Hello there! Welcome back to another cool list. Last time we brought you a list of some awesome things like the running alarm clock and the head massager. This time we brought you a massive list of some other mind-blowing bits and pieces.

So without this and that let’s take a peek at the list of 47 cool things to buy on Amazon to make your day to day life more relaxed, fun and comfortable.

1. Smart notebook

rocketbook smart notebook

By reading the name, you might have thought that the first one of the list is a worthless piece of shit. But trust me, you will love this product.

The reason we call this notebook as a “smart notebook” is because that everything you write on this can be erased just by putting it in the microwave. This looks like a regular notebook but way more comfortable and satisfying to use.

You can write anything on it and upload it to any cloud service using your smartphone either it is android or iOS using the rocket book app.

Also, you can reuse this notebook up to 5 times after putting it in the microwave. View Rocketbook on Amazon

2. Portable espresso maker

MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker

Does the portable espresso maker look familiar to you?

Well, that’s probably because you saw it in our article on cool camping stuff. Let’s explain a bit to the ones who don’t know about this.

When you come back home after a hard day at work or college, you will need some quick and a tasty thing to drink.

With this portable espresso maker, all you need is some coffee and hot water to make a delicious cup of coffee.

This doesn’t require any N2O cartridges or compress air to function and can be used even when there’s no electricity.

You can also grind your beans and control it as you wish because it is semi-automatic and this is one of the best unique things to buy online. View This on Amazon

3. ifetch ball launcher

iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher for Dogs

This is not for you. This one is for your puppy.

Ifetch is a machine that shoots balls for your dog to play. You don’t need to throw a ball full of your dog’s spit anymore because Ifetch will take care of it.

This automatic ball launcher is a great toy for your fluffy friend to develop both physical and mental health. There is 3 distance setting to choose which are 10, 20 and 30.

The pack includes 3 tennis balls, and you can use any other tennis balls in case if one of those balls loose. View iFetch on Amazon

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4. Natural carbon odor and moisture remover

Natural Carbon Odor And Moisture Remover

Most of us spend more than half of our day in the office or school.

So wearing shoes at those places are a must and have you ever felt that awful smell from your shoes after removing it at the end of the day? Not just for you, every one of others who stay near you can feel that.

Isn’t that embarrassing? Well, this small piece will remove all those bad smells from your shoe.

The activated charcoal got from coconut husks which are also non-toxic will absorb and eliminate all the malodors, bacteria and moisture from your shoe. This lasts up to 1 year. View Remodeez On Amazon

5. Cigarette ring holder

Cigarette Ring Holder

If you are obsessed with cigarettes, this ring will be your most favorite jewelry to wear, and this will be a perfect and one of the most cool stuff to buy as a gift for your smoking friend.

The clip fixed on the top of the ring can hold the cigarette, and all you need to do is to put it on your finger and smoke it.

This suits many situations such as gaming, driving and even at the swimming pool when it’s hard to hold the cigarette with your finger. This comes in gold color and fits many finger sizes. View Cigarette Ring Holder On Amazon

6. Fur removing broom

Fur Removing Broom

Are you fed up cleaning all those pet hairs from your carpets and sofas?

You can’t chase your furry best friend for the fault of having fur right?

Well, then Evriholder brings to you the fur removing broom that can quickly clean the pet hair off the carpets, chairs or floor without scratching them and is one of the most unique stuff to buy on Amazon.

This can also be used as a window cleaner because it comes with a built-in rubber squeegee and you can extend this up to 60 inches. View Fur Removing Broom On Amazon

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7. Magnetic phone holder

Magnetic Phone Holder

I know those cheap sticky phone holders won’t work well. So I brought you this magnetic phone holder which can be clipped to your car air vent.

What makes this product unique out those other products is the strong neodymium magnet, and it can hold a smartphone with any weight including iPhone X, 6s, 6, 7, Galaxy S8, S7 and S7 edge.

And the other exciting things is that because of the magnetic base you can rotate your phone to whatever way you need easily and the strong base of this phone holder perfectly fits the air vent of your car. View Magnetic Phone Holder On Amazon

Already own this magnetic phone holder? Then give us a feedback how you feel about this product.

8. Razer ornata chroma gaming keyboard

Razer Ornata Chroma Gaming Keyboard

Hello, gamer! In this huge list, I made up some space for the gamers too and this one of the product related to gaming.

