keep her precious little baby happy. Let’s see who wins the best baby thermometer 2018 award!

1. Braun No Touch Plus Forehead Thermometer

Braun No Touch Plus Forehead Thermometer

This is the best baby thermometer and the best forehead thermometer, super easy and efficient allowing mommy to take her little one’s temperature using both forehead and non-contact methods.

This thermometer is built with great technology that provides accurate results, by capturing twice as much body heat.

The positioning system, the LED light, and on-screen indicators do a great job in delivering accurate results.

This thermometer can be used on older kids also.

The Braun thermometer is large and also enables you to read the results without any trouble. It is also super hygienic, in a way which the device doesn’t have to clean after every use.

This best baby thermometer also contains the color-coded fever advice that helps to track the advancement of the fever.

However, the batteries have to be removed, to change the scale from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

Another thing is that the readings may be different due to the temperature in the atmosphere.

All that aside, this is the best non-contact thermometer. Buy Braun Thermometer from Amazon.


Super hygienic

Great positioning system, LED light and on screen indicators

Provides rapid and accurate results

Has the ability to mute sounds

Can also be used on older children

Can obtain results using forehead and non-contact methods


Batteries have to be removed, when changing scales

The temperature may differ, due to the temperature in the atmosphere

Might not be perfectly accurate as rectal thermometers

2. Vicks Baby Rectal Thermometer

Vicks Baby Rectal Thermometer

This is the best baby thermometer, providing the most accurate and closest measurement of your little one’s body temperature.

This thermometer is the best infant thermometer, because of their high degree of accuracy.

The Vicks Baby Rectal thermometer makes you forget about the thought of even cringing about the idea of inserting it into your little one’s apple bottom.

It is super safe, easy and also baby-friendly.

Moreover, even when your little one doesn’t stay put, you can obtain rapid readings within just 10 seconds, and this device also saves the last reading.

However, it is not an all-around thermometer. Also, there is no fever and an audible indicator.

Apart from all that, this is the best infant thermometer for your first-aid box. Besides, rectal readings are the most accurate! View on Amazon.


Fast readings with just 10 seconds

Saves the previous readings

Provides rational results

Prevents injuries

Contains a backlight


Battery may die out after several uses

Not waterproof

Some indicators are not available

Not an all-round

3. Braun Thermoscan5 Ear Thermometer – best baby thermometer

Braun Thermoscan5 Ear Thermometer

This ear thermometer can be used not only on your little one’s ear, but also the rectum, oral, or even underarm.

It is the best digital thermometer for baby; it’s an all around.

It also contains a unique direction system that detects the correct positioning and delivers the results rapidly.

Moreover, this best baby ear thermometer contains a pre-warmed tip that decreases the cooling effect of the room temperature.

This thermometer is made perfectly to fit your little one’s ear canal to not harm your baby.

It is the ideal thermometer for your first-aid box! Super-mommy can obtain the measurements with just 2-3 seconds.

However, this thermometer requires disposable lens filters, which need additional money.

If the lens filters are not changed the reading may not be as accurate.

Also, this thermometer is not the best infant thermometer.

In addition to this, this device does not have the color-coded temperature display like others.

Apart from that, this thermometer could run for the best ear thermometer for baby competition. View Braun Digital Ear Thermometer on Amazon.


All round thermometer

Easy to use

Can obtain results in seconds

Prevents the spread of germs

Disposable lens filters help to obtain accurate results

Pre- warmed and flexible tip made perfectly to fit baby’s ear canal

Contains a positioning system to obtain accurate results

Has the ability to choose between scales

Used in hospitals


Requires disposable lens filters

No backlit screen

Not the best for new born babies

Only saves one previous reading

Does not contain a color coded temperature display

4. Gear District Digital Thermometer

Gear District Digital Thermometer

A stick thermometer is one of the best digital thermometer for baby, ultra-easy to obtain and monitor results by just pressing a single button.

Gear District Digital thermometer is made with a waterproof design, feather-like weight, also, it is very flexible.

This thermometer can be used orally, rectally or under the arm of your little one.

Moreover, it also comes with disposable probe covers, and it is affordable.

Although it doesn’t have a backlight and also, doesn’t have some indicators, this stick thermometer is going to provide a tremendous helping hand when your little one is getting warmed up. View GearDistrict Digital Thermometer on Amazon


Easy to use

Easy to carry around



All-round thermometer


Doesn’t contain a backlight

The ‘beep’ sound is not loud enough

Some indicators are not available

5. QQcute Dual Mode Thermometer

QQCute Digital Infrared Forehead Thermometer

This is one of the best thermometers any mommy could ever own; this thermometer is even ideal for newborn babies.