So we all know that Razer is one of the best inventors in the gaming equipment industry and this Razer Ornata Chroma is another great product made for the fellow gamers to enjoy.

Unlike the other gaming keyboards, this gaming keyboard has a large wrist rest which will ensure comfort no matter how intense your gaming marathons are.

The comfortable rubber keys, anti-ghosting technology along with the wrist rest will definitely provide you an ultra-luxury gaming experience.

If you are a gamer or if you’re willing to play games in the future this is the best keyboard you should buy.

Despite the cost, this product can be named as one of the best in the awesome stuff to buy list. View Razer Ornata On Amazon

9. Shark bed

Shark Bed

Imagine you sleeping inside a shark’s mouth!

Well, sorry then because this bed is for your cat. It is time for you to throw your cat’s old and stinky bed and buy him a new cool one.

Then this is the best and the most creative bed you can buy for your pet while decorating your house at the same time.

Your cat/dog must sleep inside the mouth of the shark, and at a glance, it appears like your pet is being swallowed by a shark.

Finished with high-quality fabric which is warm from both inside and outside and it suits for pets who are less than 7.2Kg. Orange, blue, pink and grey colors are available. View Shark Bed On Amazon

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10. Batmobile bed

Batmobile Bed

I searched the whole day on the internet to find you a shark bed because I don’t want to see you disappointed, but I couldn’t find it.

Instead, I found this batmobile bed for your kid that would look stunning for your cutie’s room.

The batmobile bed is completed with long-lasting molded plastic and starts the height is very low that it would ensure the safety of your kid.

I am 100% sure that your little boy will definitely love it that he would not even leave the bed.

This sizes a twin mattress which is not included in the set, and it fits for kids of all ages.

Gift this awesome bed for your kid for a better sleeping experience and discover some other awesome stuff like this in our cool stuff for your room article. View Batmobile Bed On Amazon

11. Bottle opener ring

Bottle Opener Ring

The bottle opener ring is one of the coolest in the cool things to buy on Amazon list and a with this awesome ring, you can open bottles like a boss.

Show some magic to your friends using this bottle opener ring which they will think that you opened it with your thumb!

The secret is that one side of the ring is shaped like a bottle opener.

The ring fits into any finger, but I recommend you to wear it on your thumb because it will be easy to put force with your thumb.

You can keep this in your kitchen and use it when needed because it doesn’t need much space than that of a regular bottle opener.

Check the link if you want to know more about the product. View Bottle Opener Ring On Amazon

12. French bull LED book light

French Bull LED Book Light

Why should you light up a huge bulb to read some small letters?

You don’t need to do that anymore because this French bull LED book light will take care of it next time when you are reading a book by providing a light which is not either too bright or low.

It is easy to attach between pages of the book with the strong clip, and the flexible neck also provides some real support to adjust the light as you wish to make your reading more comfortable.

The light of this French bull LED book light is more than efficient for reading and not just the light, this is cost-efficient too.

This is portable and only needs two CR2032 coin cell batteries to power it up, and two batteries are included in the package. View French Bull Book Light On Amazon

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13. Bloody shower curtain

Bloody Shower Curtain

Trust me, this is one of the most cool stuff to buy online for your washroom!

I know that Halloween just passed, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to scare anyone.

This shower curtain changes its color to blood-red when getting in touch with water and changes back into white when the water dries off.

Did You Know?

We mentioned this product in our Awesome Shower Curtains For an Unique Bathroom article

You can prank anyone with this awesome color changing shower curtain like put some water on the shower curtain and scream as someone killed you.

When they get into the washroom, they will think that its blood on the shower curtains! View Bloody Shower Curtain On Amazon

14. Corsair K95 RGB

Corsair K95 RGB

So this is the second gaming keyboard of the cool things to buy article. This is the most beautiful keyboard I’ve ever seen recently.

Just like the Razer Ornate Chroma gaming keyboard, this keyboard also has a very soft and comfortable wrist rest which is detachable and will support for a long time gaming without any interruption.

This Corsair K95 RGB gaming keyboard also has 6 programmable keys, 100% CHERRY MX speed RGB mechanical keys and 8MB profile storage.

Why I said this keyboard is beautiful is because of the multicolor per key backlighting with a light edge.

Despite the labeled price, this is an awesome gaming keyboard you can buy and self-balancing. View Corsair K95 On Amazon

You can get to know about some cool and cheap gaming keyboards like this in our gaming keyboards under $50 list.

15. Ice cream doorstep

Ice Cream Doorstep

Hey, you dropped your ice cream! No that’s my door stopper.

Trick your friends with this real-looking door stopper! At a glance, it exactly looks like a real vanilla ice cream corn and can’t believe it’s fake until you take a closer look at it.

This delicious ice cream corn can hold your doors from closing which will also decorate your house as an attractive ornament.

Ice cream door stopper measures 4.5 by 4 by 3.5 inch, and you can get it delivered to your doorstep by ordering on Amazon.

Already have an ice cream door stopper?

Share the experience with others how you feel about it. View Ice Cream Doorstep On Amazon

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16. Multifunctional pen

Multifunctional Pen

Be that person who uses a single equipment for all his work. But to be that man, first of all, you need to find that gear.

This multifunctional pen is one of the most awesome stuff to buy because you can use this pen to write on both paper and tablet. Both the top and the bottom of this can be used as a pen but to write in different materials.

One side of the pen is for writing in papers, and the other side of it has a stylus which is used to write on touch screens.

Unlike the other touch screen compatible pens, this multifunctional pen’s stylus has a narrower point which is about 5 to 6mm.

The ballpoint pen flows black ink and is 0.7mm in size. Completed with metal to create a professional and a luxurious look. View Multifunctional Pen On Amazon

17. Men’s stash underwear

Men’s Stash Underwear

This is the most creative and useful clothing I’ve ever seen in my life!

You no longer need to hide your stuff in your pocket which is perfectly visible to your mom or wife because this underwear can do that hiding part for you.

This boxer is made with high-quality cotton, modal and spandex to offer you ultimate comfort and the best part is that this bad boy has a secret pocket in the front to hide your stuff from your mom, wife or the teacher.

Most of the schools won’t let you bring the mobile phone into the classrooms, and if you really want to show your new iPhone X to your friends, you can hide it in this underwear which is 100% safe.

The secret pocket is 5 x 7 inches in size which is more than enough to hide a passport, mobile phone or even a pack of cigarettes. View Stash Underwear On Amazon

18. Sweat-proof eyelash adhesive

Sweat-Proof Eyelash Adhesive

This awesome product is one of the coolest things to buy for a lady, and this is a huge shout out to the beautiful ladies out there!

Have you ever experienced that embarrassing moment when your eyelash adhesive melts down because of your sweat, and your whole face becomes black?

If not, you are lucky enough because you can use this sweat-proof eyelash adhesive and throw away the worthless thing you use now.

This sweat-proof eyelash adhesive includes many ingredients such as Ethylhexyl acrylate copolymer, hydrogenated castor oil, glycerin and much more which are 100% safe and hard to pronounce.

Check this out on Amazon and give us feedback if you already have one. View Eyelash Adhesive On Amazon

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19. Mack’s Earplugs jar

Mack’s Earplugs Jar

I know how it feels to sleep when your roommate/spouse snores better than a lion.

So as a solution for that nightmare I found this jug of earplugs which can make this world a bit calm and quiet for you for a while.

Not only when sleeping, but these earplugs can also be used when studying and working to focus properly on the work.

These earplugs are made with super comfortable comfort foam, and this reduces the noises up to 32 decibels which can also be called as an ultra-noise blocker. View Mack’s Earplugs On Amazon

20. Dash go rapid egg cooker

Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker

Have you ever thought of a piece of equipment that can cook eggs easier and quicker just as it tastes?

You can prepare delicious eggs in just a few minutes with this awesome egg cooker.

Not just cook, you can also make soft, hard or medium omelets, boiled eggs, scrambled or even poached eggs with this Dash rapid egg cooker.

So isn’t this one of the most cool things to buy online to make your life easier?

All you need to do is to fill the measuring as you wish and press the on button and the egg cooker will take care of the rest and automatically switch off when the work is done.

You don’t need to stand in front of the gas cooker anymore because the dash egg cooker will do all that work quickly and automatically to deliver a delicious meal to your plate.

And not to forget that all the non-electric pieces are safe to be washed in the dishwasher. View Dash Go Egg Cooker On Amazon

21. Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

Mr coffee warmer

I know that you have already added the egg cooker to your wish list, but hold on a second!