It is a dual mode thermometer, which can be used either on your little one’s forehead or in-ear.

It is super easy to read and also has the technology, which changes the color of the display when a fever is detected.

QQcute dual mode thermometer is the best baby thermometer, allowing mommy to obtain readings even in the dark!

Readings can be obtained within seconds, and this device also contains a large backlight display.

However, it doesn’t come with any batteries.

All that aside, this is the best forehead thermometer super-mommy could ever own. View this Forehead Thermometer on Amazon.


Contains a large backlight display

Can be used on both forehead and in-ear

Rapid results

Can be used in the dark

Can choose between scales

Ideal for new born babies

Color of the display if any fever is detected

Easy to use


Doesn’t come with any batteries

6. Dr. Madre Non-Contact Forehead Infrared Thermometer

Non-Contact Forehead Infrared Thermometer

If it’s hard for you to control her little one to obtain the temperature, a non-contact thermometer would do the job.

This is the best non-contact thermometer!

Doctor Madre always makes sure that babies come. First, this thermometer is super easy to use.

All that you have to do is to keep the device away from your little one’s forehead- about 2 to 4 inches.

This device can provide consistent results and also to save up to 12 readings.

You can even measure the room temperature with this device also it is the best forehead thermometer.

However, sometimes inconsistent recordings will be provided, and also, the beep noise is quite loud.

Apart from all that, this is the best baby thermometer for hyperactive little ones. View Dr Mandre Forehead Thermometer on Amazon.


Provides instant measurements

Save up to 12 previous readings

Ideal for measuring the room temperature

2-year manufacturer warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee

Non-contact or forehead


Might provide inconsistent results

The beep noise is loud

7. GoldWorld Baby Thermometer

GoldWorld Digital Infrared Baby Forehead & Ear Thermometer

Now you can obtain results without having to deal with your naughty baby; this thermometer can be listed under the best baby ear thermometer.

The GoldWorld Baby thermometer can be clipped onto your diaper bag and carried with you wherever you go; then in emergencies, you’re safe.

Also,  GoldWorld Baby Thermometer provides super fast and accurate results.

It can either be used on the ear or forehead, by just a single push of a button.

Moreover, the scales can be changed as needed, and also this thermometer can be used to measure milk bottles and baby’s bath temperature.

Also, there is a backlight to indicate that the baby has a fever. Although, there is no alert to show the reading has completed. Overall, this thermometer is a great one! View GoldWorld Digital Thermometer on Amazon.


Accurate and fast results

Mini and portable

Can be clipped onto diaper bag

Can be used on both ear and forehead

Red backlight to indicate fever

Can change scales

Multifunctional – measures baby’s bath


No alert to show reading has completed

8. Innovo Non-Contact Digital Infrared Thermometer

Innovo Non-Contact Digital Infrared Thermometer

Noncontact thermometers are great devices because you can take measurements without waking up your baby or even touching your baby.

The Innovo thermometer is the best non-contact thermometer, measuring the temperature using the temporal artery on the forehead.

This infrared thermometer is the best temporal thermometer, providing measurements in seconds.

Also, it can be used on many kids, because it does not touch anyone directly to pass any infection.

Moreover, there are fever indicators, and noise is made when the reading is completed.

Another significant fact is that it can be used to measure your baby’s baths, milk bottles, and many other objects.

This device also has the ability to silent mode the alerts and beeps noises.

Also, they come in a carrying case, now super-mommy can carry this device wherever she goes.

However, since the background is white, there may be some trouble in reading the results, and some results tend to be incorrect.

Apart from all that, this is the best temporal thermometer any mother could ever own. Buy Innovo Digital Thermometer from Amazon.


Instant results


Contains indicators

Can be used on many kids

Noncontact, so no infections are spread

Comes with a carrying case


Might have trouble reading the results

Sometimes the results tend to be incorrect

Final Thoughts

Well, we have now come to end of our article.

Its now time to award the best baby thermometer 2018,

the winner is Braun Thermoscan5 Ear Thermometer.

This fantastic thermometer is even used in hospitals, so why not have one at home!

The Braun Thermoscan5 is an excellent device to measure your little one’s temperature; this device provides fast and accurate results!

Most importantly, its an all-rounder, it can be used orally, ear, also the rectum, or even under the arm.

Also, it prevents any infections! Your little one is not going to be crabby when you use this fantastic thermometer.

Mommy doesn’t have to worry now; she can trust this product and measure her little one’s temperature and identify if there is a fever or not.

So, mommy, that’s all for today, you have the best baby thermometer with you now, so why not check our best baby diapers and our best baby wipes articles too to gain more knowledge on keeping your little one happier and spoiled!