Look at this mug heater too so you can add both of them together to the cart.

Are you going to throw away that delicious cup of tea just because it got cold? Seriously? NO!

You don’t need to do that stupid thing anymore because Mr. Coffee will warm it to you.

No matter how much time you left your coffee in the cold, Mr. Coffee mug warmer will bring back that warmth of that delicious cup of coffee to you.

The mechanism is simple, all you need to do is to press the on button and press the off button when it heats up, and the on/off light makes it easier for you.

And also the long cable makes it trouble-free for the user to use it anywhere. View Mr Coffee Warmer On Amazon

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22. Ear-bud case

Ear-Bud Case

Headphones aren’t just a piece of wire to music lovers, it’s more like the most important organ for them in their music life, and that is why we thought of bringing you this product in the cool things to buy online list.

But the most annoying thing about headphones is that it literally takes more time to unravel it than it takes to record a song.

Yes, it’s true that there are new wireless ear pods available on the market, but not everyone is willing to sell their kidneys to buy an ear pod.

So we thought of bringing you a handy product like the ear-bud case.

With this ear-bud case, you can store your headphones safely, and the tab inside it helps to wrap the cord around.

Also, there is enough space for you to store your charging cables too and it fits any bag, purse or pocket.

This is made of durable and premium quality neoprene to provide maximum protection for your headphones. View This Earbud Case On Amazon

23. LED light up shower head

LED Light Up Shower Head

This LED light up shower head now gives you the chance to shower colors with joy.

Did You Know?

Another cool LED Shower head is there on our Insanely Awesome Things To Buy article

It is the RGB LED light bulbs on the shower head which gives all these lights and the colors of the lights changes according to the temperature of the water as red for hot water, flashing red for boiling water, green for cold water and blue for warm water and they are determined by the built-in temp sensors. View LED Shower Head On Amazon

24. Solar power bank

Solar Power Bank

You can now even live in a jungle with your mobiles and cameras fully charged like a modern Tarzan with this new solar power bank, and all you need is some sunlight!

This is one of the most elegant and cool stuff to buy for campers.

The two USB ports allow you to charge two devices at once and it is compatible with all USB charged devices.

With the rain-splash and shockproof design of this solar power bank, it is undoubtedly useful for the adventurers. View Solar Powerbank On Amazon

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25. Pocket selfie drone

Pocket Selfie Drone

Almost every one of us who has an Instagram or a Facebook account, take selfies everywhere we go and not just that, those photos are the only proof of the memories you had and you make.

So why not make those memories more awesome?

This affordable pocket selfie drone can capture high-definition photos and videos and is easy to control either from the mobile phone or the controller.

Also, not to forget that this is the size of a mobile phone which is easy to carry even inside your trouser pocket.

Just one hour of charging is enough for all those work and suits best for the adventurers to capture high-quality photos and videos of a wide area.

Buy now to make this your next new travel partner. View Pocket Selfie Drone On Amazon

26. Proud peacock garden statue

Proud Peacock Garden Statue

This product is from the same manufacturer of the dragon coffee table, and this is also as insanely awesome as that coffee table was.

A white peacock is considered as a sign of fortune and luck. History says that this kind of white peacock statues has been kept at the old castles too.

The design is eyeball-locking and is unique. It is a peacock on a pot like something, and the full statue is white color and is hand painted.

There is no doubt that this will definitely doll-up your front yard than any other decoration did. View This Statue On Amazon

27. Egyptian sphinx glass-topped coffee table

Egyptian Sphinx Glass-Topped Coffee Table

This is the second coffee table on the list and is an awesome one as that of before.

Not just for your house, this will look great and is one of the most cool stuff to buy for your office, hotel or any place where different kinds of people usually visit.

The design is beautiful and simple. The bottom part of the coffee table is designed as an Egyptian sphinx, and an oval-shaped glass is placed on the top.

The Sphinx looks exactly like an original one because of the carefully chose colors, and this is entirely hand painted. At a glance the gold color paint gives it a look like it’s made of real gold. View The Sphinx Coffee Table On Amazon

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28. Multipurpose pen holder

Multipurpose Pen Holder

While spending huge amounts of money for different items why not invest a small part from that cash on a single item with all the necessary features?

Usually, everyone who works with papers will definitely need a pen holder and a night-light.

So this multi-purpose pen holder provides you both the pen holding facility and a nightlight with an alarm clock and a calendar as extra features.

Not only them, but it also includes a USB charging port, LCD screen and temperature and 256 colors changing base and that’s why it is also called as 7 in 1.

This is an excellent gift for a kid or anyone who works with papers. View This Pen Holder On Amazon

29. VW camping tent

VW Camping Tent

We initially presented this VW camping tent through our cool camping stuff and funny tents article and because of the positive feedback received for it, we thought of adding the product to this list too.

This is a unique and a huge camping tent which can provide shelter for more than 3 people, and it has two rooms which are separable.

Also, not to forget that the tent is fully waterproof because it is made of 100% premium quality nylon from the inner side and polyester from the outer side and also this is called a VW camping tent because it looks like a 1965 Voxwagon bulli van and is one of the coolest stuff to buy as a camper. View This Tent On Amazon

30. Swiftpoint Z gaming mouse

Swift Point Z Gaming Mouse

Back to the gamer life and all we showed you until now are gaming keyboards and this is the first on the list which is a gaming mouse.

This can be highlighted as the most expensive gaming mouse in the world with countless amounts of new and unbelievable features.

The Gyro technology used in this mouse provides you joystick-like control, and this is the world’s first gaming mouse that allows you to tilt, pivot and roll.

There are 5 pressure sensing buttons and you can you can fully customize up to 3 pressure levels available per button.

The buttons of the Swift Point Z gaming mouse are positioned in a unique way which allows you to perform more than 50 gestures and clicks by barely moving your fingers while having total control of the mouse.

Keep reading the coolest things to buy online list to see another insanely awesome gaming mouse like this. View Swiftpoint Z On Amazon

31. Music hat

Remember that earbud case we showed to protect your headphones?

Well, this is a simpler way to listen to music while walking or to jog and the best thing is that this is entirely wireless and washable.

Music Hat

This is a smart Bluetooth hat which can also be used as a headphone.

Not only to listen to music, but you can also use this smart Bluetooth hat to answer or hang up calls and control music without touching the mobile phone, and the wireless range of this music hat is up to 33 feet.

It provides you high-quality sounds, and it only needs 2 hours of charging and will continuously play music for more than 6 hours.

It includes a micro USB charging port and rechargeable Li-ion battery. When talking about the hat, it is made of soft, warm and comfortable cotton which is stretchable and will fit any head size and also you can wash it just by removing the headphone off.

This is awesome for the winter season and as a cool Christmas gift. View The Music Hat On Amazon

32. Senders floating globe

Senders Floating Globe

Did you ever think that one day you could keep the whole world on your office table? Is it impossible?

It seems like the impossible is possible now with this sender floating globe.

Simply if I explain what it looks like; it is a globe rotating and floating in midair.

This sender floating globe is operated by an electromagnetically controlled magnetic system, and the LED lights in it give it a jaw-dropping view at night and, the sight is really mind relaxing.

This high tech gadget is one of the most cool things to buy on Amazon to either use as an ornament or to gift someone. View Floating Globe On Amazon

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33. Self-balancing hoverboard


Why walk when you can move like a high tech robot from here to them?

A self-balancing hoverboard is the best toy for either kids or adults to play with so much enjoyment.

This self-balancing hoverboard can hold up to 264 lbs Or 120 Kg and can move with a speed of 7.44 mph for more than 12 miles.

Are you a beginner and afraid of riding a self-balancing hoverboard? Oh then don’t worry child! There are two modes in this hoverboard which are learner’s mode and normal mode.

The learner’s mode is for beginners, and the mode is less sensitive than that of the normal mode and controls speed until you are ready for maximum speed. This is 100% safe and tested.

The non-slip foot pedals will assure that you don’t slip off the hoverboard and the Bluetooth speakers in it will provide you some awesome music while traveling. View This Hoverboard On Amazon

34. Bluetooth water bottle

Bluetooth Water Bottle

Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen now, and almost everyone has a Bluetooth speaker.

But this is not just a Bluetooth speaker, this is a bottle with a Bluetooth speaker which enables you to listen to your favorite music on the go.

All you need to do is to put it in your backpack and connect your phone to it. Built-in 1200mAH battery, 360o HD sound, clear and loud, rainproof, dustproof and also sand proof.

When talking about the bottle, the bottle can be used to store both cold and hot liquids and is made of 100% BPA free material.

This is another fabulous product brought to the music lovers from the awesome stuff to buy list. View The Bluetooth Water Bottle On Amazon



The future is here! With this real-life robot, you will need no friends anymore, and this is a cool stuff to buy online for your kids to play with.

Challenge COZMO to play some games or activate the explorer mode to see what it can do and is an excellent opportunity for new coders to get to know new things.

To play with this badass boy, all you need is an iOS or Android device and the Cozmo app which is completely free! View Cozmo On Amazon

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36. Bear hands oven mitts

Bear Hands Oven Mitts

Throw away your old looking oven mitts and buy this astounding bear hand oven mittens.

These oven mittens look like the hands of a bear because of the dark brown claws printed on it.

At a glance, it looks exactly like the palms of a bear and anyone who sees it will not pass by without wearing it.

Despite the uniqueness and beauty, these mittens are also useful to touch hot food quickly because of the heat-resistant construction of it.

The material used is cotton and, 2 mitts are included in one package. View This Oven Mitts On Amazon

37. Polaroid ZIP mobile printer

Polaroid Portable Printer

Photos are the best ways of storing memory for a long, long time and high-quality most of us now snap pictures with our smartphones because buying a smartphone with a high-quality camera is cheaper than buying a camera.

We can’t store all our photos in the mobile for a period of time because we will have to delete some when we need some space.

So as a solution Polaroid brings this photo printer for you to print your memories instantly via Bluetooth or NFC technology.

You can print full-color 2x3″ which are smudge-proof and with the peel-back sticky paper feature.

The incredible thing about this instant photo printer is that it has the ZINK paper technology.

ZINC paper means zero ink is needed or simply means that you don’t need any ink to print photos and that’s why we thought of adding this to our cool things to buy online list. View This Polaroid Pinter On Amazon

38. Flamingo laser cut wood journal

Flamingo Laser Cut Wood Journal

Everyone has and needs a personal journal to record all the things that happen in their day to day life or even to record important meeting or work so you won’t forget it.

So having a beautiful personal journal will be very much interesting for both kids and adults.

What makes this unique and attractive is the pink color flamingo which is engraved on the wooden front.

And another awesome thing about this journal is that they use a laser cutter to engrave these designs and all these wood journals are handmade.

Not only flamingo designs, but they also have many other designs which are unique and beautiful as this one is.

Tell us how you feel about these lasers cut wood journals if you already have one. View Flamingo Wood Journal On Amazon

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39. D-CLICK 8GB hamburger USB

D-CLICK 8GB Hamburger USB

It won’t be wrong if I call this a mouth-watering gadget. This is not just a normal looking pen drive.

This pen drive looks exactly like a hamburger and do not try to eat it. I repeat, do not eat it!

The D-CLICK 8GB hamburger USB is compatible with all USB 3.0, USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 devices. The transferring rate is more than 450 Mbit per second, and it mostly depends on the PC.

This can be used for more than 7 years to share and store all your videos, music, pictures or any kind of personal data. View Hamburger USB On Amazon

40. Razer Diamondback Chroma

Razer Diamondback Chroma So here we brought the second gaming mouse of the cool things to buy on Amazon list as we promised before and we presented this gaming mouse previously in the best gaming mouse under $50 article. As gamers, we all know how demanding and awesome the Razer products are, and this is another excellent gaming product by them.

It doesn’t matter which handed you are to use the Razer diamondback Chroma gaming mouse because it fits any hand.

The mouse is engineered with a 16,000 DPI sensor, and the buttons are sited in either side of the mouse which is easy to program and use. Also, the users can customize the lighting effects as desire and also can sync the Razer diamondback Chroma with other Chroma devices for an insanely striking display. View Razer Diamondback On Amazon

41. DYMO label maker

DYMO Label Maker

Are you still using that old and unfashionable labeling system to mark the prices and other information about your products?

Then it’s time for you to move a bit forward from that traditional labeling system and buy this DYMO label maker to label your products which will look professional.

You can create rich looking labels in 8 text types, 6 font sizes, 228 clip arts and symbols and 4 boxes plus underline.

All you need to do is to type the required info, touch on the screen for editing and press print and just 6 AAA batteries are more than enough to power it up.

So as an owner of a textile shop, retail shop or any kind of sales related organization, this is one of the cool things to buy online for your organization. View DYMO Label Maker On Amazon

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42. Bookend

Fred THE END Dramatic Bookends

You still don’t have a bookend for your shelf?

Then you should buy this small man to hold your books. Now you might be wondering how a bookend ended up with a man.

Well, if I simply say it, in the side of the bookend there is a figure of a small man, and at a glance, it appears like this man is trying to catch the falling books. Isn’t that overwhelmingly creative?

This is a unique way to decorate your bookshelf because anyone who comes into your library will come close to the book rack and wonder if how the hell this man is holding these books. View This Bookend On Amazon

43. Running alarm clock

Running Alarm Clock

This is like the antitoxin for over-sleeping and trusts me, this will definitely put an end to your bad habit of sleeping too long.

Imagine you have a perfect sleep in an early morning in the cold winter knowing you’re getting late for work and suddenly an alarm starts to scream on the top of its voice and run around the room without stopping, isn’t that a nightmare?

But that nightmare will take you to work on time.

The mechanism is simple and fun. All you need to do is to snooze the alarm once and play run and catchers with it after 10 minutes because after snoozing once, the alarm will jump off the nightstand and will start to run all over the room.

You need to get out of the bed and catch it to switch it off. The maximum it can jump off is 3ft.

We bought this badass boy to you before with our fun things to buy list and go read it after reading this awesome stuff to buy article to get know about more fun stuff like this. View The Running Alarm On Amazon

44. Samsung smart door lock

Samsung Smart Door Lock

We presented you many products which are rich in technology so you could move forward from the old things you use now.

So the same story applies here and this Samsung smart door lock will undoubtedly be the new guardian of your house.

Why use the messy keys to open and lock your doors when you can simply type the password and enter the house?

The door lock also includes burglar alarm and fire detection sensor which will protect you from both burglars and fire.

A 9V battery is used as a backup, and if you have any doubt about what if someone gets to know about the password, all you need to do is to change the password regularly.

Not only by a pin, but you can also get access through an RFID card too. View Samsung Smart Door Lock On Amazon

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45. Pleson wireless charger

Pleson Wireless Charger

If you have an expensive phone, you have to act like it. Get rid of all the tangled wires of your charger and buy a super-fast wireless charger.

This pleson wireless charger is compatible with Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, S8 plus, S8, Galaxy S6 edge plus, note 8, note 5, iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 plus and many other Qi-enabled devices.

This wireless charger is 1.4x faster than the other regular chargers, and you can keep your phone either vertically or horizontally on the charger.

When talking about the appearance, this is free from all unnecessary lights, sounds, and wires. Also, this Pleson wireless charger is well tested and is 100% safe to use. View Pleson Charger On Amazon

46. Dragon glass-topped coffee table

Dragon Glass-Topped Coffee Table

On the way to ending the cool things to buy list, I brought you a super cool coffee table to decorate your house.

This isn’t just an ordinary coffee table. It explains uniqueness in every sense of the word and why I elaborate this too much is because of the insanely amazing creativity embedded in it.

The base of this coffee table is a granite color dragon, and the top of it is a glass, and at a glance, it appears like a real dragon is holding the glass. The dragon is carefully hand painted, and the glass is oval in shape.

Buy this jaw-dropping beast to make your guests feel like they visited John Snow’s house. View Dragon Coffee Table On Amazon

47. Redragon KUMARA K522

Redragon KUMARA K522

We thought of adding another gaming keyboard as the final of the list, and we chose the Redragon KUMARA K522 as the product.

The red LED black lighting makes the keyboard more eye-catching and the custom mechanical switches, ABS and metal construction, gold plated USB connector, the 12 multimedia keys and the 87 standard conflict free keys will help you become more than a pro gamer.

This can be named as one of the best affordable keyboards worth buying. View Redragon KUMARA K522 On Amazon

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Final Thoughts

Sorry but we’ve reached to the end of the unique stuff to buy on Amazon list, and we brought to you 47 all sorts of gadgets, ornaments, gaming stuff and much more which will definitely help you in your day to day life in many ways.

This year just flew without even knowing and we are almost near to the end of this year. Stay tuned with us to get know about some Christmas and New Year gifts you can buy and try reading our posts on cool stuff for Christmas and cool things to get for Christmas if you are in a hurry!